In this music era of microblogging, soundbites, hyper-hyphenation and genre interloping, Dale Watson may as well be a god damned Norman Rockwell painting. Dale Watson makes country music the way your grandparents did, and there ain’t a single drop of irony in it, either.

As the album title suggests, The Truckin’ Sessions Vol. 2 is a follow-up to his 1998 release, The Truckin’ Sessions. The overall feel/sound of the album would lead you to believe that these are obscure 60’s trucking songs that Watson has unearthed and reworked, but the truth is all 14 tracks are freshly penned products. Redd Volkaert (guitar), Don Pawlak (pedal steel), Don Raby (fiddle), Gene Kurtz (bass) and David Bowen (drums) accompany Dale on the album and are as tight as a trucker’s ass coming down an icy road in the Rockies.

One thing that really stands out about this album is its straight ahead simplicity. There is no effort to create a new sound, just make theirs the best as they can, and the result is nothing less than Essential Listening.

I defy you to not tap your feet and smile while listening to this cd. If there was an award for “Most Fun CD of the Year”, The Truckin’ Sessions Vol. 2 would currently have my vote.

Dale Watson – Jack’s Truckstop & Cafe
Dale Watson – Hey Driver
Dale Watson – Truckin’ Queen

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