One of our favorite labels, Bloodshot Records, recently released their fall sampler. Like their past samplers it’s free (well, it’ll cost you your email address) to download. The collection has plenty of 9B familiars such as Ha Ha Tonka and Whitey Morgan and it even contains a brand new track from the upcoming Scott H. Biram album, Bad Ingredients. So press play below and let Bloodshot help you get over your Monday morning sobers.

Track Listing:

01. Ha Ha Tonka – Usual Suspects
02. Lydia Loveless – Can’t Change Me
03. Dex Romweber Duo – Jungle Drums
04. Maggie Bjorklund W/ Rachel Flotard – Summer Romance
05. Jc Brooks And The Uptown Sound – Everything Will Be Fine
06. Scott H Biram – I Want My Mojo Back
07. The Mekons – Space In Your Face
08. The Bottle Rockets- Smokin’ 100’S Alone
09. Exene Cervenka – Alone In Arizona
10. Eddie Spaghetti – Never Thought I Would
11. Alejandro Escovedo – Castanets (Live)
12. Justin Townes Earle – Slippin’ And Slidin’
13. Whitey Morgan And The 78s – I Ain’t Drunk
14. Deadstring Brothers – Smile
15. Wayne Hancock – Your Love And His Blood
16. Andre Williams – Tricks
17. Ryan Adams – Shakedown On 9th Street
18. Old 97s – The Other Shoe
19. Southeast Engine – 1933 (Great Depression)
20. The Black Swans – Joe Tex


Ha Ha Tonka and Bloodshot Records have teamed up again to release Ha Ha Tonka’s third album, Death Of A Decade. With Death Of A Decade, Ha Ha Tonka entered a 200 year old barn in New Paltz, NY with producer Kevin McMahon (Titus Andronicus, The Felice Brothers, The Walkmen) and emerged with something equally timeless.

Death Of A Decade doesn’t stray too far from the band’s patented sound established on Buckle in the Bible Belt and Novel Sounds Of The Nouveau South. The signature pounding drums, stomping feet and plucky mandolin all serve as a backdrop to this band’s biggest gift, their voices and harmonies.

This is easily the best album this Ozarkian (is that even a word?) quartet has released to date, as well as one of the best albums so far this year. Judging from their placement at Bloodshot Records’ SxSW showcase, the label knows what they have in these guys and are trying to push them.

While doing a little research before writing this, I saw where the album had received a lukewarm review on a typically “indie” music blog, and while glancing through the comments I saw one that said, “Fuck You. This is a 5 star album! Period.” I can’t find too much fault with that comment as the album is certainly finding a home on the 9B Essential Listening list.

Ha Ha Tonka – Made Example Of
Ha Ha Tonka – Usual Suspects
Ha Ha Tonka – No Great Harm

Ha Ha Tonka’s Official Site, Ha Ha Tonka on Facebook, Buy Death Of A Decade

On a side note: If you ever get a chance to see these guys live, do it! The sheer joy that comes from the stage when they’re playing is almost intoxicating.


The folks over at Bloodshot Records have put together a Valentine’s Day themed compilation that, “represent [their] views on love and all that mess…the good, the bad and ugly.” Not only are they giving away the compilation but they’re also putting all the albums the songs came from on sale. So, you know…now’s your chance to make good on some of those cds you downloaded.

Track Listing:

  1. Robbie Fulks – I Told Her Lies
  2. Bobby BareJr. – Valentine
  3. Andre Williams – That’s All I Need
  4. Ha-Ha Tonka – Falling In
  5. Trailer Bride – Itchin’ For You
  6. Scott H. Biram – Wreck My Car
  7. Wayne Hancock – Your Love and His Blood
  8. Nara O’Connor – Love Letters
  9. Old 97’S – W-I-F-E
  10. Paul Burch – Sparks Fly Out
  11. Alejandro Escovedo – Wedding Day


Midwestern rockers Ha-Ha Tonka have returned to Bloodshot Records for their sophomore effort, Novel Sounds Of The Nouveau South. With Harold Bell Wright’s 1907 novel The Shepherd of the Hills serving as the backdrop, Novel Sounds Of The Nouveau South doesn’t stray too far from the sound that the band established with Buckle in the Bible Belt. If anything, it’s more of a rock record than Buckle in the Bible Belt.

While Novel Sounds doesn’t contain any songs half as catchy as “St. Nick on the Fourth in a Fervor” from their debut, it is the opinion of this particular author that, as a whole, it’s a much stronger album. A nice step forward for these guys.

Check it out.

Ha-Ha Tonka – Walking On The Devil’s Backbone
Ha-Ha Tonka – Close Every Valve In Your Beating Heart
Ha-Ha Tonka – Hold My Feet To The Fire

Ha-Ha Tonka’s Official Site, Ha-Ha Tonka on myspace, Buy Novel Sounds Of The Nouveau South