The other night I was sifting through my dvd collection (I am preparing to sell it all) when I found a cd that must have fallen off the “to listen to” stack and gotten kicked under the bench seat where my dvd’s are stored.

That cd was Puritan Rodeo’s 2008 effort The Magic Suit Ball.

Feeling bad that the cd had been lost for so long (it’s street date was May of ’08), I immediately put it in my car cd player and you know what….it’s pretty fucking good. It’s like a mashup of, say, Pinebox Serenade and Gil Landry with a touch of The Steeldrivers. It’s a nice tight and well-paced cd that I wish I’d written about a year ago. I wasn’t even gonna write about it now, but a quick search of The Hype Machine proved that nobody had written about these kids from North Carolina at all.

Shame on us all.

So here you go. Check out the album. I think you’ll like it.

According to a myspace blog posting from May of THIS year, it appears the band is back in the studio working on what will be their third album. I hereby vow to write about it on the same year of its release.

Puritan Rodeo – Fool’s Gold
Puritan Rodeo – Put Down The Money
Puritan Rodeo – Waiting

Puritan Rodeo’s Official Site, Puritan Rodeo on myspace, Buy The Magic Suit Ball