I originally came to know of this Santa Cruz trio via a link in the .sig of an unrelated PR email a year ago, and I’ve been in love ever since. The band consists of Pete Bernhard (guitar/vocals), Lucia Turino (upright bass) and Cooper McBean (guitar). Their sound is largely based on loose around the edges music that’s pulled together by their vocal harmonizing. The first time I ever wrote them I described them as such:

[They’re] a vaudevillian mashup of country, punk with a little pirate, and ragtime tossed in for good measure. [Their] dusty old 78 feel will almost make you feel guilty about listening to it on your iPod.

And really, that summary does as good a job here on their fourth cd as it did on their first, so I feel no need to further expound on it.

The other day the wife and I were driving around car shopping and listening to Do Wrong Right when it dawned on me that one of DM3’s strength’s/gifts is their ability to make every song feel like a sing-a-long. I bet that really comes through in their highly praised live shows, Something I hope to experience some day. Till then, I’ll crank this in the car and add one part dissonance to their harmonies.  And despite my best efforts to ruin it by singing along, Do Wrong Right is still Essential Listening.

The Devil Makes Three – Working Man’s Blues
The Devil Makes Three – Gracefully Facedown
The Devil Makes Three – Do Wrong Right

The Devil Makes Three’s Official Site, The Devil Makes Three on myspace, Buy Do Wrong Right