Do you remember a while back when amateur photographers were climbing onto their roofs and SciFi geeks were drinking copious amounts of Mountain Dew? All with the hope that they would catch something called “The Blood Moon”. Well, instead of embellishing in frivolous acts of astronomical proportions Dinero chose this night to release their long-awaited and eagerly anticipated second album, The Blind Owl, into the world.

I hope you remember Dinero’s previous effort, Sheep, because it is monumental in northern Colorado garage-rock lore and The Blind Owl continues the tradition of poking you in the chest while making you rock your neck over and over again. The Blind Owl finds Dinero recording with the live line-up that I have seen over the last few years. They have Mike on ‘high-end’ guitar and vocals, Colin plays ‘low-end’ guitar and Dave bangs on the drums like nobody’s business. (Sheep featured bass and I do miss that instrument here)

The Blind Owl is a little less RL Burnside and a little more Meat Puppets than Sheep was but this album is full of furious guitar jams overflowing with attitude and social consciousness. Songs like” Boogie Woogie On The Backs Of The Working Poor” might come off as self-righteous or preachy if you don’t agree. But I do agree, so fuck off if you don’t. The Blind Owl probably isn’t for everyone but if you had a Minutemen phase or were into Thin Lizzy before all the hipsters were into Thin Lizzy then pluck down FIVE BUCKS for some kick ass shit that will impress your friends and get you dates with the right kinds of girls.

Dinero has a Facebook page, Buy The Blind Owl

Charles Hale's Best Records of 2012

16.Cory Branan – Mutt

It seems like every review of Mutt talks about there being this style, then this style, then another, and what they never say is that every song on Mutt is incredibly well written.  Every song on Mutt is incredibly well written, I said it twice to make up for other’s neglect.


15.The Sparklers – Crying At The Low Bar

The review of this album generated a good bit of positive feedback.  I was surprised people liked it as much as they did.  It’s a really good record and because of the reaction I ended up listening to it more than I probably would have otherwise.  Thanks y’all.

Weren’t For Bars

14. Justin Townes Earle- Nothing Can Change The Way You Feel About Me Now

This record has grown on me over the course of the year.  Earle has talent and he’s not afraid to mix things up.  I don’t think this record has as much Memphis on it as most people do but it’s damn fine nonetheless.

Movin’ On

13. David Wax Museum – Knock Knock Get Up

The songwriting seemed to take a bit of a backseat on this release, compared to the two previous DWM records, but the sounds and the rhythms are top notch.  The band has seemed to receive a ton of recognition from this record and I’m confident they deserve every word written.

A Dog In This Fight

12. Todd Snider – Agnostic Hymns & Stoner Fables

One of the nice things on this record is that because Todd plays a lot of electric guitar his bitter venom on a couple of songs is more deadly than usual.  It’s a rough record by design and I’d march up the pyramids with Todd if he told me to.

In Between Jobs

11.Dinero – Sheep

I’m listening to this record as I type this, for the gazillionth time, and it’s still strange and beautiful and kind of makes me feel the way last year’s Cave Singers record made me feel.  Word is there is a shortish LP coming from Dinero coming in the early part of 2013.

Daddy’s Money

10.Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit – Live In Alabama

Yes it’s a live record and without any new originals but it’s so damn good.  I feel like I just wrote the review of this record a week ago so I don’t have any new thoughts.  Just listen to it and find the video from their appearance on Letterman, old David was pretty pumped up it.

Heart On A String

9.John Fullbright – From The Ground Up

The more I listen to this record the more I dig it.  Fullbright is young to be composing music the way he is.  He isn’t afraid to be understated and restrained but there’s plenty of punch on this Grammy nominated album.

Me Wanting You

8.4H Royalty – Where UFOs Go To Die

Their sophomore effort is such a huge step up from album one and word from the 4H Royalty headquarters in Byers CO is that another record is nearly finished and songs are being written for the follow up to that one.  When listening to UFOs pay attention to the subject matter, nobody is writing songs about the kinds of things these guys are writing about.

Virtues, Spices, & Liquor

7.Andrew Combs – Worried Man

Another debut album on my list.  His four song EP was such a teaser and Worried Man lived up.  Combs is another one of those songwriter who is compared to Guy Clarke but he’s better than all the others being compared to Clarke.  I truly hope he’s a prolific writer and that this album has found enough success that more albums come on a yearly basis.  If they do I suspect Andrew Combs will be on my best of list for years to come.

Take It From Me

6.Alabama Shakes – Boys & Girls

I firmly believe that these kids can make a record that can be much higher on my list.  They are so damn good already, hopefully all the success they’ve had helps them make a great record, and not the other way around.  I’m ready for whatever’s next.


5.Lucero – Women & Work

Women & Work is Lucero’s most danceable record.  It’s just fun, damn it.  It’ll never be my favorite release from them but it’s the best album they’ve made for dancing with women instead of moaning about them.

It May Be Too Late

4.Patterson Hood – Heat Lightening Rumbles In The Distance

Long gone are Patterson’s days of writing brash in your face rockers.  He’s developed into a literary rocker unafraid to present his work in calm and understated recordings.  I dig it so much because my listening preferences have happened to shift with his output.  God, I need to own this vinyl.

Better Than The Truth

3.American Aquarium – Burn.Flicker.Die

I often think of AA as the little band that could.  When I first saw them The Bible & The Bottle was fresh out and three studio albums later they’ve put out their best yet.  Does Jason Isbell turning the knobs help?  Probably, but more importantly the band has gotten tighter and tighter as the years have passed and BJ’s songwriting gets more and more consistent.  Most likely you’ve heard about AA but if you haven’t picked up Burn.Flicker.Die you’re late to the party so drink fast.

Saturday Nights

2.McDougall – A Few Towns More

I heard about this record in the Nine Bullet offices for a while before I listened to it.  Holy shit I’m glad I did.  This record is what Nine Bullets is all about.  Here’s a guy making phenomenal music that not enough people know about.  It’s not that the whole world knows about him now, but if it wasn’t for Nine Bullets I wouldn’t know about him.  Do yourself a favor.

Ask That Pretty Girl To Be My Wife

1.Spirit Family Reunion – No Separation

Their first full length is rugged but uplifting. Their songs are delivered with such fervor and unrestrained joy.  If you still believe music can make a bad day good then check out their Tiny Desk Concert. I love it, love it, love it.

I Am Following The Sound


Man. The first show after a marathon show is always so nice and relaxed. I played a lot of brand new music in between all the chatter, whining and begging that makes up a marathon show and I was afraid a lot of people may have missed it so I tried to get a lot of it back into last night’s show. Speaking of marathon, I would like to say that by Friday afternoon last week the show had met (and exceeded) it’s goal. So, props to all of y’all for that.

Now, about this week’s show. Late yesterday afternoon I saw that Levon had passed so I decided to bookend the show with him as a form of tribute. In between we got brand new songs from Will Quinlan & The Diviners, Joe Pug, Alone At 3AM, Tim Barr, The Only Sons and plenty more as well as an all requests segment of the show. All in all, I think the show turned out pretty strong and I would highly suggest you spend an hour of your day checking out the archived stream of it.

Below is the playlist for April 19, 2012

01. Todd Farrell – Ninebullets Radio Intro
02. Levon Helm – Wide River To Cross
03. Joe Pug – Neither Do I Need A Witness
04. Will Quinlan & the Diviners – Cuyahoga River Blues
05. Fifth On The Floor – Distant Memory Lane
06. Alone At 3AM – Wolf In The Woods
07. Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires – The Red, Red Dirt Of Home
08. Don Auber – Smoke & Steam
09. Larry & His Flask – Beggars Will Ride
10. Dinero – Some People Push Back
11. The Only Sons – The Natural
12. Middle Brother – Million Dollar Bill
13. Lauderdale – Drink To Sleep
14. Tim Barry – Fine Foods Market
15. The Band – The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

Bold = Request

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Episode 68: aired 04.19.2012


Dinero’s first album, Sheep, is so shit hot I had to wear oven mitts when I ejected it from the stereo in my truck.  You can tell within the first minute that these aren’t dorm room dudes playing in their first rock band but I didn’t just call them old, just experienced.  It was hard to shift from second to third with the oven mitt on and so my back wheel spun out pretty good on some gravel and before long I was in a ditch in Laporte, Colorado.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that there are consequences in Dinero’s brand of rock’n’roll.

The holy ghost of D. Boon is all over Sheep but Dinero also conjures up some of the most haunted music of the deep south.  I spent seven years living in the Mississippi hill country where the Burnside and Kimbrough clans have been hypnotizing crowds for generations.  Some have accused the hill country greats of being repetitive but it’s something way more primal and somehow Dinero has captured that same flex.  Sheep is an album, an album that rarely takes the concrete block off the accelerator.  It’s unfair to call Sheep raw, raw would be too simple.  There’s next to no polish and each hit of a drum feels like a punch to the gut-the kind you saw coming but couldn’t do anything about.

I love this record and if I haven’t convinced you that Sheep is Essential Listening then soak up the first lines of Dinero’s about me:  “Dinero is Spanish for money.  Money is American for power.  We have little of either, but we’ve got plenty to say about it.  Blessed with brains too big in skulls too thick…

Dinero – Concealed Weapons And Open Containers
Dinero – Daddy’s Money
Dinero – Some People Push Back

Dinero’s Official Site, Dinero on Facebook, Buy Sheep