I’ll be totally honest with y’all. The moment I opened the envelope this album came in and saw the cover and read the band name and cd title I wanted to like the album. Add to that the fact that it was coming off the freshly reborn Ardent Music label and I needed to like it. So strong was my want to like this album that I was afraid to listen to it, so I gave it to my wife first. I figured that way, if it sucks hearing it from her will be less disappointing than listening myself.

A week later the report came back; “Awesome! Really sounds like Mofro”

Immediately I confiscated the cd from her car (she’s still bitching) and tossed it in my cd player.

Jump Back Jake is Jake Rabinbach (Vocals/Guitar), Jake Vest (Guitar/Vocals), Brandon Robertson (Bass) and Greg Faison (Drums) joined by the part time horn playing of Paul Morelli (Sax) and Nashon Benford (trumpet). Jump Back Jake’s embryo started while Rabinbach was on a trip from New York to Memphis that was doubling as a “do I wanna move here” visit. Playing solo and opening for a band at four o’clock in the morning at a bottle club, Faison decided to join him on stage and improv the drums. Months later when Jake decided to follow the sirens of the South, he called Faison up and 2 weeks later Jump Back Jake V.1.0 was birthed.

Reading their one sheet I see names like The Meters, JJ Cale, North Mississippi Allstars and The Black Keys, but the one name that’s missing from that list is the one you could call their brother in sound; JJ Grey and Mofro (or Mofro for fans prior to the Alligator Records signing). Perhaps outside of Florida JJ Grey isn’t that well known, I dunno, I don’t get out of the state too much, but that seems like the only way you could not draw comparisons between the two.

For those out of the know, any definition of Mofro’s music contains words like front-porch, soul and Southern. Take that and add an ever so slightly more rocking edge to it, and you’re gonna be describing Jump Back Jake.

Check it out, and, um….welcome back into the game Ardent…more releases like this and you’ll be just fine.

Jump Back Jake – Easy Answers
Jump Back Jake – Terrible Mistakes
Jump Back Jake – Samson

Jump Back Jake’s Official Site, Jump Back Jake on myspace, Buy Brooklyn Hustle / Memphis Muscle