New Drive-By Truckers gets a release date…

This may have been established elsewhere but this morning was the first time I had seen a hard date mentioned for DBTs new cd; Brighter The Creations Dark. I quote from Patterson’s latest message to the fans:

Lots of folks have been asking us about our plans for New Years Eve.
We have a long tradition of playing with our dear friends Centro-matic for NYE.
That is all still being worked out, but there is a hitch:
The new album hits the streets on january 22 (21 if you’re in Europe).
With a new album hitting so close to the holidays, there is a big concern about playing a town right before.
All of that is still being worked out by the powers that be (fingers crossed) but it is out of our hands. Soon as we know something we’ll pass it along to you.

So there you go. New DBT in January…judging from the bootlegs coming out of the Dirt Underneath shows it’ll be their best effort since Decoration Day. Here are my favorite two tracks they’ve been playing.

Drive-By Truckers – Ghost to Most
Drive-By Truckers – Daddy Needs A Drink

This site’s namesake: Drive-By Truckers – Nine Bullets



Here goes again.
About to pack for the third (and final) leg of THE DIRT UNDERNEATH.
Boy has this been fun.
Originally supposed to be 2-3 weeks in may.
A chance to kinda reinvent ourselves to ourselves.
Maybe rediscover some old overlooked songs and a way to work the kinks out of some new ones and road test some ideas before embarking on our next album.
Instead, we basically worked up the meat of our next album in front of a live audience and had so much fun we added another and now another leg.
(Insert favorite three-legged joke here).

As most know, we made new album this summer.
Title comes from a really good Cooley song called Checkout Time In Vegas.
We had the easiest time making this album, as it just came out as if it was totally meant to be this way.
No debates or even decisions to make, it all just made sense. Everyone shared same vision and it came together like throwing pieces into air and having them land in perfect place.

Then we couldn’t find a name for it.
Everyone was so happy with the baby that no name seemed good enough.
We wanted 100% agreement (this time) as nothing else had been compromised so why start with title.
I personally believe that it’s actually best to start with a title and build from there.
I did this with the name of the band and about half or more of the albums have had title before the songs themselves.
Decoration Day had always been Heathens, but 2 other bands named their albums that that previous summer.
Name one now?
I digress again.

it will grow on you. it did me.
In the end, we settled for everyone being OK with it.
It was a majority’s first choice, and 1 second choice. The other…
Hopefully it will grow on all.
Of note, Wes Freed loved the title and began drawing ideas based on it before we had even decided.
His artwork looks to be best yet and that did affect the final decision.

David Barbe produced once again.
Oh yeah, and did I mention that there are 19 songs on it.

It’s coming out the very beginning of 2008.
We plan to tour our asses off.
But this next few weeks will be the end of THE DIRT UNDERNEATH.
It’s been great, but it’s served its purposes and we’re going to be ready to move on.
The new album certainly has been influenced by some of that approach and some of those aspects will continue, but It IS an electric album. It ROCKS (as they say).

See you at the show.

Of Note:
SPOONER OLDHAM will again be playing the Wurlitzer on most the TDU shows this month.
We hope to continue playing with him whenever and wherever possible.

Drive-By Truckers – Check Out Time In Vegas

Drive-By Truckers studio outtake:

Jason Isbell posted an outtake from the A Blessing and A Curse studio sessions on his myspace profile yesterday. I can certainly see why the track did not make the final tracklisting. Seemingly more Black Rebel Motorcycle Club than Drive-by Truckers it offers a drastic departure from the familiar DBT sound. I wonder if this type of sound will make an appearance on Jason’s next studio effort. I must admit, I hope so.

Jason Isbell – Drop the Weapon

Rock Report: Jason Isbell @ Crowbar, Ybor City

Designated Driver. Music to my ears when the show is across the bridge. The wife volunteered to do the driving duties, so I broke the seal on a bottle of Beam early for this show. Gone solo or not, Isbell, in my opinion, is still part of the Trucker family and half a bottle deep is the best way to start a night at the rock show. Common decency dictates the whole deal. The last time the Truckers were in town, they played to a packed Jannus Landing, and on the way to the show I wondered how that would translate for Isbell. The crowd was significantly reduced compared to the Jannus show, but it was still bigger than most for an artist touring on their debut cd.

Jason and his band took the stage with the familiar Jack Daniels bottle in hand, and in that single moment I knew everything was gonna be okay. Opening the show with “Brand New Kind of Actress”, the same track that opens the cd, gave me a moment of worry. Ever since I saw Social Distortion play their new cd track by track, in order, and then walk off stage, I have worried when a show opens with the first track from the current album. Five minutes later, though, all my worries were squashed as Jason started picking the familiar opening riffs of “Decoration Day”….and the crowd went wild. From there, the band played a good mix of songs from Sirens, spiced with DBT familiars, and a few covers to round out the set. The crowd favorites were obviously Jason’s old DBT tracks “Outfit” and “Never Gonna Change”. Walking in, I wanted to hear two songs, my very favorite Isbell song, “Goddamn Lonely Love”, and my favorite track from the new cd “Try”. He managed to get both into the set, so I went home drunk and happy.

In closing, I would like to type a few lines about the band itself. Ever since Jason went solo, I have wondered about the 400 Unit. Was it really Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, or was it Jason Isbell and a revolving cast of players that were gonna heretofore be known as the 400 Unit? While I will not pretend to actually know anything beyond what anyone can see, standing out in front of a stage and watching them play, they certainly seemed to be a band and not a front guy with some hired guns. They were tighter than I expected them to be, and guitarist Browan Lollar even got to take over lead singer duties during a rather spirited cover of The Talking Heads’ “Psycho Killer”. Speaking of Lollar, whew, did Jason find himself a gem in that guy! That kid has got so much stage presence and charisma oozing out of him that I found it hard to watch the rest of the band at times. Oh yeah, and the boy can play the fucking hell out of a guitar as well.

All in all, I was really happy with Jason’s creation. I hope he keeps this lineup for the next cd and I look forward to hearing what Jason does now that this has his undivided attention.

Jason Isbell – Brand New Kind of Actress
Jason Isbell – Try

Drive-By Truckers – Never Gonna Change
Drive-By Truckers – Goddamn Lonely Love

Pictures of the show are available here.

ninebullets' take on the new Drive By Truckers songs:

In one of the recent Dirt Underneath shows Patterson said they were playing some new tracks to see how they worked with the crowd. Basically throwing some songs against the wall and seeing what sticks. I figured I would offer my opinion on them. I have gone through the shows available on and pulled all the new songs I could see. If I missed one please tell me.

Ghost to Most – Another Cooley gem. I love this song. Much like Gravity’s Gone it almost seems like he reached into his bag of phrases, pulled out his favorites and assembled them into a song. It’s a Cooleyism 101 song and I think it is great and I really hope it makes it to the new cd.

Daddy Needs A Drink – This song surprised the hell out of me. When you really listen to the lyrics it is phenomenal. Probably Pattersons best effort since My Sweet Annette and definatly the best of the new songs they are currently playing out. There is no doubt in my mind that this track will be on the new cd.

After the Scene Dies – This one took a while to grow on me. Telling the story of the end of the music scene in anytown, usa. I wonder what this one sounds like played with electric instruments.

Bob – My first thought when I heard this one was…huh? I’ve grown to like it more over the past few weeks but I do not think it will make the new cd. It is a good enough song but in it’s current form it would never rank above filler material in my opinion.

Lisa’s Birthday – Nope. I do not like it one bit. Maybe electric it’s different but right now it seems like the Disney version of Love Like This. I hope this one gets left behind.

The Opening Act – I think this song will be awesome when it’s played at the rock show. Acoustically it is good but, to me, this song is begging to rock.

Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife – Written about the tragic New Years Day murder of a Richmond family as Patterson’s way of coming to terms with the events. It is a really pretty and sweet song. If I had to bet a dollar I would say you will hear this one on the new cd. I hope they keep it acoustic.

Check Out in Vegas – This song really surprised me. It kind of reminds me of Jason Isbell’s new song “Hurricanes and Hand Grenades” in the sense that it’s kind of a different sound than I’m used to from DBT. However, after listening to it a few times it has a lot of 70’s country to it. One of me top 3 of the new stuff I really hope to hear a studio version of this one.

One of These Days – Kind of a sad sounding song but I really like it. I wish my version did not have so much feedback. I dunno if this one will make the record or not. It is certainly strong enough to but it does not have anything really distinctive enough about it to make it stand out. (edit: this one is about as new as my underwear)

There you go. All in all I am excited to hear the new cd. After A Blessing and A Curse came out I was nervous for the band. It was so lacking in the rock. Now, I am excited again. Hopefully ABAAC was just a bump in the road.

Alabama Ass Whuppin'

I was sick all weekend and did not get a chance to rip the tracks I wanted to post with the article that was supposed to go up today and I had accepted the fact that there just wasn’t gonna be a post on today when along came an email that saved the day.


We released Pizza Deliverance and hit the road with a vengeance. Along the way we became a very different band. Earl Hicks documented us every time we came back home. This record was cut at a number of shows in Athens and Atlanta and provides a good listen to an era now gone. Our most hard Rocking album and featuring the long rambling monologue that introduces 18 Wheels of Love. This one got an 8 (out of 10) review in Spin and inspired Village Voice’s Eric Weisbard to call us “the best underground Rock and Roll Band in America”.

Alabama Ass Whuppin’ has been out of print for quite sometime and used versions of it sell of 50+ dollars on a regular basis. My first experience with the Truckers was Southern Rock Opera and when I decided to buy another cd by them AAW was the only cd Vinyl Fever had in stock. I had no idea that I had managed to aquire a heavily sought after cd for a mere 15.00. The picture above is from my first DBT show ever and I was trying to recreate the AAW cd cover.

Normally, I do not post complete cds but I feel as though permission has been granted for this one. An email from Patterson Hood was forwarded to the DBT mailing list today that answered a lot of questions that had been coming up on the (no affiliation) message boards and while I won’t reprint the entire email here I do wanna copy/paste the important part:

2. Do NOT pay $50 on ebay for Alabama Ass Whuppin’. No, it is NOT
worth it. We DO plan to rerelease it someday, but not right now, as it
is not a fair representation of what we sound like LIVE (anymore) so
we want to release a new live album first. Later, after that, i would
love to release live discs from other eras, including that one, which
I am still proud of. Maybe as part of a box set someday. It has the
definitive version of 18 Wheels of Love and the only version on earth
of The Avon Lady. Surely you can find a way to steal one in the

And without further ado….Until it gets reissued I offer you: Alabama Ass Whuppin’

Why Henry Drinks
Lookout Mountain
The Living Bubba
Too Much Sex (Too Little Jesus)
Don’t Be in Love Around Me
18 Wheels of Love
The Avon Lady
Margo and Harold
Steve McQueen
People Who Died
Love Like This

This will be a Drive-by Trucker Thursday:

The Drive-By Trucker’s are currently out on their The Dirt Underneath tour. The shows are all acoustic and are not coming anywhere near me here in Florida. Fortunately, the Truckers are a taper friendly band so I cruised over to the Digital Panic forums to grab me a copy of one of the shows. I ended up with a copy of the show they did on 04.28.07 at the Georgia Theater in Athens, Ga. I so wish this tour was making it to Florida. They sound great and are playing around 7 new songs that blow away everything on A Blessing and A Curse (thank god). Now, I am super duper excited about the new DBT album and figured I’d toss up some of the songs from the show. First, here is an acoustic version of the song that gave this here web site it’s name:

Drive-By Truckers – Nine Bullets

These two are my absolute favorite DBT tracks. I could not choose one over the other if I had to. Top lyrical moments:
Zip City – “Got 350 Heads on a 305 engine I get 10 miles to the gallon, I ain’t got no good intentions.
Women Without Whiskey – “The whiskey ain’t to blame and I ain’t trying to. It don’t make you do a thing, It just let’s you.

Drive-By Truckers – Zip City
Drive-By truckers – Women Without Whiskey

As I said, they are playing about 7 new songs on this tour and I posted a video of Patterson playing one of them, Daddy Needs a Drink, earlier today. I have agonized over this all day. Do I post the songs or not? I have decided that if you wanna hear them as bad as I did then, like me, you can go get the show and that I would just post my favorite of the new songs. Enjoy!

Drive-By Truckers – A Ghost to Most

While we are on the DBT love train. An mp3 of one of Jason’s new songs, Try, has popped up. It has been available for streaming on his myspace page for a while but now you can listen without have to load that shitty myspace player. (Jason’s album, Sirens of the Ditch, comes out July 10 on New West Records)

Jason Isbell – Try

Shit news Saturday: Jason Isbell out of Drive-By Truckers

I came home last night from the bar a little sideways and read about this on the DBT mailing list. Followed a link over to Jason’s myspace page and read the blog entry everyone was referring to. It seemed real but there was no definite word from any of the power players other than a blog entry. So, I went to bed hoping it wasn’t true and that the blog entries were a joke played on Jason after he forgot to log out of myspace or something. Then this morning I woke up and there was official word from one of the power players confirming the blog entries. Jason is out of the Truckers…..for real.

Fucking sucks.

Man, 2007 has been really terrible for my very favorite bands and this is the third post of this type that I’ve done in a month. All is not lost though. DBT’s lineup has changed a lot over the years so I’m sure they’ll be fine and Jason’s solo cd comes out July 10 and judging from the samples on his myspace site he is gonna be fine as well. I wish both halves good luck and I hope they both get to Tampa/St. Pete soon. Here are my favorite DBT tracks w/Jason singing.

Drive-By Truckers – Decoration Day
Drive-By Truckers – Outfit
Drive-By Truckers – Never Gonna Change
Drive-By Truckers – Goddamn Lonely Love

As I’ve said before, I am sure there is and will be plenty of rumor and conjecture about the band and the interpersonal relationships but this site is not about that. Here is the official word as it came down from Patterson and this will probably the last mention about any of this on until the cds come out. However, If you want to vent about it or offer your version of a conspiracy theory there is a discussion thread about the whole deal over on


It’s with a wide range of emotions and feelings that I’m announcing
that we have parted ways with Jason.
The split, which I consider extremely amicable is the result of a
period of personal and artistic growth from all sides which has left us
with differing dreams and goals.

Jason joined our band, mid-tour, in the fall of 2001, shortly after the
release of our 4th album (Southern Rock Opera). His impact on the band
was immediate and profound, bringing an awe-inspiring combination of
vocal range, guitar dexterity, and amazing songwriting and leading us
into an era of creativity that has resulted in three albums that I will
be proud of for as long as I live.

Life in a band is always a delicate balancing act of personal and
musical chemistries. Having been in bands for most of my life, I still
marvel that any band stays together for longer than a year. Especially
if the band in question spends anywhere from 150-220 days a year on the
road, as our band has done since 1998. That said, I have also likened
this band to a family. A big, messy, sometimes dysfunctional one, but a
family full of love all the same. It is in this spirit that I plan on
Jason continuing to be a part of our lives wherever our roads and
dreams take us in the immediate future.

Jason is about to embark on a tour (including a leg of dates with Son
Volt) with his stellar band and will be releasing (finally) his amazing
solo album “Sirens of the Ditch” < July 10 from New West Records > . We
all are wishing him nothing but the absolute best on every step that
plays before him.

Cooley and I will have played together for 22 years this summer and DBT
is about to begin it’s 12th year of existence on the very day that we
will be going into the studio to begin recording our 8th album. Cooley
recently sent me a demo of five new songs and yesterday I demoed nine
new ones for consideration. In addition to Shonna and Brad (who is
coming up on ten years in the band) John Neff will be playing with us
full time, playing both guitar and pedal steel. John was a founding
member of the band in 96 and has already played on four of our albums
and has been on the road with us, full time for going on two years.

It is my sincere and and adamant hope that everyone will support all of
us, and by that I mean our band and Jason’s, as we deal with this
transition. Jason’s tenure in this band has been one of the greatest
things that has ever happened to me on a personal and musical level and
our love for him and his music is in no way changed or endangered by
our collective decision to move into different directions.

In addition to the upcoming THE DIRT UNDERNEATH tour and the recording
of our next album, we will also be playing some special ROCK SHOW dates
this summer and hope to do another leg or two of THE DIRT UNDERNEATH in
the fall.

As always, the bond that we have with each other, as well as with the
folks that come to our shows and listen to our records has always been
one of the things that has set this band apart. We plan to continue on
in that tradition and spirit and hope you will come with us as we
attempt to tell another tale and Rock the nights away a little while

Sincerely Yours,
Patterson Hood
Drive-By Truckers
April 6, 2007