Autopsy IV checking in here. Having managed to not only survive Denver but to come out of it inspired I’m getting back into the swing of things here in land. Everything here happens according to a schedule that is generally laid out in the beginning of the week but sometimes something comes along that forces me to buck the schedule and type on the fly.

Today is one such case.

This morning I received and email from The Fox Hunt informing me that their self-titled EP had been released. Normally, I don’t post about EPs at all preferring instead to focus on full-length albums but when new Fox Hunt material becomes available, I don’t give two shits about it’s length, I’m telling y’all about it.

The Fox Hunt EP is the first new original material to come from The Fox Hunt boys since their debut album (and 2007 Album of The Year winner), Nowhere Bound. When I originally reviewed Nowhere Bound I described The Fox Hunts sound as such, “Somewhere on the highway between Drag the River and Lucero, there is an exit with a dive bar. The Fox Hunt, out of Martinsburg, West Virginia, is that bar’s house band.” The new material doesn’t stray far from this sound instead focusing on producing 4 more simple, genuine songs with terrific melody and those smooth harmonies Fox Hunt fans have come to know and love.

Now, I know y’all are dying to buy the album so head on over to We Are Big House and pick it up. Both the CD and vinyl come in a 7” package and the vinyl comes with a card so you can download the mp3’s.

The track listing is:

1. Drinking Game
2. Darlin’ I Can’t Stay
3. Greenbrier River
4. Bigger Man