Have you heard the news? It was announced last week that an English company is now offering the service of pressing your ashes into a vinyl record after (obviously) you die. This is basically the sloppiest wet dream in the history of music geek soiled undergarments, and it bears the obvious question; You’re dead and they’re making a record from your withered corpse….what 5 songs are gonna make up your Side A?

There are quite a few directions one could go with this…I originally started down the sentimental route but quickly realized that I’d prefer my corpse rock once my consciousness left it….

The Black Keys – Stack Shot Billy: IMO, the best Black Keys song ever and I’ve often said only a dead person can listen to it an not start a head bob. As a dead guy, I still wanna preach the gospel of the Stack Shot.

The Drive-By Truckers – Never Gonna Change: Probably not the “best” DBT song ever but easily one of the Top 5 and the one I can listen to the most times in a row.

Scott H. Biram – Spoonful: One of my favorite blue songs being sang by one of my favorite artists. Better put a smiley face on that record.

Tim Barry – A Thing Of The Past: So I can continue to preach the Tao of letting you and not what you do for a living define you long after I’ve been defined, expired and recycled.

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Tuesday’s Gone: Couldn’t help it. Love the song. Subject matter is spot on and damnit…..I can be sentimental too.