Happy New Year everyone! I hope your holiday’s were good. My long weekend was stellar. FSU tried to break Marcus Lattimore’s jaw on New Years Eve and then proceeded to just beat up on South Carolina while earlier in the afternoon USF took care of Clemson to capture the biggest bowl win in that young program’s history. Sunday saw the Buccaneers get their 10th win of the season and lemme tell you, if you’d have bet me Tampa was gonna win 10 games at the beginning of the year you’d own my left nut right now. The national press isn’t paying much attention to what’s happening down here in Tampa but I’ll tell you what…the Bucs are about to be an NFL powerhouse again. But enough about sports. Let’s talk about some music.

I have probably listened to this album 50 times since finding out about it last week. If you’ve been without internet access and don’t know about it, it’s a mashup featuring the beats of’s album of the year, Brothers by The Black Keys and vocal tracks from Big Boi‘s 2010 effort The Son of Chico Dusty. In a word this album is “pure fun” which is actually two words but that’s how crazy I am for this album. Check it out and we’ll get back to our leanings tomorrow:

While we’re posting fun stuff here’s a video of Slobberbone absolutely crushing on a cover of Cee Lo Green‘s current hit, “Fuck You”.