I am pretty late on this one and for that I apologize. I was supposed to give these away back in December but life got crazy, the discs got buried in my computer room and next thing you know I’d plum forgotten about ’em. Then, the other day I was cleaning up said computer room so I could put my beer fermenting cooler in it and I found them. That leads us up the now, where, as late as it may be, I am gonna give them away to y’all.

According to Virgil, he was inspired by a documentary he saw about mix tape culture in hip-hop and decided to put one together himself. It features bands from the Suburban Home records roster as well as artists that he’s a big fan of. And as he says on the cd cover:

Burn it, Share it, post it on your blog or send it out through Sendspace or Yousendit. If you find an artist you like please find their releases, check out their shows and tell others about them. Most of these artists are on small labels and need word of mouth to help spread the word about what they’re doing.

I can get behind that. So, here is a link to the entire cd for you to download, link to…whatever. I also, have 4 physical copies that I’ll give away with a sticker to the first 4 people who email me their mailing address.

SUBURBAN HOME RECORDS Mixtape Volume 1, “Raising Hell & Living Cheap”

  1. Tim Barry – Thing of the Past
  2. Tim Barry – Shoulda Oughta
  3. Tim Barry – Tacoma
  4. Chuck Ragan – Don’t Say a Word
  5. William Elliott Whitmore – Old Devils
  6. Micah Schnabel – American Static
  7. The Takers – Taker Easy
  8. The Enablers – Whatever You Like (T.I. Cover)
  9. Drive-By Truckers – Gravity’s Gone
  10. Deer Tick – Straight into a Storm
  11. Drag The River – Lost Angel Saloon
  12. Josh Small – Fifteen Twenty Eye (demo)
  13. Horse Feathers – Curse In the Weeds
  14. Have Gun Will Travel – Salad Days
  15. Joey Kneiser – Bruised Ribs
  16. Portugal. The Man – People Say (Acoustic Version)
  17. The Builders and The Butchers – Red Hands
  18. Yesterday’s Ring – Quebec City Blues
  19. Chad Price – Cursed
  20. Lenny and the Piss Poor Boys – Lonely Days & Whiskey Nights
  21. American War – Rhetoric
  22. Jon Snodgrass – Wild One (Thin Lizzy Cover)
  23. Lizzie Huffman – Tumblers and Tea
  24. Langhorne Slim – I Love You, But Good Bye

Now, the more astute of you may have recognized the title of the mixtape, “Raising Hell and Living Cheap” as a line from Tim Barry’s song (and mixtape opening track), “Thing of the Past”.  “Thing of the Past” is also the opening track on Tim’s new album, 28th & Stonewall, which was released on January 26th. In a word, the new album is “great” and there will be a proper writeup for it on ninebullets next week but until then Virgil is allowing us to host a full-stream here on at the 9b. So check it out below, give the mixtape a listen and tell us what you think of it all!


That is a picture of the meathand I made yesterday for my wife’s Halloween party. I was supposed to post that picture and this contest yesterday but all of my plans were derailed by a bad hamburger the night before. Anyhow. Last night was the official release of Strawfoot’s new album, How We Prospered (review), and in celebration they’ve given my a prize pack to award to the ninebullets faithful. So, the first (3) people to email me and tell me what they dressed as last night will win a prize. First person will win a copy of the new album, How We Prospered, the Second person will win a copy of the first album, Chasing Locusts and the first person to email a picture of themselves dressed up last night will win a copy of both cds. GIVEAWAY IS OVER.

Strawfoot – Churchyard Cough
Strawfoot – Independence Day
Strawfoot – Seven Ways

Strawfoot’s Official Site, Strawfoot on myspace, Strawfoot on Facebook

NINEBULLETS.NET PRESENTS: O'DEATH, FEB. 3 @ THE ORPHEUM is the official online presenter of the O’Death show here in Tampa on Tuesday night. While I’m not entirely sure what “the official online presenter” really means, I can also say I don’t really care. Anytime I have the chance to align the site with the Appalachian Apocalypse from New York that is O’death, you best believe I am gonna do it. What this does mean for the local reader is that I have a pair of tickets to give away to the show and what this means for both the local and non-local reader alike is that I have (3) (1) copies copy of their latest cd, Broken Hymns, Limbs and Skin, to offer to you, the loyal reader. CDs have been won. What do you have to do for the loot, you ask? Well, go to O’death’s myspace profile and then email me what the fourth song on their music player is. First local person gets the tickets and I’ll give the cd’s to the first 3 local or out of towners to email me the same answer.

If you don’t win don’t let that deter you from this show, Tampa. It’s definitely gonna be a show of the year candidate. Here is what I wrote about them last time they came to Ybor City:

Drummer David Rogers-Berry lived up to his advance billing; screaming, howling, beating trash cans with chains, hyping the crowd, and just generally beating his floor toms so hard you could almost see them wince in agony. Adding to the drum-abusive energy was fiddle player Bob Pycior stomping and dancing about while trying his damnedest to saw his instrument in half. Much like Berry, he plays with such an intensity that you get the impression he is punishing his instrument more than playing it. Balancing out these two was Gabe Darling’s banjo and ukulele and Greg Jamie’s guitar and sometimes woeful, always captivating vocals, which help give the band it’s dark sound.

If you are out and about, come holler at me. I’d love for you to buy me a beer and listen to you tell me how awesome ninebullets is…or we can just talk music and sports. Either way, I’m good…just come out.

O’Death – Down to Rest
O’Death – O Lee O
O’Death – Only Daughter

Jason Isbell Giveaway:

The fine people over at New West Records have given me a pair of tickets for Saturday’s show at The Crowbar and a signed tour lithograph to give away to you fine readers. So here is the deal…the first person locally (Tampa Bay area) to answer the following trivia question correctly will win the tickets to the show. The second local person or the first non-local correct answer will win the signed lithograph.

-=Give Away Completed=- 

Question: What colors are mentioned in Jason’s song, Goddamn Lonely Love, from the Drive-By Trucker album, The Dirty South?

-=Give Away Completed=-

Email me your answers and I’ll contact the winners.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club shirt and signed cd giveaway:

Hey guys. I’m kinda new to this contest thingy, but like a teenager on prom night we are gonna poke and prod our way through it anyway. The folks at Filter Magazine have given me a Black Rebel Motorcycle Club t-shirt and signed cd to give away in any manner I see fit. If this were the real world that would mean that the first girl that showed me her boobs would win, but it’s the internet, so here is the contest:

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is commonly referred to as BRMC. Much in the spirit of the original “What does KMFDM stand for” contest we are gonna shoot for the best/funniest/funkiest acronym for BRMC. Contest will run through the weekend and I’ll pick a winner on Monday. You can leave your entry in the comments section, email me or drop me a message via myspace. Your choice.

Good Luck, and if I get enough entries I’ll post some of my faves on Monday or Tuesday.

While we are on the subject of BRMC, they released their fourth cd, Baby 81, in May. Finding a middle ground between their first two releases and Howl, they have put out their most solid album to date, in my opinion. They are currently on tour (playing Orlando this Sunday), and if they come to your neck of the woods you should make every effort to see them. I saw them last year on their Howl tour, and it was tremendous.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Weapon of Choice
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Took out a Loan
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Lien on Your Dreams

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s Official Site, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club on myspace, Buy Baby 81