This album landed in my inbox over the weekend and I couldn’t get it downloaded and playing fast enough.

Joey Kneiser is the lead singer of the Murfreesboro, Tennessee based Americana outfit, Glossary. While Glossary is currently prepping their new album, Feral Fire, for a February 2, 2010 release Joey decided to offer up his brand new solo album, The All-Night Bedroom Revival, for free download. It’s a must get for any Glossary fan and a great intro for anyone wondering who in the hell we’re raving about.

Joey Kneiser – Adelina
Joey Kneiser – Bruised Ribs


Another week and there’s more Suburban Home posting on Look, in 3 days I’ll be boarding a big silver bird and heading out to Denver for the Suburban Home 14th Anniversary Party and anytime there is free music in the offering I feel obligated to tell y’all about it. So, I feel justified and like I said on the August podcast, they aren’t paying us or anything, we just like what they’re doing.

With that said, let’s talk free shit.

From Suburban Home Records:

With Suburban Home’s 14th Anniversary, we have made the decision that we would like to give everyone in the world one free album. We are a bit biased, but we think that Suburban Home is one of greatest record labels in the world while also being one of the smallest, least known record labels around. We hope that our offer to give you a free album will entice you to pick a release from one of our artists and hope that it will encourage you to tell others to grab an album, too.

No strings are attached to this. Trust me. You pretty much have to be a Grade A asshole not to take advantage of this offer. Grab the new Taker’s album, fall in love with Two Cow Garage, get personal with Tim Barry or drunk with Drag The River. Doesn’t matter, just take advantage of the offer.

The Takers – Curse of a Drunk
Two Cow Garage – Your Humble Narrator
Tim Barry – Tacoma
Drag The River – Embrace The Sound


Well. We’re gonna close this week of free albums out with a proper Friday album, Drag The River’s “Live At The Starlight”.

Here’s the story of how this album cam to be offered up for free:

As some of you may or may not know, the CD version of “Live at the Starlight” has been out of print for a while now. Whenever a release goes out of print, a handful of enterprising individuals take advantage of the inability to easily purchase the release and sell their own copy(ies) through sites like Ebay or Amazon for outrageous prices. One such individual has “Live at the Starlight” for sale for $80 on Ebay. You can’t blame people for doing this, but Jon felt that if we gave the album for free, no one would feel the need to spend so much money on the CD.

The quality of this album is second to none and it serves as a great entry point into the Drag The River discography. So go download it and then drop Mr. Jon Snodgrass an email to say “Thank You”.

That’s it for our week of free albums here on ninebullets but should you want more free music you should head over to A Truer Sound. Coincidentally, they’ve been posting about free albums all week too.

Great minds think alike I suppose.

Drag The River – Get Drunk


Man, it has been a bummer of a day. I head out to my car this morning to go to work, go to unlock the door and my key won’t go into the lock. Try again. Same result. Try again. Same result. Try again. Same result….What? It was early in the morning….So, I bend over and look at the mangled mess that was once my lock. Seems someone tried (and failed) to break into my car last night. Good news, they did not get in…Bad news, on top of finding out that I have to replace the coil in my a/c unit for the house this week, now I gotta buy a new lock cylinder for the car. Couple these with the crumbling economy it is been a virtual jihad on my wallet this week. It’s enough to make a man drink I tell ya (donations my be mailed to the address on the About page).

Amidst all this bad news I do have something pretty cool for y’all today though.
Nay…not pretty cool. Really and truly f’ing cool.

Remember the band, Olin & The Moon, I wrote about last month? At the time I said I wasn’t sure when or how you could get their new cd but I was putting it on my Essential Listening list any how. Well, for a limited time you can now get it for free on their myspace site and we were given permission to post it here as well. Don’t slip on this one folks. It’s a good one.

(cd art)

EDIT: DOWNLOAD COMPLETE ALBUM HERE! Links below no longer work.

  1. Call Me Up
  2. Sleep
  3. Another One Down
  4. Pickin Up The World
  5. Castle Rock
  6. Records
  7. Black Magic Blues
  8. Turn Me Into Money
  9. Hello Goodbye
  10. Front Porch
  11. Down The Map
  12. Ship On A Sea
  13. The Worst Is On It’s Way

Free shit on the Fourth of July!

edit: I still have 4 of these.

Some people, like those that fought in the Revolutionary War, earn freedom. Some people find it dropped in their lap even though they do not deserve it. Ain’t that right Mr. Libby. Most of us just work and pay bills and try to have a little fun with the little that is left over. Well today we’ll celebrate freedom with free shit falling in our laps….deserved or not!

Recently those fine little bastards at Suburban Home sent me 10 copies of their 2006/2007 Winter Sampler along with a Drag The River purchase I had made. Awfully nice of them but I already have everything on it that I like. Enter you; the fine fine reader of How would you like to experience some of the Suburban Home Records catalog with no risk? Well. Today’s your lucky day…

The first 10 people to email me their mailing address will get a copy just because I think y’all are the bees knees.

Now, stay safe tonight and remember: DUI’s are really expensive and a big fat pain in the ass so call a cab.

Track Listing:

  1. Love Me Destroyer – Not If You Were The Last Sinner on Earth
  2. Love Me Destroyer – Things Around Us Burn
  3. Drag The River – Embrace The Sound
  4. Drag The River – Medicine
  5. Tim Barry – Avoiding Catatonic Surrender
  6. Ghost Buffalo – Hell Here
  7. The Gamits – How To Escape
  8. Stereotyperider – You’re Not Safe With Us
  9. Adventures of Jet – Drag
  10. Laymen Terms – Verity