This week’s Top 5 is all about songs that have quotable lyrics. I mean lyrics that just jump out at you. It can be a single line or even the whole damn song. I think mine are all one or two lines and some are just because they make me giggle. This one was so tough I just picked out the first five I thought of and maybe that’s cheating but there’s just so damn much good music out there that it’s impossible for me to make a decision. Anyway I want to see your favorite quotes from song lyrics. And no the graphics don’t have to do with the Top 5 other than they made me giggle and I am now sharing them with all of you.

  1. Tim Barry – Idle Idylist | This whole damn song. Every last fucking word. But especially the part of the last chorus: “I let the greedy deal with greed, Ain’t got nothin’ but myself, And I ain’t selling that for no one else I won’t surround my emptiness with greed and shit that I don’t even need, And don’t ask don’t tell relationships based on infidelity, I know it ain’t right, I know it ain’t much of a life, But I let tomorrow be tomorrow, And let tonight be tonight”. GOD DAMN!
  2. Dirty Bourbon River Show – Ruffian Since Birth | With all the stress at work this has been my theme song as of late and honestly “I went to wear my boxers outside but the officers told that I can and that I gotta wear a pair of pants” pretty much describes last weekend for me except there were no cops and “So I guess I’ll hit that snooze again and I guess they won’t give me the raise” describes my feelings about work but unfortunately not my actions as I stay late almost every damn night!
  3. Michael Dean Damron – The Cape | I love this song and hope that my kids, unlike me, can retain some of the wonder and magic that exists for them now. I know this probably isn’t how the song is supposed to be taken but I take it just like that! “He’s one of those that knows that life is just a leap of faith, Spread your arms and hold your breath and always trust your cape”.
  4. Two Cow Garage – Soundtrack To My Summer | “My friend’s were buying in to american dreams, Going to sleep as punk rock kids and waking up as part of the machine.” This is another hold-on-to-your-youth song for me. I can’t quite look book and say I woke up as part of the machine but I am not a punk rock kid anymore. I hope I can teach my kids to not let go of being kids but rather learn how to pass as adults when they have to. I love the line because it hits home so fucking hard and then Micah follows it up with one of my favorite out-of-context-but-still-cool-by-itself lyrics “The tape machines don’t lie…”
  5. Cory Branan – The KISS Song | Yeah it’s as fucking cheesy as it gets but “You washed off your rock n roll and now the devil doesn’t want your soul, and neither to do we” makes me giggle every single time I hear this one. Also an honorable mention for “I had to smash my air guitar” which is also giggle worthy any day of the week.

Autopsy IV’s answers: I have a directory on my word computer called, “Awesome Songs”. Each of these songs was fished from that directory.

Joe Pug – Not So Sure: There are plenty of devastating and remarkable lyrics in this song such as; “I sacrificed my sister, I prayed my own soul to keep, I told my dying father that a man should never weep” but I put this one on the list because of this lyric, “I undressed someone’s daughter and then complained about her looks.” We all did it as kids and now, seeing it in print drives home how terrible it was.

Drive-By Truckers – Zip City: Again, as a whole, full of quote worthy lyrics but I’ve included it here because I think Zip City contains one of the best lyrics in the history of rock and roll: “Got 350 heads on a 305 engine. Get 10 miles to the gallon, I ain’t got no good intentions.

Micah Schnabel – American Static: This is a pretty good song about the reality of growing up but I love the line “cause we all grow to be our fathers. marrying the daughters of the men we once despised” cause in a way, it sums it all up.

American Graveyard – Common Ones: I love everything about this song, the melody, the message…everything. I could have included a bunch of songs here but I picked this one cause I’ve been researching the housing market meltdown and wanting to fertilizer bomb Wall Street so these lyrics are hitting home particularly hard these days, “I tired of seeing men die for other men’s rights / to have a corporation come in and sweep ‘em all aside / cause there’s money to be made, money to be found / and when the pockets are drilled empty, on to the next town.

Lucero – Old Sad Songs: This song. It’s my life in verse. “I’d stay with you tonight my love I’d stay the whole night long. But the boys are playing those old sad songs and I must sing along. I hear the snare drum’s slow sad march I hear those fiddles cry. And I must go to them my love or else I’d stay the night.


Two Cow Garage

I wasn’t going to cover this show because Two Cow Garage is playing tonight in Florida and I know AIV will be writing up his own review but after seeing them for my first time I realized that there can’t be too many reviews on any given site so this is my take. Let me start by simply saying OH MY GOD! These boys can rock! Without any competition at all this show came in second to only to Slobberbone for the best show I have seen in years. Loud, fast, and frankly fucking punk rock is the easiest way to describe what I witnessed on Friday night.

I got there early and got to meet Micah and Shane (finally) and hang out for a couple of hours prior to them taking the stage. Their piano player had to fly home the night before due to the death of a friend but that didn’t detract from the energy of the evening. I would say I got to meet Cody for the first time but it turns out I met him almost five years ago in Tempe, AZ at the Cory Branan, Koufax, Limbeck and The Honorary Title. I was hanging with Cory after his set and taking pictures of some weird Limbeck fan chick who had curled up in an empty merchandise box and Cody, who was with Koufax at the time, was sitting right there bullshitting with us. Some nights it seems the scene doesn’t get larger it just gets more crowded. So we hung out and talked about life, family, drinking, and so much more. We drank, drank and drank some more. And yes I went on and on like a fan boy and I am not ashamed! Shane confirmed there is some work on a solo effort from him but nothing like a release date or even a label just yet and while it’s not on the radar yet I am pretty stoked that it’s coming eventually. I also talked to the boys about a little idea I had to help promote the new album here on 9B and they approved so keep watching I hope to be able to post more on that next week. Did I mention we drank a little bit? There was whiskey to be had and we had it…

Then Two Cow Garage took the stage and the world came apart at the seams. Micah and Shane are nothing less that rock stars extraordinaire and Cody had a shit eating grin on his face the entire set. From the opening riff to the closing refrain they never stopped. It was song into song into song into song without even a break to catch a breath. Flinging sweat on to the audience from their antics on stage and screaming out every song I am completely amazed that either Micah or Shane could even talk after the show. I was exhausted from screaming along and dancing and they do it every night! They even broke out some older tracks like 135 at the audience’s request which I should mention had to be screamed over the strumming between songs because like I already said they never stopped playing or moving!

This is one of the first shows I have ever walked away from with regrets. I don’t regret leaving the still frame camera and video camera at home and just enjoying the show. I don’t regret screaming along so loud I could barely talk for two days. I don’t regret hanging out until after three in the morning. I don’t regret my ears ringing well in to Sunday. I do regret leaving SXSW early and missing them last year! I couldn’t have seen them locally because I only found out about them four years ago and they haven’t played here in five years. But I can sorely regret not having seen them when I had the chance. If you ever have the chance to catch them live and you don’t then you really must not have a clue. Their albums are amazing but their live show takes their music to another level. Get off your ass and see them. They are good enough that the next time they come through Texas I may well take a couple of days off work and do the Dallas, Austin, Houston circuit just to see them that many more times.

I just want to wrap this up by saying, again, OH MY FUCKING GOD!

Two Cow Garage’s official site
Two Cow Garage on Suburban Home Records
Two Cow Garage on Wikipedia

AUTOPSY IV SAYS: I tend not to review shows that I put on so there will be little more than “ditto above” said about the Tampa show unless someone who was there wants to review is. I’ll say, people came, beers were drank and hearing was damaged. Good. Fucking. Times.


I went out on Thursday to see Drag the River and Cory Branan play at a local dive. I was early and the show started late so I had already eaten and knocked back one or four by the time the opening act started up. Rarely am I impressed by local opening acts. Don’t get me wrong, I love Houston with all my heart but the music scene here tends to lean towards indie hipsters, at least for the acts I generally go see, but much to my surprise this opening act was neither indie nor hipster. Three guys took the stage with a guitar, harmonica, bass, and a completely stripped down drum kit and started belting out some pretty damn good music. You could call it Americana or Alt Country if you really want to put a label on it but I have recently given up the whole genre thing so I won’t bother shoehorning these boys into a category.

I went up to thank them after their set and found out that not only are they a good band but they are fans of our little corner of the web. They gave me a couple of CDs and a bad ass sticker that has already found a home on the rear window on my beat up old truck. I am really torn here because none of the CDs they gave me are the stripped down group that I heard play so I don’t want to bias anyone’s opinion but I want to do the boys justice and get their music out there. So I am posting some tracks and while good I prefer the stripped down sounds I heard the other night. The Wayward Sons gig around the Houston area so if you are a local make sure to check them out. Their next gig is at a hookah bar! I probably can’t go but I do have fond memories of a hookah and a certain New Year’s Eve party but I digress…

These tracks are from On The Wayward Path: Live!
The Wayward Sons – Ghost
The Wayward Sons – Midnight Song
The Wayward Sons – Blue Blue Eyes

The Wayward Sons Official Website


Some days things just work together. While I was writing up the review of A Damn Good Ride I dropped by Jeremy Steding’s website to look for his bio and such and found out he was playing in town that night. I grabbed a phone number off the site, made a call, and set up some time with him before the show. As luck would have it and one thing leading to another I wasn’t as early as I wanted to be but since it was a Thursday night show there wasn’t an opening act and there was still plenty of time to meet The Band of Bastards and get to know them before the show. And a damn fine show it was…

Jeremy Steding
(In case you’re wondering that is a Jason Isbell shirt on the Eric.)

What I learned is a that Jeremy is originally from Florida and came west to Austin in 2007 with an unmastered, unreleased “Whiskey Songs and Prison Songs” to pursue music in the Red Dirt scene. Having been inspired by old Pat Green (before he went Nashville), Cory Morrow, Robert Earl Keen and the like he figure Austin was the place to be if he wanted to play his kind of music.
I know our gracious host would disagree, being a huge fan of the Florida music scene and rightfully so, but Jeremy made his trek and is now making his mark on Red Dirt Music. One of the highlights of the night was finding out that Jeremy is fan and friend of Pete and Larry from Truckstop Coffee. Those boys are perennial 9B favourites and it’s always nice to find other fans.

Jeremy is at a point in his career that he says many never make it past. He’s playing decent venues and getting decent turnouts but intimates it’s fairly easy to get stuck there for a good long while and some folks can’t handle what seems like being in a rut. He handles most of his own booking, all of his merch, all of the publicity pretty much managing himself and the Band of Bastards. He uses all of the standard methods today such as twitter, myspace, facebook, and so on to get the word out about his music and his shows all while giving away his recorded music on his website. He and the band have a sponorship from Budweiser and they are touring hard. He says he loves the work and doesn’t mind all the time it takes to self manage. I did ask him specifically about giving away the albums on the website and he explained that while they sell a good number of CDs at shows that he wanted more people to discover his music. He thinks that people don’t buy as many CDs as they used to because of worrying about the investment. What if the CD sucks? So he put both albums for free, gives out business cards everywhere he goes that tell people where to go to download it, has a donate button if you want to toss a couple bucks his way, and still sells just as many plastic shiny discs at shows. And it’s working. More and more people are hearing his music and coming to shows. And that’s where Jeremy Steding and the Band of Bastards really shine…

Jeremy Steding And let me tell you: These boys can tear up a stage. I liked the album and that’s pretty clear from my review but seeing them live is just damn good. It’s not as big a difference as Cory Branan’s live vs. his studio work but it is something that has to be seen to be believed. Jeremy is a showman for sure and he pulls in the audience without even trying. He’s still young so the show isn’t as polished as some of the old timers but whether it’s belting out his original songs are having a little fun with classic covers like You Never Call Be By My Name whilst claiming it was written by “…a friend of a friend of a friend of my dad’s” on Canadian bacon in eyeliner you can tell that Jeremy is doing what he loves and the Band of Bastards is having as much fun as he is. And when I say he gets the audience involved I mean the isn’t above calling out the drunk birthday girl to help out with The Boys From Oklahoma.

They're too damn skinny and way too long...
…they’re too damn skinny and way too long…

In closing you shouldn’t miss the chance to see this Florida boy turned Texan play a live show. With a band that cites influences ranging from Truckstop Coffee to Jason Isbell you certainly could do worse. And as far as the more country and western shows go I am not sure you could do better these days.

The Band of Bastards is:

  • Matt Winegardner – Drums
  • Eric Smith – Bass
  • Steve James – Lead Guitar

You can see the full gallery from the show over at .

Here’s some tracks off of Jemery’s first album since I don’t have any live tracks (except the one from this album) from him just yet:

Jeremy Steding – Bonnie Blue
Jeremy Steding – Auburn
Jeremy Steding – The Day to Day, Today (Live)

And the Boys From Oklahoma…

Jason Boland – The Boys From Oklahoma

Jeremy Steding Official Site
Jeremy Steding on MySpace
Jeremy Steding on Facebook
Jeremy Steding on Twitter
Jeremy Steding on YouTube


A Damn Good Ride

I like free music and I think that’s a given for most folks here but the caveat is that music is not like sex or pizza. When music is bad it’s not still good whether it’s free or not. Jeremy Steding’s music is not bad. In fact it’s damn good and both his albums are available for free on his website. He’s pretty new to the Red Dirt scene. I discovered him listening to Radio Free Texas and was intrigued. So I dropped his website and was even impressed to find both of his albums available fro free. The best part is that the boy is good at what he does.

The title track of this Red Dirt Music album starts with a salute to The Old Crow Medicine show and has a zydeco groove that’ll make you want to swing your baby ’round the dance floor if you are so inclined. That’s not the only hat tip on the album. Let the Boys Drink Whiskey is a nod to the deep Irish roots in country music and the chorus is reminiscent, in spirit, of Cory Branan’s Sour Mash. Not afraid of showing his honky tonk roots The Sand Panther Medicine Show takes us back to a better time musically while the lyrics keep us right here today with all the ills modern life has to give and offers us a cure for our ills. Closing the album is a country ballad that could have followed Eddie Rabbit’s classic Drivin’ My Life Away on the radio so many years ago and let me assure you this a complete album all the way around.

Overall this is a solid country album that you might have missed is you weren’t looking for it. I would say get off your ass and buy it but since you can surf on over to his website and download it you have no excuse. So I’ll simply end this with a quote from my favorite song on the album and a nod to AIV’s home state…

Just let the band play dixie, let the boys drink whiskey, lay me in the ground and hoist the Bonnie Blue…

(The Bonnie Blue, for those that don’t know, flew over the short lived Republic of Florida and inspired the Burnet Flag which flew over the Republic of Texas.)

Jeremy Steding – A Damn Good Ride
Jeremy Steding – Let The Boys Drink Whiskey
Jeremy Steding – The Day Today


It may just be my rebellious nature or it may have been seeing AIV post about the Fox Hunt EP and to be honest I don’t even know if our gracious host is gonna let this one slip through since by his own admission we don’t usually post about EPs and this most definitely a post about one of those. (That may be the longest sentence I wrote all week long) So instead of saying this is a post about the Cory Branan/Jon Snodgrass split E/P on Suburban Home I am going to pretend this a very belated review of the Joey Cape/Jon Snodgrass/Cory Branan/Chad Rex show I attended three months ago.

It was a hot July night in Texas at a venue that is not know for having the best A/C when I caught up with Cory Branan and Jon Snodgrass. I had planned to do an interview with Cory that night but my new recording software had a “feature” of which I was unaware and I ended up with less than two minutes of the interview actually recorded. Cory was kind enough to introduce me to Jon after a bit, he wasn’t rude he just assumed we knew each other already, and we hung out for a while before the show. Looking back I can see why Cory thought Jon and I had met since we fell into conversation easily. We talked about DTR and life for a bit before the show and Jon promised to re-learn Br00tal and play it during his and Cory’s set.

Aside from interviewing Cory this was the first show I had planned to shoot. So while Cory and Jon warmed up I did as well, ending up with some great candid shots of both Cory and Jon. Cory and Jon played what Jon refers to as “buddy rock” and the their set was absolutely amazing. Having seen Cory countless times and not ever having seen Jon I didn’t know what to expect. What the crowd got was an amazing set with Cory playing some of the crowd favorites and some newer material and Jon belting out his songs with fervor. He kept his promise and let fly with Br00tal while I was trying to get the barkeep’s attention for more whiskey. I think his acoustic version is now my favorite version of the song. With Cory and Jon punctuating each others’ songs and the banter between the two and the crowd this was quickly becoming one of the best shows I had seen all year. After their set we popped outside for nicotine and cooler air and I got to meet Chad Rex and talk with him a bit.

I hate to admit I missed most Joey Cape‘s set and didn’t get a chance to meet him as I got caught up hanging out and talking with folks. But I did get to see him, Chad, and Jon knock out a few songs, enough to make me regret hanging outside as long as I had. Multiple trips to the merch table scored me some posters, t-shirts, and the Cory/Jon split EP. It was an amazing evening and on top of all the music I found out that I don’t suck at shooting shows.

(You can see the whole gallery here.) and meeting Chad Rex and Jon Snodgrass was an experience that I won’t soon forget.

As we pulled away from the venue I unwrapped the cassette I had acquired, taking care not to loseWeight Exercise the digital download code, and popped into the deck of my old Ford F-150. Jon opens the tape with Alone and Distanced and it’s as good as ever. As an aside there is something about listening to a tape in a world where we are used to being able to switch to the next track with a simple push of a button that’s a bit refreshing. Being forced, in a way, to listen to the tracks in the order the artists intended is a different experience that I think we have lost some of in the age of digital music. Being as that we didn’t go that far to grab grub my listening experience was punctuated by the best late-night post-show food I know: the Sausage Scrambler at House of Pies here in Houston. As I pulled into the parking lot Wild One was wrapping up.

. We spent just a little too long at our table as is our custom after a show and then I finally got back out the truck, cranked her and was greeted with a studio version of Cory’s Walk Around. Now while I think Cory is better live than studio this version is as good as any of the live recordings floating around and might even be better. The backing vocals do just a little something that makes it amazing. Born Apart had my foot a little too far down on the accelerator and, the tape being an EP, I wanted more after Yeah, So What was over. So what’s a boy to do? Well you let the tape reverse and listen to it again.

Now there’s lots of cool album art out there these days but the album art for this tape is worth owning. It’s totally cheesy and looks like something I might have picked up in the bargain bin at Sound Warehouse in 1989 with a blue sticker with red bubble letters announcing “VALUE PRICE”. It’s also available as vinyl from Suburban Home/Vinyl Collective and I plan to order that version on payday. But they really need to make a poster out of the album cover, a big huge poster, maybe one of those heavy metal/Pink Floyd style cloth wall hangings.

This is an amazing EP from start to finish and it has a couple of songs you won’t get to hear before Cory’s new album comes out unless you make it out to see him live. But don’t take my word for it check out the stream from Suburban Home…

And so there you have it. My review of an EP masquerading as a review of a show. 😉 Now go buy the thing from Suburban Home…


Ahh Summer. Yards to be mowed, grills to be lit, beaches to be enjoyed, beers to be drank, sports to be watched and, obviously, all of this needs a soundtrack.

Enter the Lucero Message Board Compilation.

Yup. Like a superhero showing up just in time the new compilation was posted this week and I couldn’t think of a better way to close out this week than with a post about it. As always, you can head over to the Lucero message board for some dialog on why each song was submitted and while you’re there you can contribute to next months.

Lucero Message Board Summer Comp can be downloaded here.

Track Listing:

  1. The Fox Hunt – Better Than This (Lucero Cover)
  2. Lucero – American Girl (live)
  3. Deer Tick – Houston, TX
  4. Cory Branan – Karen’s Song
  5. Ha Ha Tonka – Close Every Valve to Your Bleeding Heart
  6. William Elliott Whitmore – Old Devils
  7. Hoots & Hellmouth – What Good Are Plowshares If We Use Them Like Swords
  8. The Only Sons – Lay Back Down
  9. The Evening Rig – Goddamn, I Could Use A Drink
  10. Jon Snodgrass w/ Cory Branan – Alone and Distanced
  11. Two Cow Garage – Humble Narrator
  12. Chad Rex & The Victorstands – Build a Rocket
  13. Flogging Molly – Salty Dog
  14. Michael Dean Damron –  Angels Fly Up
  15. Austin Lucas – Kith and Kin
  16. The Lemonheads – Waitin Around to Die
  17. Cheap Trick – Sick Man Of Europe
  18. The Dexateens – Can You Whoop It
  19. Trampled by Turtles – Empire
  20. Matthew Dean Herman –  Blackbird
  21. Lyle Lovette – Fat Babies
  22. Ray LaMontagne – Let it Be Me
  23. Uncle Tupelo – Moonshiner (live)
  24. Kingston Trio – We’ll Sing in The Sunshine
  25. Against Me! – You Look Like I Need Drink

Also, special thanks to Romeo Sid Vicious for putting together a stream of the compilation for those that prefer such a thing you can listen to it here.