For the first time in my short radio career I had to program a show last night despite not feeling very well. While the show (i think) turned out pretty good it was really tough to get inspired to search out much brand new music. I did manage to get some brand new songs from Denver’s Bonnie and the Beard, Portland’s Michael Dean Damron, Orlando’s The Woolly Bushmen, Louisiana’s Hurray For The Riff Raff and the internet’s Noah with his “semi-viral” cover of LMFAO’s “Sexy And I Know It.”

If that sounds like the good stuff go put some ears on the archived stream of the show and thanks for tuning in.

Below is the playlist for May 17, 2012

01. Todd Farrell – Ninebullets Radio Intro
02. The Woolly Bushmen – Just Don’t Know
03. James Leg & Left Lane Cruiser – Ramblin’ On My Mind
04. Truckstop Darlin’ – Miss You More
05. Anais Mitchell – Welcome The Hadestown
06. Bonnie & The Beard – Sweet Devil Whiskey
07. McDougall – Gates Of Victory
08. Noah – Sexy And I Know It (LMFAO Cover)
09. New London Fire – Other Side Of Town
10. Lucero – I’ll Just Fall
11. Matt Woods – A Company Town
12. Michael Dean Damron – Autotune The World
13. Hurray for The Riff Raff – Born To Win (Part I)
14. Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside – Write Me A Letter
15. The Lumineers – Ho Hey
16. Murder City Devils – Rum To Whiskey

Bold = Request

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Episode 72: aired 05.17.2012


A week or so ago I put out a call across my twitter and facebook feeds. I was in the midst of a complete musical funk. I needed a band to come out of nowhere and knock me for a loop like Doc Dailey did at the end of last year. I’m starting to feel like either (a) The underground ain’t putting out shit worth noticing right now or (b) I’m totally fucking out of touch with the underground these days.

Now I’ve always known that 9B could eventually become my biggest enemy to hearing the music that inspired me to start 9B in the first place. And it’s possible that I’ve reached that point with all the music coming into the house that just doesn’t get heard, but my plea has been heard and the replies it received have their own stack in my computer room. This is one of those bands:

There ain’t too much info about Bonnie and the Beard on these ol’ internets, but from what I can glean, Bonnie and the Beard consists of Megan Fong (Bonnie), Tony LoVerde (The Beard) and drummer Alex Ferreira. Hailing from Denver, Colorado, the band apparently became a band by accident. Like, literally, a car accident derailed vacation plans so they started playing music together instead, and Bonnie and The Beard was born.

Musically, I’d describe them as a bluesy, jangly Americana meets gypsy folk band. Kind of like The Devil Makes Three meets someone else less Devil Makes Three-ish. LoVerde reminds me a lot of Slim Cessna’s Jay Munly when he sings, and Fong’s smokey blueswoman voice serves as a great accompaniment. There are times when the production value on the cd slips below my abilities to ignore them, but as a whole this is a fantastic debut and another feather in the cap of my dream city out west.

Bonnie & The Beard – Mona
Bonnie & The Beard – Early Morning Request
Bonnie & The Beard – Money Honey

Bonnie & The Beard’s Official Site, Bonnie & The Beard on Facebook, Buy Bonnie & The Beard