Man. I wish I had time to type out some stories but I’ve barely got time to shit, shower and shave before heading back to work. I really went into this month’s show with no plan and came out with, what I think, is a really rad show. There is a good mix between new and old, loud and louder and a cool cover of Faster Pussycat’s “House Of Pain.” So Imma shut up and you should press play:

Track Listing:

01. The Eagles – Outlaw Man (Desparado)
02. Set Break
03. Fistful of Beard – 5th Ave. (Until We Know Better)
04. Clutch – Earth Rocker (Earth Rocker)
05. Two Cow Garage – My Great Gatsby (Sweet Saint Me)
06. Arliss Nancy – Failure (Simple Machines)
07. Set Break
08. Lincoln Durham – Prodigal Son (upcoming album)
09. JKutchma & The Five Fifths – I’ll Survive (Pastorals)
10. The Heavy Horses – The Pale Rider (Murder Ballads & Other Love Stories)
11. Set Break
12. The White Buffalo – House Of Pain (West of Memphis – Voices For Justice OST)
13. Scott H. Biram – Long Fingernail (Graveyard Shift)
14. The Builders and The Butchers – All Away (Dead Reckoning)
15. Set Break
16. The Black Diamond Heavies – Poor Brown Sugar (Every Damn Time)
17. American Relay – Bonedry (Corn & Oil)
18. Left Lane Cruiser – Amy’s In The Kitchen (Bring Yo’ Ass To The Table)
19. The Owsley Brothers – Hot Mess (Cobalt)
20. Set Break
21. The Murder City Devils – Rum To Whiskey (In Name and Blood)

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Whew. I’m a little late getting this one up. The past 3 days have been a whirlwind of beer, vodka, whiskey, rock shows and front porch laughs but now it’s back to the real world…

Anyhow, last week’s show featured Von from Americana Rock Mix pulling a cohost stint. It’s been a while since we had Von in studio so it was a whole lot of fun. He pulled a lot of the music for the show and much of it, I’d never even heard before. I bookended the show with a Beastie Boys cover and one of their hits while dropping a little McDougall in the middle of it all. Von and I have a worthwhile discussion about The Gaslight Anthem and the possibility that they’re just a one trick pony in the middle of it all too. If none of that is enough to entice you into listening to the show did you know that James Leg (Black Diamond Heavies) and Left Lane Cruiser are putting out an album together? Neither did I! But I did play the first single during the show.

Sound like the good stuff? Then go put some ears on the archived stream of the show.

Below is the playlist for May 10, 2012

01. Portland Country Underground – Fight For Your Right
02. JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound – Everything Will Be Fine
03. James Leg & Left Lane Cruiser – Ramblin’ On My Mind
04. Michael Donner & The Southern Renaissance – Promise Me
05. Magic Box – Cover It Up
06. Sunday Valley – Old Sunshine
07. Whiskey Myers – Turn It Up
08. The Gaslight Anthem – 45
09. Arliss Nancy – Pages
10. Mosey West – Hell Hounds
11. McDougall – Ready, Begin
12. Ha Ha Tonka – Usual Suspects
13. Truckstop Darlin’ – Southern Ghosts
14. Suburban Dirts – Lost In Transcription
15. Beastie Boys – Shake Your Rump

Bold = Request

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Episode 71: aired 05.10.2012


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Below is the playlist for November 24, 2011.

01. Possessed By Paul James – Feed The Family
02. American Aquarium – Cape Fear River
03. Scott H. Biram – Lost Case Of Being Found
04. Chris Cornell – Call Me A Dog
05. Hellbound Glory – Knocked Off That Horse
06. Have Gun Will Travel – Katharine, Don’t Fall Off The Wagon
07. Brett Detar – Cocaine, Whiskey & Heroin
08. Ben Nichols – It May Be Too Late
09. Otis Gibbs – Where Only The Graves Are Real
10. Black Diamond Heavies – Stitched In Sin
11. Jerry Lee Lewis – Meat Man
12. .357 String Band – I’m Gone
13. Old Crow Medicine Show – Minglewood Blues
14. Kingsley Flood – I Don’t Wanna Go Home
15. Hackensaw Boys – Radio
16. The Drive-By Truckers – Daddy Needs A Drink

Bold = Request

P.S.: If you like this show, do me a favor and post about it on your Facebook/Twitter/Blog. It’ll do a lot to help these bands reach new ears…and in the end, that’s what this is all about. It’ll also help bring the existence of the radio show to more people’s attention & the more people there are listening/paying attention to the show the more likely it is to stay on the air.

Episode 47: aired 11.24.2011


In a perfect world, with the album having been out for more than a week now, I’d be typing something like, “What can I say about the new James Leg album that hasn’t already been said?” However, taking a quick glimpse at the current Billboard and iTunes charts points out the imperfection of the world we currently live in, and if that doesn’t do it, just watch the 24 hour cable news networks and you’ll soon learn that, not only do we not live in a perfect world, we live in a world (coughcoughcountrycoughcough) that celebrates the absurd. Luckily, John Wesley Myers is an imperfect man with an absurd penchant for making a godzilla-sized sound with nothing but an organ and a drummer as accompaniment.

John Wesley Myers, if you’re feeling the itch of recognition and can’t quite place why, is also the singer/organ player for the Black Diamond Heavies. James Leg is his BDH side project/alter ego and, before anyone gets too worried that this is a sign BDH is done/on hiatus, worry not, there is already a new BDH album is the works. But with Van Campbell (BDH drummer) having just taken a wife and adjusting to that, John decided to use the downtime to record some songs he had floating around that just, for various reasons, weren’t gelling as Black Diamond Heavies songs. So, in the midst of an exceptionally cold cold snap, in a town that’s getting oh so familiar here on 9B, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, John hooked up with drummer Andy Jody and they entered Grand Palace Studios and recorded what would become, Solitary Pleasures.

While Solitary Pleasures might be a “collection of songs that weren’t gelling as BDH tracks”, it’s not simply a BDH b-sides album. It does have the familiarity you’d imagine when 1/2 the band is present but Solitary Pleasures, as the title could suggest, has a more reserved and personal feel to it. For any fan of The Black Diamond Heavies there is no need to “try before you buy”. You’re gonna love the album. For anyone who’s ever felt BDH was a tad too lo-fi/in your face for your musical tastes it’s time to give James Leg a chance cause, for ninebullets, it’s Essential Listening.

James Leg – Fire and Brimstone
James Leg – Drowning in Fire
James Leg – Do How You Wanna

James Leg Official Site, James Leg on Facebook, Buy Solitary Pleasures


When I saw that the Black Diamond Heavies had a live album coming out I didn’t even bother to ask for it. When it appeared in my mailbox I wasn’t in any hurry to listen to it. I mean, I love the band on cd and I love the band’s live show even more. I just wasn’t confident that you could capture BDH in a live environment and have it sound good. My reasons were simple, a: they’re a really bass-heavy band, and to make capturing that even more difficult there’s b: they’re exceptionally loud live. With those doubts in mind, the cd sat on my kitchen counter for weeks before I decided to give it an obligatory listen.

With all that said, whomever recorded this show deserves a high-five, 2 shots and a hell yes.

In the end, I couldn’t have been more wrong about the overall sound of the cd. Alive As Fuck captures everything that is awesome about the Black Diamond Heavies. The grit, the grooves, the grime and the funk of a live BDH show are all present as well as well presented. The only things missing are John Wesley Myers’ ever-present cigarette and head banging and me, up front and center with my fifth whiskey.

This cd is not only a must-have for the current fan of the Black Diamond Heavies, but I also wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to offer this cd as an introduction for the BDH neophyte. It manages to capture everything that is The Black Diamond Heavies, which means it has to be Essential Listening….go get you some!

Black Diamond Heavies – Take A Ride
Black Diamond Heavies – Hambone
Black Diamond Heavies – Bidin’ My Time

Black Diamond Heavies on myspace, Buy Alive As Fuck


Sure, plenty of shows come to town and there are plenty of reasons to be excited about each and every one of them. But, unlike people, all shows are not created equal. Some shows are just more worthy of your unbridled enthusiasm. Scott H. Biram falls into that category. When Scott comes to your town you need to lock up the womenfolk, drink a few whiskey shots and get your ass to the show. I think my card carrying status in Scott’s Church of the Ultimate Fanaticism Fan Club is well documented here on ninebullets, so I am gonna quote a Biram show review a friend of mine wrote after hearing/seeing Scott for the first time ever a few years ago:

“Finally it was time for Scott Biram. I had heard him earlier when he was doing his sound check and the amount of music he can generate all by himself is really staggering. He was really a great performer and musician. He was able to banter with the audience, tune his guitar, work a bass pedal to keep the beat, blow on the harmonica, and growl into his mic/bullhorn. You don’t really know what to expect when the little guy in the green trucker cap sits down on the stage. Biram looks like a guy you’d pass coming out of the bathroom at a Flying J truckstop on I-10. However he attacks honky tonk and blues with a vicious growl and doesn’t let you go until you are stomping your feet and screaming “Whiskey!”

I know Scott’s shows had started to get a bad rap as being drunken messes a couple of years back but the script has been flipped. Last years show in St. Pete (and all of Florida for that matter) were the best I’ve (or others who’ve seen him) seen. He played damned near all night and was 100% awesome from beginning to end. Don’t miss this show, Tampa Bay area. Trust me on this.

Who: Scott H. Biram
Where: Pasttimes Pub (Sarasota)
When: Sunday, October 25, 2009

Scott H. Biram – Spoonful
Scott H. Biram – Long Fingernail
Scott H. Biram – Blood, Sweat & Murder
Scott H. Biram – Sinkin’ Down
Scott H. Biram – Judgment Day


It’s taken me quite some time to get around to writing this recap. Personally, I find that when writing about festivals it’s best to marinate on them for a while after they’re over. This lets the truly enjoyable moments rise to the top, and such is the case with the Deep Blues Festival.

My personal experience for this year’s festival was night and day from last. See, last year I went up to Minneapolis alone and didn’t know anyone. So as a result, it was all about the music. I saw every song by every band. This year things were different, not only did I take the wife and her friend with me, but over the past year I’d managed to become decent friends with many of the bands playing the fest. An added distraction was that the festival was in a bar this year, which not only allowed for simultaneous shows to be occurring inside as well as outside, but it also allowed a person to drink just as much as they pleased (and we did). So, while it was as much a social event as it was a music event for me this year, it was also 100% more fun. I think Chris has really struck gold by moving the festival to The Cabooze. It’s right on the light rail line with easy access to downtown restaurants and hotels and was a mighty upgrade from the field it was held in last year. Even the weather gods smiled upon this change and mostly kept the rain away. Enough about that though, let’s talk about the music a little.

Thursday night, after being up since 5:30 in the morning, we pounded a few drinks at the hotel and headed out to The Cabooze for a little Left Lane Cruiser / Radio Moscow action. We’d caught Left Lane in an empty bar here in St. Pete a few days before, so it was nice to catch them in a packed house where everyone knew all the words to all the songs. The band was obviously feeding off this energy as the show wore on, playing requests as well as a healthy selection of songs from their upcoming album. At one point during their set, Brenn (drummer) missed his drum and broke his finger on the edge of it. Instead of calling it a night, Brenn just duct taped the drumstick to his hand and soldiered on…if that ain’t rock and roll then I don’t even know what is. Unfortunately we were only able to catch 2 songs from Radio Moscow, but the early hours & excessive whiskey finally got the upper hand and we had to find a bed. I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

Friday morning came and some seriously cold (for a Floridian) weather came with it, so after breakfast/early lunch I sent the wife and our friend downtown to buy us some warmer clothes. All of this resulted in us getting to the festival a lot later than we’d planned, but what are you gonna do? I’m from Florida- I do heat, not cold. We got there in time to see everyone I needed to, so let’s run through some of the highlights.

One band that came highly recommended from my buddy here in Florida was Red Clay River. Their mournful country sounds were exactly what I needed on a chilly Friday afternoon. Friday was a weird day. As I’ve said before, it was cold (even for Minnesota) and my wife and her friend were drinking at an utterly freakish pace. I mean, I’m not complaining, it was just sort of weird to see her bringing me a fresh beverage while there was still 1/4 of a drink left in my current one. While reminiscing about the festival this week, my wife had this to say about Friday, “I remember at one point thinking, I’ve never been this fucked up in public before in my life and the sun is still up.” As the day wore on, we drank with Brenn from LLC, Parker from Radio Moscow, Scotty from Poopdeflex and there is cloudy recollection of there being others, but nothing concrete. One of the “must see” bands of the festival for me was Davina & the Vagabonds, and I was center stage when they got started. Davina & The Vagabonds. In a word: sexy. In a tweet: “Davina and the Vagabonds. Music you should fuck to.“ These guys (and gal) are truly an undiscovered gem hanging out in Minneapolis. Between trips to the bar, greenroom, inside stages, outside stages & BS sessions with folks, we caught bits and pieces of Smokestack, Gravelroad, Deadeye and Porkchop, before settling in at one of the outside stages to catch the last ever performance of American Relay. They rocked the stage like there was no tomorrow and our little scene will be worse off without them. After the American Relay show we managed to catch a little bit of the T-Model Ford show before we had to leave to catch the Slim Cessnas Auto Club show in St. Paul (more on that tomorrow).

A neat story. On the way home Friday night I get an email from Matthew Dean Herman (wrote about him here). Turns out, he was in Minneapolis from Anchorage, Alaska so his daughter could attend a hockey camp. He was interested in checking out DBF before he had to leave on Saturday. I send an email back telling him how cool that would be, gave him my cell number and told him where we were staying. Turns out he was staying literally 4 doors down from us. It’s a small world indeed.

Sunday morning came and the revelry of the prior day and night had a price that needed to be paid. I finally got the wife and co. up and moving and we got to DBF in time to get a few whiskey drinks in me before Poopdeflex took the stage. Now Poopdeflex had come highly recommended from fellow Ft. Wayne resident Brenn (Left Lane Cruiser) as an act that needed to be witnessed. Poopdeflex plays a version of the blues that dabbles in metal and punk as much as it does the blues, while his treatment of the crowd is planted firmly in “hostile”, dropping nuggets such as, “God damn, they make folks ugly up here is Minnesota”, “I hear there’s are really good band playing inside, maybe you fuckers should go in there and check them out…I won’t mind” & “I hate critics, and I hate fans too”. We thought it was hilarious, but the bulk of the Minnesotans failed to see the humor in it. As the day wore on I managed to match the drinking pace the wife set the night before, while she limped along. We wandered back and forth between the inside stage and the outside stages until an (at the time) unknown gem by the name of Tom VandenAvond grabbed us by the backs of our heads. He also plays in The Woodsboss, which is the band that formed in the wake of The Weary Boys…a fact (him being a member) I didn’t know until I was talking to him later in the day. Later came the highlight of the entire weekend, The Black Diamond Heavies. Anytime the Black Diamond Heavies are in the house, odds are they’re the highlight and it’s a burden they’re proud to carry. They managed to put on the typical show, which is to say it was fucking awesome. After the Heavies I gotta be honest, my night devolves into a whiskey induced haze….a byproduct of this year’s fest being as much a social event as it was a musical event, which is to say it was fucking awesome.

Sunday, instead of going to the Gospel brunch, we elected to spend our last few hours in Minneapolis sight-seeing. We had brunch at this place called the Uptown where we drank Bloody Marys in pint glasses we got to keep and ate burgers with bacon and eggs on them. All in all, while some of the evenings started to blur and the lineup wasn’t as heavyweight-studded as last year’s, it made up for that by ramping the fun level up tenfold. As we boarded the plane to come home Sunday afternoon, the wife and her friend were already making plans to return for the fest next year.

Hopefully, there will be a next year.

Next week I’ll post a photoblog of the weekend and an interview or two.

Left Lane Cruiser – Big Mama
American Relay – Bonedry
Davina and the Vagabonds – St. Michael Vs. the Devil
Red Clay River – Letters To The Sky
Tom VandenAvond – Bones
Black Diamond Heavies – Smoothe It Out


Seriously, I am not gonna fuck this post up with lots of words that cloud the point and I don’t want any stupid jump cut put it to increase clicks….Here it is. Cut and Dry.

Do you like Scott H. Biram?
Do you like Bob Log III?
Do you like The Black Diamond Heavies?
Do you like your blues with a punk lean?
Do you wanna see a great fucking show?

Wednesday night. The Garage. The deep blues juggernaut from Fort Wayne, Indiana that is Left Lane Cruiser is coming. You should too.

Left Lane Cruiser – Big Mamma
Left Lane Cruiser – Pork & Beans
Left Lane Cruiser – Set Me Down


So if we were going with one of those RIYL tags, it would include all the bands you see mentioned above, or I could just say – recommended if you ARE ~ Herohill

Funny thing about spending years putting all of your musical thoughts on the web for anyone to see is that after a while anyone paying attention gets to know your musical tastes as well as you do. So, when Herohill dropped the above line at the end of his writeup about Little Foot Long Foot’s debut cd Harsh Words, I knew I had to check it out.

Little Foot Long Foot is another in a long line of garage blues based rock acts coming out of Canada and kicking asses. This particular duo claims Toronto as home base. Consisting of singer/guitarist, Joan Smith and drummer, Isaac Klein, LFLF got their start as a classic rock tribute/cover band. Somewhere in their evolution Joan decided she just wasn’t able to “shred rad solos”, so they ditched the covers and went legit with their debut EP of originals, 2008’s Just About Broke. Just About Broke garnished the band plenty of praise and with that momentum they headed into the studio to record a follow-up, Harsh Words.

Seems these days on any given Saturday night, in any town there is another two-piece act on some obscure bar’s stage doing their best impression of The White Stripes, so it’s easy to just wave off any two-piece as a White Stripes wanna be. Fortunately, there also are many a two-piece putting it down better than The White Stripes ever could have, such as The Black Diamond Heavies, Left Lane Cruiser and LFLF’s fellow Canadians, The Speaking Tongues.  However, LFLF share more in common with an all female duo from Canada than any of the aforementioned acts, and that would be The Pack A.D. Matter of fact, I think you can paint a perfect picture of LFLF’s sound in six words, “The Pack A.D. meets The Gossip“.

I can top that, too. Here it is in two words: Essential Listening.

Thank you Herohill for bringing this band to my attention!

Little Foot Long Foot – June Bug
Little Foot Long Foot – Stripper Song
Little Foot Long Foot – King Hipster

Little Foot Long Foot’s Official Site, Little Foot Long Foot on myspace, Buy Harsh Words


There are certain album releases that could act as national holidays here in land, and a new album from Scott H. Biram ranks at the top of that list.

As everyone who comes around here very often knows, Scott Biram can be as rough and tumble as they come, releasing albums that mix equal parts country and punk with some gospel and blues added to round off the edges. With Something’s Wrong / Lost Forever, his third album on Bloodshot Records, Scott decided to show us his more tender side. The album opens with organs and the familiar sounds of a Gibson and Scott singing through a CB microphone on “Time Flies”, before shifting into what is easily one of my favorite songs Scott has ever written, “Sinkin’ Down”. From there the album unfolds like a love letter to the one that got away but it’s not all tears in your beer. There’s the god damn the torpedoes rant of our current culture in “Judgement Day”, as well as the full band jump rock track “I Feel So Good” which features another fave, The Black Diamond Heavies.

Something’s Wrong / Lost Forever is also the first album recorded completely by Scott in his own home studio. One of the things he did was leave some of the mistakes in the final mixes, which I think that really adds a lot of character to an already almost perfect cd.

I know there is a certain amount of danger writing about one of your favorite acts. It would be really easy to sound like your just gushing to sell an act, but the simple truth is that listening to Something’s Wrong / Lost Forever makes me smile. I can’t help but to be happy when it’s playing. For me, it’s not just Essential Listening, it’s gonna be a top 5 of 2009.

Scott H. Biram – Sinkin’ Down
Scott H. Biram – Judgement Day
Scott H. Biram – Hard Time

Scott H. Biram’s Official Site, Scott H. Biram on myspace, Buy Something’s Wrong / Lost Forever