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Below is the playlist for June 09, 2011.

01. Seasick Steve – Treasures
02. Frank Turner – English Curse
03. William Elliott Whitmore – Everything Gets Gone
04. Grayson Capps – Rock N Roll
05. Micah Schnabel – Cut Me Mick
06. Tim Barry – “222”
07. Larry and His Flask – Ready Your Roomates
08. The Legendary Shackshakers – County Of Graves
09. Matt Woods – Beating Down My Door
10. The Deep Dark Woods – The Gallows
11. Pinebox Serenade – Woven Arms
12. The Wells – I Had A Dream, Jesse
13. The .357 String Band – The Days Engrave
14. Drag the River – Calloused Heart #2
15. Chuck Ragan – Rotterdamn
16. Lucero – Wandering Star
(requests are in italics)

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Pay what you want for all these:

True, this falls under the “too good to be true” banner but guess what…it’s for real and I think the band is crazy for doing it. Their momentary insanity is your gain though cause you can currently buy the entire Drag The River catalog directly from them for whatever cost you see is fit.

Now you no longer have an excuse for not drunkenly signing a long with every song at your next Drag The River show.

Go get it quick before they sober up and realize what they’ve done. Here’s a taste of what you’ll get:

Drag The River – Get Drunk
Drag The River – Here’s To The Losers
Drag The River – Br00tal
Drag The River – Death of the Life of the Party
Drag The River – Fire and Flood
Drag The River – Medicine
Drag The River – Tired and Fired
Drag The River – Deminer



Well here goes…3 bands or artists I discovered on the road after being give a CD after the show after we played together. There are so many; a few great ones, a mess of good ones and a bunch of forgettable ones. Then, there are the ones you become buddies with.

#1The Wall Against our Back“, Two Cow Garage:

We (Icanlickanysob) met Two Cow Garage in 04..was it 04? Maybe 03 in Chicago. We were lucky enough to have gotten a show on the last Slobberbone tour..I think Micah had just turned 21 and we ran into each other and just kind of knew each other. Us and them…we (SOB) opened the show and threw our guts on the floor..The place was packed, I was unprepared for what I was about to see and become a lifelong fan of..2 Cow. They smoked our ass that night which was no easy feat back then. We hung out, got to visit, and traded CDs. They gave us “The Wall Against Our Back” I still listen to it.

My favorite tracks:

Brand New July

# 2Hey Buddies“, Drag the River:

We met Drag the River in Boise in 04 also I think. I had no idea who All was or anything about Drag except my friend in Portland, Dewey from Red Hills loved em…Jon gave me a copy of “Hey Buddies” the last night of a 5 day tour. I’ve been a fan and friend every since.

My favorite tracks:

Modern Drunkard

#3Nobody’s Darlings“, Lucero:

Played two shows with Lucero in Tennesse. One in Memphis. One in Nashville. The Nashville night was nuts and very hazy. My liver turned to mush. Ben and I drank Jager and kind of threw up on each other..wait maybe that was the Memphis night, anyway, Bill, Lucero’s merch man kicked us down Nobody’s Darlings. Still my favorite Lucero record.

My favorite tracks:

The War
Last Night In Town


While it won’t carry the same sweeping disdain that Dylan going electric did it was still quite the surprise when I pressed play on Austin Lucas‘ new song “Thunder Rail” and heard electric guitars.

I’m not sure if this new track is representative of the overall sound of the new record but if it is, having seen Austin backed by Two Cow Garage before, my excitement level is creeping up more than a few notches.

Austin Lucas – Thunder Rail

Austin’s new album, A New Home In The Old World, is scheduled to be released worldwide on April 5 via Last Chance Records. Austin will be in Austin next month with Drag The River and Joey Cape for the annual pilgrimage to SxSW. Later this summer he’ll also be out on the Willie Nelson’s Country Throwdown Tour.


Autopsy IV is on his annual pilgrimage to strap a board to the bottom of his feet and slide down mountains. While he is away 9B will feature a collection of guest posts. Today’s post comes from our good buddy Shawn Kellogg who reviews a show I hope to make it out to one year…the annual Slim Cessna’s Auto Club New Years Eve show.

To those of you that are lucky enough to live and be apart of the wonderful Denver music scene, you know that when you see what appears to be the Rocky Horror Picture Show of Americana walking down East Colfax, you know that its that time of year once again, for Slim Cessna Auto Club to invade the new year’s eve holiday. This year, we were blessed when it was announced that Drag the River would be playing support, which totally blew my mind about this show. I have seen Drag to many times to count, but have never seen the much talked about live show that Slim Cessna’s Auto Club is known to put on.

The show itself drew the packed crowd at the Bluebird theatre that Slim Cessna always draws for these shows, despite the eight inches of snow that we received that day. Upon arrival, we ran into Jon Snodgrass from Drag who broke the news to use that J.J. Nobody and Steve Bauer (bass and drums respectively) just could not make it from the springs due to the weather, so Jon and Chad Price held down the fort. This was disappointing since Jon told us that Drag has been practicing a bunch of new songs and were stoked to play them. After that bummer of a surprise, that was much more of a pleasant surprise. The first support band, A. Tom Collins was a new name to me and to everybody I talked to around the stage. They were an eclectic mix of piano and songwriting with a dash of horns. It was quite a refreshing sound and definitely surprised myself with how much I really got into them, and their live show is definitely worth catching. I later found out from some of the Suburban Home crew that the lead singer is the former lead singer of the sorely missed Machine Gun Blues that were gathering steam in the Denver scene before their demise.

After A. Tom Collins, Jon and Chad from Drag the River came out as a duo to the unfortunate weather circumstances and played a wonderfully well rounded set, about an hour long. It was quite obvious that much of the Slim crowd was totally new to Drag and it was a good introduction to them. Along with some of the staples of a DTR live show, including “Medicine” and “Mr. Crews”, many of the songs from “Demons” made an appearance, and eventually turned into a crowd request with the Slim crowd obviously enjoying their first, and hopefully not their last dose of Drag the River.

After Drag played their set, Slim Cessna came out for the tenth anniversary of their New Year’s shows at the Bluebird theatre. And they held their version of Alt-Country church that their live shows our famous for. Both Manly and Slim Cessna himself spent a good portion of the set in the audience, who was hanging on every word the two of them had to say. After about 90 minutes, the Slim Cessna revival continued for about another half hour with a long encore that had the sold out crowds of the Bluebird near combustion. Despite the snow that everybody, including the bands, had to deal with, A. Tom Collins, Drag The River and Slim Cessna Auto Club helped everybody ring in the New Year a day early, and its never to early to start drinking for the New Year. And on a real quick note, I just want to thank Autopsy IV for the opportunity to write this article, and thanks for reading.

Drag The River – History with History
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Children of the Lord


I’ve given up on the guest posts for the time being. It took a little over 2 hours to download the three T-Model Ford mp3s from my home server and reupload them to the 9B server. Insanity. So, until I get to a better connection they’re on hold.

Anyhow, tonight is another edition of ninebullets radio on 88.5 WMNF at 10pm Eastern and streaming at It will also be archived here for a week so you will be able to listen repeatedly at work and home throughout the week.

This weeks show was prerecorded and features brand new songs from Social Distortion, The Drive-By Truckers, The Only Sons and Drag The River as well as songs from William Elliott Whitmore, Those Darlins, Glossary, Lucero and many more.

Don’t miss it!


Man, This album has been out for a while. So long, in fact, that it might not do any good writing about it. I mean, those who know have had it for months (and likely those who don’t) have probably read all about it on plenty of other blogs. Honestly, that’s okay with me, I’ve been sitting on this cd for a while on purpose. So long, in fact, that I almost forgot to write about it at all, but as is now obvious, that’s not the case.

So why the delay?
You want the truth?

Because I saw Drag as a full band for the first time in years at the Suburban Home Records anniversary party, and every time I listened to this album I was reminded of that night and how it hit home how much I missed Drag The River as a full band. I’d sit there thinking about that, listening to a Drag record that’s basically just Jon and Chad, and I’d get depressed and put something else on.

Well, time passed, and as it did the rawness subsided and I began putting the album on here and there again. Listening with honest ears instead of mourning a time long gone. The album, is decidedly not a Drag The River album regardless of what’s on the CD cover’s spline. Now I know Drag ain’t my band, and if Jon and Chad wanna call this a Drag CD that’s well within their rights. However, if you watched Treme or lived in New Orleans post-Katrina, you may recall Ashley Morris’ famous FYYFF post, where he said that that the New Orleans Saints belonged to the city, not Tom Benson. One could argue that in much the same way, Drag The River is as much the fans’ band as it is the band’s band, and this (imo) isn’t a Drag album. Hell, the last track is just a song, and if that isn’t proof enough, then I just don’t know what is.

So, if the new Drag the River album isn’t a Drag the River album, what the fuck is it? It’s a ‘Jon and Chad with guitars and some sad songs with a few harmonies’ album, and as that…’s pretty fucking good. No, it’s really fucking good. It’s not a Saturday night album. It’s decidedly a late night, drinking alone kind of album, but let’s be honest; I, and probably anyone reading this blog, prefer those kinds of albums to Saturday night albums, anyhow. It’s a painfully strong 10 song album with no skippable tracks among them. In his review of Chad’s solo album, Romeo called it an album for coming down from a weekend booze and blow bender. This album would probably fall in the same category.

It may not be a Drag “proper” album, but it’s Essential Listening (even if it takes a while to get there).

Drag The River – Here’s To The Losers
Drag The River – History With History
Drag The River – Bad Kreuznach

Drag The River’s Official Site, Drag The River on Bandcamp, Buy Demons (pay what you want)


Oh yeah! Sorry for the 2 month furlow. I missed a month for the 4th Anniversary Party (which was way awesome!) and I missed a month based on total I dunno. Honestly, I’d planned to do an October podcast but the month just kind of got away from me. Not that any of that shit matters now. It’s November, turkey day is around the corner and the podcast is back so let’s talk about it….

The November show features a really drunk me (can you tell where I turned off the drunk recording of this show and came back sober?) and new music from 9B staples Kasey Anderson, Whitey Morgan & The 78’s, The Steeldrivers, Joseph Huber (.357 String Band), John Mellencamp and Drag The River. It also features some music from some new found 9B faves like The Cur Dogs, Truckstop Darlin’ and Doc Dailey.

All in all, I think this is a great collection of music for your Thanksgiving travels. Listen, love, order a Jack and Coke from your stewardess and let’s do this! Also, really, you have no idea how far a comment, an email or any sort of acknowledgment that people are actually listening/enjoying these things goes….so please, if you like the 9B podcast, let me know but only after you’ve tweeted and posted on Facebook about it.

Enjoy and I’ll holler at y’all in December (i promise, I’ve already pulled out Robert Earle Keene’s, “Merry Christmas From The Family“).


  1. Intro [00.00.00]
  2. Autopsy IV Commentary [00.02.40]
  3. Kasey Anderson – The Wrong Light [00.04.28]
  4. Arliss Nancy – Paul Revere [00.08.56]
  5. Beastie Boys – Paul Revere [00.12.00]
  6. The Cur Dogs – Kro-Bride [00.15.44]
  7. Truckstop Darling – Bluegrass State [00.19.47]
  8. Doc Dailey and Magnolia Devil – Sunday School [00.24.47]
  9. Autopsy IV Commentary [00.28.01]
  10. Whitey Morgan & the 78’s – Bad News [00.29.16]
  11. The Steeldrivers – The Price [00.34.16]
  12. Joseph Huber – Downtime [00.38.20]
  13. Joshua Black Wilkins – Backseat of Her Car [00.42.00]
  14. John Mellencamp – County Fair [00.45.10]
  15. Grayson Capps – Mermaid [00.48.48]
  16. Will Quinlan & The Diviners – The Thieving Life [00.52.44]
  17. Autopsy IV Commentary [00.57.22]
  18. Drag The River – Here’s To The Losers [00.58.26]


Daytrotter has dropped a few sessions that are right up ninebullets alley and I was sitting here in my computer room drinking coffee, setting fantasy lineups as they played in the background so I decided I should tell y’all about them.

Last Thursday Jon and Chad from Drag the River made their debut (i think) on Daytrotter playing some tracks from their latest album Demons. It could be argued that these recordings are better than the versions on the album. You can check out the session (and download it for free) here.

Drag The River – The Other Side Of OK

Here at the ninebullets compound we’re really big fans of the kids from American Aquarium and was really surprised to see them posted on Daytrotter today. As Sean said on the session, American Aquarium are similar to the Drive-By Truckers in the sense that they paint a picture of the struggle of growing up in the small town south. Check it out here.

American Aquarium – Reidsville


I went out on Thursday to see Drag the River and Cory Branan play at a local dive. I was early and the show started late so I had already eaten and knocked back one or four by the time the opening act started up. Rarely am I impressed by local opening acts. Don’t get me wrong, I love Houston with all my heart but the music scene here tends to lean towards indie hipsters, at least for the acts I generally go see, but much to my surprise this opening act was neither indie nor hipster. Three guys took the stage with a guitar, harmonica, bass, and a completely stripped down drum kit and started belting out some pretty damn good music. You could call it Americana or Alt Country if you really want to put a label on it but I have recently given up the whole genre thing so I won’t bother shoehorning these boys into a category.

I went up to thank them after their set and found out that not only are they a good band but they are fans of our little corner of the web. They gave me a couple of CDs and a bad ass sticker that has already found a home on the rear window on my beat up old truck. I am really torn here because none of the CDs they gave me are the stripped down group that I heard play so I don’t want to bias anyone’s opinion but I want to do the boys justice and get their music out there. So I am posting some tracks and while good I prefer the stripped down sounds I heard the other night. The Wayward Sons gig around the Houston area so if you are a local make sure to check them out. Their next gig is at a hookah bar! I probably can’t go but I do have fond memories of a hookah and a certain New Year’s Eve party but I digress…

These tracks are from On The Wayward Path: Live!
The Wayward Sons – Ghost
The Wayward Sons – Midnight Song
The Wayward Sons – Blue Blue Eyes

The Wayward Sons Official Website