Jesus. If I have to sit around and listen to my friends rave about how good Uncle Tupelo or any of i’s offshoots are one more time I am gonna have to find a new bar to drink at.

Do I like a few Uncle Tupelo songs? Sure. Do I like an Uncle Tupelo album? Not even the greatest hits comps.

So ther you go. That’s your theme for this Top 5. Top 5 that everyone loves but you just can’t get on board with…..

Here are mine:

  1. The Avette Brothers (too polished)
  2. The National (everytime I hear them I think, Crash Test Dummies)
  3. Uncle Tupelo (yawn yawn yawn)
  4. Jay-Z (really? If this is the best modern hiphop has to offer I’ll live in the past)
  5. The Beatles (IMO, just a boy band and yet another thing that generation has blown up to be bigger than it deserves…)

Uncle Tupelo – No Depression