From Punknews.org:

SideOneDummy Records has announced the dates for the upcoming Revival Tour, featuring Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music, Tim Barry of Avail and Ben Nichols of Lucero. The tour will feature the three frontmen playing solo sets and collaborating on each other’s material.

The important part for us Floridians:
Saturday 27-Sep Jacksonville, FL JACK RABBITS
Sunday 28-Sep Orlando, FL THE SOCIAL
Tuesday 30-Sep Tampa, FL THE ORPHEUM THEATRE
Wednesday 1-Oct Gainesville, FL COMMON GROUNDS

Wed. Morning odds and ends:

The Drive-By Truckers will finally be making it back to St. Pete in May. May 17 to be exact and they are bringing The Dexateens along for the ride. I’m sure you’ll hear more about this show here as the date gets closer.The Drive-By Truckers – Road Cases

Speaking of The Dexateens. They are hopping on the free album trend and will be releasing their new album, Lost and Found, for free for a limited time next Tuesday. Keep and eye out on their myspace profile. You can see previous ninebullets coverage of The Dexateens here.

The Dexateens – Red Dust Rising

Finally, Medford’s Black Record Collection have begun accepting pre-orders for their new album, N.O.S. Their debut release, The Flattville Murder Album, was extremely popular around the ninebullets.net compound and I am excited to here what they have done this time around.

Medford’s Black Record Collection – Hell or High Water

Tampa/St. Pete awesome show announcement: Pine Box Boys

So, I am sitting in my local bar the other night having a descent conversation with my good buddies Beam and Ginger when a new email comes through in the cell phone. I open up the email to read:


At first I thought I was just drunk so I read it again; slowly…Pine. Box. Boys. Can’t be the same guys…scroll down…yup that’s them. OH SHIT! The Pine Box Boys are playing Dave’s! At which point I did the happy dance. Last year when I wrote about the band I described them like this:

They classify themselves Southern Horrorbilly and/or Darkgrass. I have no idea what either of those terms mean. Personally, I would describe their sound as a darker version of Old Crow Medicine Show…. a much much darker version. Like, OCMS meets Those Poor Bastards. These are dark blue grassy songs for the dark humored. Call em’ love songs for the recently deceased.

Come see it for yourself on Friday night @ Dave’s Aqua Lounge. Showtime is 9:30 and the cover is seven dollars.

Pine Box Boys – Just a Crush
Pine Box Boys – Arkansas Killing Time
Pine Box Boys – I Had To Cut Her

EDIT: I just got this message from Dobbs (Pine Box Boys drummer):

it is going to be nuts because i am from there and family and friends will decend upon there with a vengence.

This show has officially gotten 150% better!

Deep Blues Music and Film Festival 2008

Imagine spending the better part of a year planning. Shelling out tons of money over said year. All to bring the best of the punkass-blues scene together for a weekend somewhere in Wisconsin. Only to have record rains show up; on your weekend. Attendance falls well below what you expected and you loseWeight Exercise a lot of your own money. What do you do?

Chris Johnson will tell you- you make that muthafucker even bigger the next year…and that’s just what he’s done…2 days become 3 and the Deep Blues Festival of 2007 blossoms into the Deep Blues Film and Music Festival of 2008 which will include a screening of Col. J.D. Wilke’s film, Seven Signs.

When I found out about last year’s festival, I wrote that it was like they made a lineup just for me. It was too late for me to make all the necessary planning for me to get out to the show last year, but I vowed should there be a 2008DBF , I would not be missing it. Now, look at that lineup up there….I have no idea where Lake Elmo, Mn. is, but I can tell you my ass will be taking an airport taxi there on Thursday, July 17th. For my musical tastes, this is the festival of the year. If you’re planning on attending, email me. The wife is staying home, so I’ll be looking for nice folks who like whiskey and fish stories.

Here are some audio examples of the super awesome headed toward Minneapolis:

Scott H. Biram – Blood, Sweat & Murder
The Legendary Shack*Shakers – Somethin’ In The Water
Left Lane Cruiser – Pork & Beans
Black Diamond Heavies – Poor Brown Sugar
Patrick Sweany – Your Man
Jawbone – 4-11-44
Charlie Parr – Miner’s Lament
American Relay – Bonedry
The Pack A.D. – Gold Rush
Boogaloosa Prayer – St. James Infirmary
Chris Cotton – The Gamblers
Sliver Lion 20/20 – Fight For Her
.357 String Band – Stillest Hour
Hillstomp – The Woman That Ended The World
John Schooley – Black Diamond Express Train To Hell
The Moaners – Yankee On My Shoulder

Tampa/St. Pete: Show Announcement: Lucero

ninebullets.net faves Lucero have announced a Saint Petersburg date!

Feb 21 Birmingham, AL @ Bottletree*
Feb 22 Orlando, FL @ The Social*
Feb 23 St. Petersburg, FL @ State Theatre
Feb 24 Gainesville, FL @ Common Grounds*
Feb 25 Tallahassee, FL @ Beta Bar

* – Tickets on sale now.

Lucero – Nights Like these

SHIT! Things are starting to get stupid busy for the Tampa/St. Pete crowd…

I was doing some ninebullets.net calendar updating and realized I just need to quit my job…so many good shows coming and I wanna make them all so I need money…thus I need a job, but getting up at 7 am makes getting to all of these shows difficult.

Oh well. I’ll just have to suffer or get with the Lohan coke plan or something. The following shows I am already starting to rub one out to:

Who: Bryan Lee
Where: Ringside Cafe’
When: Tuesday, October 9
Why: I have been loving the live cds I have. Actually getting to see him up in suck a small venue basically guarantees an awesome time.
Sample: Bryan Lee – Gave you What You Wanted

Who: Nashville Pussy, Hank III
Where: Jannus Landing
When: November 2
Why: I have always wanted to see Nashville Pussy and yet I’ve always managed to miss them each time through town. Then III, who is always awesome…outside of the State Theater….now it should sound awesome as well.
Sample: Hank III – Country Heroes

Who: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Where: Jannus Landing
When: November 3
Why: Last time Black Rebel came through town I went…got ridiculously drunk prior to the show…like, hold on to the wall for stability drunk and then proceeded to watch an awesome show. I was so bummed cause I knew I was so drunk the details would be gone in the morning. Hopefully this time I won’t get so cozy with the brown bottle before the show.
Sample: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Six Barrel Shotgun

Who: Radio Moscow and Nervous Turkey
Where: New World
When: November 17
Why: I still have a little afterglow from the last time I saw Radio Moscow…and Nervous Turkey is my favorite local band. ‘Nuff said.
Sample: Radio Moscow – Mistreating Queen

Who: Legendary ShackShakers
Where: The Orpheum
When: November 18
Why: You have not lived a full life until you see LSS live. Period. I get excited everytime these guys come to town….Always fresh, always entertaining.
Sample: Legendary ShackShakers – Old Spur Line

I hope to see some of y’all out at a few of these. We can tell lies over a whiskey drink or five.

Tampa/St. Pete….To Do….Saturday night:

They blew me away when they opened for The Roots. Then the cd showed up and the awe from the show was reinforced by stellar track after stellar track. Now you have a chance to be blow away, too. I’ll quote from The Roots review:

a social hiphop act with (1) male rapper, (1) female rapper/singer, (1) female backup vocals and (1) guy on the drum machines. They sound sort of like The Black Eyed Peas if B.E.P. was still making descent music. With politically charged lyrics heavy on social and self awareness. Notice I did not mention a DJ in their lineup? They have this guy…he has 3 drum machines and he plays them things like pianos. It is truly awe inspiring to watch live as he plays 90% of the music live.

Solilla will be playing at The Crowbar this Saturday night. Doors are at 9:00 and tickets are a mere nine dollars. Whether you like hip hop or not, if you like good shows you should come see these guys.

Hope to see some of y’all there.

Sol.illaquists of Sound – Mark It Place
Sol.illaquists of Sound – Ask Me If I Care
Sol.illaquists of Sound – Black Guy Peace

Sol.illaquists of Sound Official Site, Sol.illaquists of Sound on Myspace, Buy As If We Existed

Tampa/St. Pete…(2) Upcoming Shows:

I added 2 shows to the ninebullets.net calendar that I am pretty excited about:


Who: Shooter Jennings
Where: State Theater
When: Friday, July 13
Cover: $12 adv. / $15 d.o.s.

The last time he came to town I was out of town. This time I’ll be there! While I thought Shooter’s first cd, Put the O Back in Country, was a flop I really enjoyed his follow-up, Electric Rodeo, and I can not wait to see him live.

Shooter Jennings – Hair of the Dog
Shooter Jennings – Put the O Back in Country
Shooter Jennings – Little White Lines


Who: Tech N9ne
Where: Jannus Landing
When: Saturday, August 18
Cover: unknown

Tech-freakin-N9ne! He played Orlando when I was in Colorado this winter. I figured I had missed my one and only chance to ever see Tech. Plus, this show is within walking distance of my house on a Saturday night……shiiiiiiiitttttt…You know you’re gonna hear more about this show.

Tech N9ne – The Industry is Punks
Tech N9ne – Slacker
Tech N9ne – I’m a Playa

Road Trip!

IT IS OFFICIAL! Lucero will be opening for The Drive-By Truckers on Thanksgiving weekend at the Alabama Theater in Birmingham.

Yours truly will be there….seriously, I just read about this a few minutes ago and I had one of those moments…at first I did not trust it so I read it again….really slowly…then I slammed my hands on the table and raised both fists in the air and walked around the offce with both fists up and a smile on my face…yeah, one of those moments.

Lucero and DBT….INCONCEIVABLE! Ever seen Pee Wee Herman? Ever seen the Pee Wee dance? yup, I’m doin’ it…I’m doin’ it.