Passing Parade – We Own Fun – 2016

we own fun

If you’re involved in the music scene in Jackson, MS then you probably know Cody Cox. He runs the Elegant Trainwreck label and plays in more bands then I’m even able to count. I first found out about him when he was playing with Goodman County and AIV and I were still posting on what I think was the second incarnation of the Lucero message board. I’ve sort of almost been able to keep up with projects over the years but thanks to Facebook that’s a lot easier these days. Cody is a prolific artist and the We Own Fun is the latest full length from one his projects called Passing Parade and it’s more than worth your time.I would have never considered myself a fan of Garage but between Passing Parade and Unions I am going to have to rethink some things.

We Own Fun is an album that, frankly, demands to be played altogether too loud. It would be a great backdrop for a late night party where there are just a few too many things going on that shouldn’t be and everybody is perfectly dressed for the occasion. There’s just something about the fuzzy guitars, the beat, and the vocal style that just grabs me in all the right ways. This album doesn’t ramp up, you’re slammed in to the music immediately with “The Chemicals” and the assault doesn’t let up until “Bad Christians” four more songs in. The pacing on this album is hard to ignore, even when it calms down just a little bit the overall feel doesn’t change. The pressure this album creates with its feeling urgency is almost palpable.

I have listened over and over since Cody sent me the link and I’m not stopping any time soon. As far as I am concerned this is easily Essential Listening even tEssential Listeninghough it’s one of those albums that pulls me completely out of my wheelhouse. You can grab it for 5 bucks, or more if you’re feeling generous, on the Passing Parade Bandcamp page. Were I you, I would also make sure to follow Cody because he’s someone that you’ll never know what he’s going to do, musically, but you probably want to be around for it.