In an effort to take all of your drinking money this weekend Dave’s is following the Mojo Guru’s CD release party in Friday night with a double bill of magnificent proportions; .357 String Band and Deep Blues Festival. Enjoy it and come out to Dave’s…it’ll be a good time:”>Joe Buck. The last time Joe came to town I wasn’t really that much of a fan. I basically went to see the opening act and be a head in the crowd. By show’s end, Joe had won me over and I said as much in my show review:

Now, I’m gonna be honest. I’m not really a fan of Joe’s recorded material. I just can’t get past the muddy production and the songs really aren’t that interesting to me. That said, what fails to captivate on cd flourishes in a live setting. Turns out, Joe writes the kind of music you need to be in the same room with. Joe, hunched over a guitar, red uplight casting eerie shadows, his hyperactive left leg smashing out a back-beat on an old bass drum while he recites lyrics of murder and satan through gritted teeth. I started wishing I had listened to his cds more so I could join the crowd in singing along.

The .357 String Band comes looking like 1/2 an industrial rock band and 1/2 a country band. You would not expect lucking banjos, spinning upright bass and blended harmonies from these kids from Wisconsin but don’t let em fool you. Their Live show have been referred to as “Hoe-down meets Throw-down” by many a reviewer and their mix of old-school country/traditional mountain music and punk is sure to delight fans across a number of genres. The .357 String Band came through last November and damn near broke through the stage and unless they’ve gone back and fixed it’s floor I suspect they’ll succeed this time. As a favor to you guys I’m including the .357 String Band’s set from last years Deep Blues Festival. Enjoy it and come out to Dave’s…it’ll be a good time:

  1. Cluck Ol’ Hen
  2. Fire And Hail
  3. Milwaukee Here I Come
  4. banter
  5. One More Round
  6. banter
  7. Down On A Bender
  8. Shot Down
  9. Glory Amen
  10. Unknown Song
  11. banter
  12. Evil On My Mind
  13. banter
  14. Unknown Song
  15. banter
  16. Riot Act
  17. banter
  18. Rollin’ Down The Track
  19. Unknown Song
  20. Unknown Song
  21. Unknown Song
  22. Raise The Moon