This Crazy Life

I remember one summer evening down in Corpus Christi with one of the psychos I dated between my first wife walking out on me and finding the amazing angel that wears my ring today. We had driven down to see her birth parents and the engine in the shitty little car I was driving had burned up, I mean glowing red manifold kind of burned up, with nary a warning light on the dash so I was stuck there. Now there are worse places to be stuck for sure but it still wasn’t great. My psycho was off with some dude on a Harley and had been since about four hours after we got there. I was sleeping on a kids bunk bed and trying to ignore the ever present smell of pot that permeated even the walls. I was, too say the least, not a happy camper. So in an effort to clear my head I started fiddling with the FM radio part of the cheap clock beside the bed. What I found was a radio show playing Texas Country/Red Dirt and talking about the artists. The second song was “Raise Hell, Drink Beer” by Eleven Hundred Springs and later on in the show, it was a much smaller genre at the time, they played “Long Haired Hippie Freaks”. Needless to say I was hooked. I was also inspired to hike nearly two miles to the store and pick up rations and by rations I mean a twelve pack of Lone Star longnecks. So between the music and beer I was able to make it through the two days it took to get my old man to come get my ass.

Now while that story took more telling than I thought it would that’s how I first heard of Eleven Hundred Springs and since it fits the title of the album I figure it’s alright. Suffice it to day those long haired hippie freaks are back with an album full of full on honky tonk that would make Hank Williams and Bob Wills proud. This Crazy LifeEleven Hundred Springs sings about drinking and cryin’ in your drink, leavin’ and gettin’ left, and everything in between. They don’t always stick to traditional “country” topics but they always make sure the music is pure and they succeed. This Crazy Life is one of their best albums to date. There’s not a track on here that wouldn’t be at home on a jukebox in a dive with sawdust on the floor and there’s a couple that might even inspire someone to a higher level of drunk and quite possibly disorderly. It’s a given that this one is Essential Listening. Maybe I’m just a sucker for a steel guitar but this album and it’s twang sets me in a mood that I particularly like and right now it’s my favorite thing on my playlist. There’s not often a waltz that doesn’t make me want to slide these old Justin’s around a floor with a pretty girl on my arm but I am not sure I could manage it to the too-close-to-home lyrics on “The OG Blues” but I am damn sure I could raise a toast to Tiger Woods, Britney Spears and all of their ilk to the refrain of “Great American Trainwreck”. Before I go running off and start talking about every song on this thing let me wrap up here and let the music speak for itself.

Eleven Hundred Springs – The OG Blues
Eleven Hundred Springs – Honky Tonk Angels (Don’t Happen Overnight)
Eleven Hundred Springs – Get Through The Day

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