I came to know Faith No More the same way that probably 95% of their fan base did…via a fish outta water flopping around in slow motion on MTV while Mike Patton kept asking “What is It?” Here we are nineteen years later…

Wait a minute. WTF?
Are you serious?
It’s been nineteen years since The Real Thing was released?
Jesus fuck, I’m getting old.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, nineteen (shakes head) years later, I still have no idea what “It” actually is, but I am guessing that It is also what was in the box in Pulp Fiction…just a little theory of mine. While their follow-up albums never really caught my attention in quite the same manner as The Real Thing, there always seemed to be enough songs on them that I liked that I always ended up buying the albums. Somewhere along the line I even picked up their pre-Patton debut, Introduce Yourself, but as a whole I always preferred the Patton fronted FNM over the Chuck Mosley fronted version. Well, last week (on my birthday, incidentally), the label released a 3 cd set containing every track you remember, some you forgot and a couple you probably never even heard. The collection features both singers and plenty of rock. Check it out.

Faith No More – Epic
Faith No More – We Care A Lot
Faith No More – Midlife Crisis

Faith No More’s Official Site, Buy The Works