The title We Kill Computers sums up this band in more ways than you know. Ninebullets has been big supporters of these two girls ever since catching them at Deep Blues Fest (pour out a little liquor…RIP DBF) back in 2k8 and we’ve never been shy about addressing the elephant in the room, so this time I’ll just quote from a past piece I wrote about them:

“[They] vocally and musically sound like The White Stripes…this is their albatross. There is no avoiding it…They’re like the White Stripes minus all the Jack White self-indulgent pretentious bullshit and genre bending, with pure blues-rock added to fill the void. Less commercial, more powerful.”

While We Kill Computers backs off that sound just a little (very little), that pure power chord garage rock is even more amplified this time around. If pressed to give them a genre label, I’d call them Garage Rock Proper. While We Kill Computers isn’t gonna break any new ground it is, IMO, a great album that deserves your attention, and if they ever some to your town do yourself a favor and go see them! Live is where it all comes together and makes believers out of people….myself included.

The Pack A.D. – Crazy
The Pack A.D. – K Stomp
The Pack A.D. – Cobra Matte

The Pack A.D.’s Official Site, The Pack A.D. on myspace, Buy We Kill Computers


Last Friday I announced the line-up of bands for this years Deep Blues Festival. Earlier this week I bought my plane tickets for Minneapolis. I tell you that so you don’t think I am just pimping the festival for some nefarious reason. I buy a ticket just like everyone else. That said, I really do believe in DBF, in what Chis is doing and in the bands playing it so I will take every opportunity to pimp it.

Hence Deep Blues Fridays.

On select Fridays between now and the festival I will feature bands playing it, live sets from festivals past and things of that ilk. I hope y’all like it…and if you’re anywhere near Minneapolis, join us in July, it’s gonna be a blast.

This is a sampler the festival recently put out featuring performances from last years show. Chris told me I was free to post it here so here you go. Individual tracks are below from listening, complete sampler can be downloaded here.

  1. Juke Joint Duo – Stay Here In Your Arms
  2. The Moaners – I Think I Love You
  3. Jawbone – And Wine
  4. Left Lane Cruiser – That Ass
  5. Robert Cage and Hezekiah Early – Things I Used To Do
  6. T-Model Ford – Cut You Loose
  7. Black-Eyed Snakes – Good Woman Blues
  8. Those Poor Bastards – They Don’t Make Folks Like They Used To
  9. A Night In The Box – Death Letter
  10. Reverend Deadeye – Clean Train
  11. Charlie Parr – 1922
  12. Boogaloosa Prayer – She’s Gone
  13. Hillstomp – Lay Down Satan
  14. Pat MacDonald – Reset Me Lord
  15. Dex Romweber Duo – Blues That Defy My Soul
  16. Black Diamond Heavies – Bidin’ My Time
  17. Bob Log III – Six Stringer Kicker
  18. Pure Country Gold – Club 21
  19. American Relay – Bonedry
  20. Tarbox Ramblers – What Month Was Jesus Born
  21. Possessed By Paul James – Hear The Call


One of those bands that really caught my attention at the 2008 Deep Blues Festival was The Pack A.D. I was already a fan prior to the festival but after their set I was gung-ho.

They’ve just made a video and shipped it off to MTV and everything. So, hopefully it’ll get a chance to be one of the 3 videos MTV plays one day. Since the odds of that are about as good as Arizona’s chances of winning the Super Bowl this week I figured I’d post it here:

The Pack A.D. – Making Gestures

I’ve also managed to get an mp3 copy of The Pack A.D.‘s set from the 2008 Deep Blues Festival. It was shortened because they were trying to squeeze in some bands who’s set got canceled from the rain the day before. They still managed to crush it for only having 30 minutes at 12:30 in the afternoon. Here it is if you wanna check it out:

  1. Snow
  2. Gold Rush
  3. banter
  4. All Damn Day Long
  5. banter
  6. Oh Be Joyful
  7. banter
  8. Don’t Have To Like You
  9. Stalker Blues

Hopefully, I am about to get a lot more of the DBF’08 sets. I plan on posting them. I hope y’all are diggin’ them as much as I am. Also, keep in mind that some 80+ bands are gonna gather in Minneapolis this July for the 2009 version of The Deep Blues Festival. Take it from me, it’s a great fucking time that your liver will hate you for. Tickets are on sale now. I’ll be there…you should to.