It’s time for a new ninebullets podcast. Immediately you might notice that I’ve stopped naming these by the month they were released and going with the more common numbering of the episodes. I am doing this cause I’ve not been so swell at getting these out monthly so I thought going to the numbering system would work better. This will also enable me to do more than one in a month should the opportunity to do that arise.

With that said, let’s talk about the new show. Following in the footsteps of the radio show 2 weeks ago I decided to do a “some of the best of the first ½ of 2011” show that would feature some of the songs that I didn’t get to on Ninebullets Radio. The show features a track from Shane Sweeny’s upcoming solo album, The Finding Time as well as tracks from two heavily anticipated albums from the likes of Gillian Welch and William Elliott Whitmore. The show is rounded out with awesome songs from 9B faves such as Austin Lucas, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, Grayson Capps, Frank Turner, Jason Isbell as well as new found fave Damion Suomi.

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Track Listing:

01. Jami Lynn – SweetThing
02. Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside – Poison Milk
03. Autopsy IV Commentary
04. Damion Suomi – Ghost
05. Gillian Welch – That’s The Way It Goes
06. Jason Isbell – Codeine
07. Autopsy IV Commentary
08. Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Three Bloodhounds Two Shepherds One Fila Brasileiro
09. William Elliott Whitmore – Bury Your Burdens In The Ground
10. Chet O’Keefe – Game Bird
11. Grayson Capps – Rock N Roll
12. Autopsy IV Commentary
13. Shane Sweeny – When I Am Empty
14. Austin Lucas – Sleep Well
15. Autopsy IV Commentary
16. Frank Turner – I Still Believe

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Ninebullets Radio is a radio extension of the blog that airs every Thursday night in Tampa, Florida on WMNF 88.5 FM at 10pm Eastern. The show is archived for one week after it’s original air date and is available for streaming here. Below is the playlist for April 14, 2011.

  1. Mat D – Ford Marriage
  2. Delta Moon – Clear Blue Flame
  3. The Steeldrivers – Drinkin’ Dark Whiskey
  4. Otis Gibbs – Small Town Saturday Night
  5. Chet O’Keefe – Game Bird
  6. Cam Penner – Driftwood
  7. Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit – Alabama Pines
  8. Chris Knight – Enough Rope
  9. Seasick Steve – Chiggers
  10. Drive-By Truckers – Sinkhole
  11. Truckstop Coffee – The Ballad Of Joel Carpenter
  12. Matt Woods – Johnny Ray Dupree
  13. Have Gun Will Travel – Ol’ Death Rattle

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Per his bio, Chet comes out of New Hampshire, having traveled the country via cars, buses, vans, backs of pickups and railcars, sleeping where he could find a bed along the way and pitching a tent when he couldn’t. He’s backed up Bo Diddley and he wrote The Gibson Brothers’ track “Ring the Bell.”

It’s only appropriate that Otis Gibbs got to mention this album on ninebullets before I did, since he was the one that put me onto it via twitter last month. It’s also appropriate that Otis turned me onto Chet’s newest album, Game Bird, as they come from the same section of the singer/songwriter cafeteria, although Chet might gravitate a little to the John Prine table than Otis would. Game Bird features Thomm Jutz and Pat McInerney from Nanci Griffith’s band, as well as Nanci herself occasionally on backing vocals, pedal steel player Robby Turner, Jimmie McEachern on bass and Brent Moyers on trumpet. From the upbeat tounge-in-cheek swing of “Take Me To The Liquor Store” to the darker moodiness that we’ve come to expect from those Canadian bands of “Game Bird” the band allows Chet to make use of a wider range of sound than you might find on the average singer/songwriter album and he does a fantastic job of utilizing it.

Check out the mp3s and if you like what you hear, head over to bandcamp and pick up the album.

Chet O’Keefe – Take Me Down (To The Liquor Store)
Chet O’Keefe – Game Bird
Chet O’Keefe – Econoline Van