Playlist: It's The Music – Friday: Ninebullets Radio Lite Edtion 08.12.2011

I was the guest host for the Friday Edition of “It’s The Music”. The show is archived for one week after it’s original air date and is available for streaming here:

Below is the playlist for August 08, 2011:

01. Micah Schnabel – American Static
02. The Shakes – Be Mine
03. Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears – She’s So Scandolous
04. Glossary – Save Your Money for the Weekend
05. Kaleigh Baker – Train Gone By
06. Nikki Lane – Gone, Gone, Gone
07. Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside – I Swear
08. Eilen Jewell – High Shelf Booze
09. Ghost Shirt – History of the Radio
10. The Only Sons – Standing Water
11. Shane Sweeney – When I Am Empty
12. The Decemberists – Down By The Water
13. The Gaslight Anthem – Even Cowgirls Get The Blues
14. Roppongi’s Ace – Waiting For The Day

Last Good Tooth Live In The Studio

15. Lauderdale – Moving On
16. Damion Suomi – Ghost
17. Andrew Combs – Tennessee Time
18. Frank Turner – I Still Believe
19. Chuck Ragan – Meet Me In The Middle
20. Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil – Seven Points
21. American Anodyne – Bastard Sons of The New Depression
22. The Builders and The Butchers – All Away

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Since the show was an official ninebullets event I don’t think I am allowed to post a review of it. Aside from the whole being biased issue, there is the simple fact that I was also working the door for the bulk of the night. If someone who was at the show felt the urge to write a review or recap, I’d be more than happy to post it. I’d really hoped hundreds of people would flock to The Emerald, spending oodles of money on drinks, as well as buying every drop of merchandise the bands had for sale. That didn’t happen, and I have to say there are quite a few known Two Cow fans whose faces I never saw…not that I am bitching. The show was fun, the bands made some money and hopefully they felt it was worth their while to come down here. So instead of posting a review, I am offering you the photo above. That’s of one Mr. Branden Barnett milking every single bit of sexy out of that women’s large t-shirt, as well as the videos below.

The videos were shot earlier in the day live at the 88.5 WMNF studios. Enjoy:

Micah performing “American Static” from his solo album, When The Stage Lights Go Dim:

Micah performing “Lydia” from Two Cow Garage’s upcoming album, Sweet Saint Me:

Branden Barnett performing “History of the Radio” from Ghost Shirt’s album, Domestique:

Devon Vsalin performing “Curse of a Drunk” from The Takers album, Taker Easy: