I really don’t know too much about these fellas except that they are from somewhere in California and they look like they walked right out of the 70’s Southern Rock scene. They appear to be a four piece, and if I were a betting man I’d put my money on them smoking large quantities of pot. I have no reason for for it, mind you, just call it a hunch and trust me, I know about the things the kids are doing these days.

Speaking of large quantities of pot…

I remember when I first read about Luther Dickinson of the N. Mississippi Allstars joining up with The Black Crowes for their latest effort and all the excitement I immediately felt for that release. Personally, I’ve always been lukewarm towards TBC but never warm enough to actually buy a cd or bother with the contact high to see them live, but the addition of one of the Dickinson brothers was a sign that the lukewarm would get warmer for the Crowes. Then “Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution” broke and I was convinced that the alloy of The Black Crowes and the North Mississippi Allstars was gonna be so awesome, even I would smoke a bowl! And soon after that I got the cd and reality came crashing back. There was no TBC/NMA alloy. There was TBC with a Dickinson brother playing guitar. No weed for me, just whiskey.

Flash forward a fistful of months and there is this Honey Tongue Devils cd sitting on my dining room table. I pop it in the laptop, throw on my headphones and prepare to give it a once-over while I do a little porn browsing, shopping and blog reading. What greets me is exactly what I wanted from that Black Crowes/NMA alloy that wasn’t. The alloy that should have been never made this album, instead some kids from somewhere in Cali with hardly any internet presence, no online bio, and less press gave it to us.

Personally, I don’t give two shits what the name of the band is…Essential Listening is essential listening.

Honey Tongue Devils – Down Here
Honey Tongue Devils – Dirty Water Clean
Honey Tongue Devils – Sunday Morning Blackout

Honey Tongue Devils’ Official Site, Honey Tongue Devils on myspace, Buy All Tall & The Melting Moon