Every now and then a weekend comes along that just makes you shake your head at the awesome. If it weren’t for this being Sober February I’d be shaking my head wondering how I was gonna get through it both physically and financially. Anyhow, for the out of town readers, find an awesome show to go to this weekend and support live music. For my in town readers, I found your shows for you:


In what will be the highlight of the weekend; Tim Barry is coming to town Thursday night and he’s bringing Gainesville’s Greenland Is Melting with him. When I reviewed GiM’s album, Or Hearts Are Gold, Our Grass Is Blue, I said they “sound like what I wanted to hear the first time I heard The Avett Brothers” and I stand by that statement. Live, the fun they’re having is almost palpable and most certainly catching. In other words, this ain’t a show you wanna arrive late to. More to the point, it ain’t a show you wanna miss cause Mr. Barry is bringing his self-help sessions put to song version of acoustic folk rock to the stage. Like I said the other night on ninebullets radio, Tim proves that rock and roll ain’t gotta be fancy guitars, shiny clothes and a bag full of whizbang to captivate an audience. Every time I see him live, I walk away with my belief that a man with good songs and pure intentions can still do something in the music world. So come out, sing along and leave happy.

Greenland Is Melting – Blood On The Banjo
Tim Barry – Thing Of The Past


In yet another sign that Tampa/St. Pete might actually be becoming a “real” city, we’ve gotten out own Lebowski Fest! Now, let’s hope like hell that people actually come out to it.

Friday night will feature music by Have Gun Will Travel and Ernie Locke’s (Nervous Turkey) new band, Lambasters with a screening of the movie afterwards. Friday will also feature a guest appearance by the real-life inspiration for The Dude, Jeff “The Dude” Dowd who’s filming a new documentary titled “The Dude.”

Saturday will feature Bowling, Costume, Trivia and other contests at University Lanes from 6-10pm and Jeff Dowd will be there as well.

So go out, imbibe and abide.


The best way to directly support your local music scene this weekend is to come out to Dave’s Aqua Lounge for Bammo’s sixth annual “One For The Road” fundraiser. It’s expensive to take time off work, load up in the van and drive out to Austin and back. Sure, you can book shows out there and back if you can get enough time off work but here’s a dirty little secret a lot of people don’t know about SxSW; the bands don’t get paid for the shows they do there. That’s right, the bands will end up spending 4 days playing (sometimes) two shows a day and they’ll do it all for free. Some come out, see some of the best local bands in the area all in one location and do some good while you’re at it. The show starts at 7:00 and features; Sun Society, Ronny Elliott, Rebekah Pulley & TRP, Human Condition, Poetry N Lotion, Have Gun Will Travel & The Beauvilles. Admission is a suggested minumum donation of $10.00 (100% of donations go to the bands). There will also be raffles and all sorts of other funness.

The Beauvilles – Rain
Have Gun Will Travel – Kerosene and Candlelight


My Twitter and Facebook feeds were all a flutter Monday morning about The Grammys. The Black Keys won 3 Grammys and Mumford & Sons and The Avett Brothers performed on the show! Not to mention Mumford & Sons being up for Best New Artist. For a day at least, everyone was openly wondering who the next band from whatever our little niche of music is was gonna be.

So that’s this week’s Top 5. Give me your opinion on the 5 artists or bands that have the best shot at moving from this little scene we live and play in up to the bright lights of the Grammys.

Here are mine:

Gaslight Anthem: They’re one of those “love em or hate em” bands but the simple fact is that they have the polish, the hooks and the looks.

The Gaslight Anthem – The 59 Sound

Lucero: They’re almost the anti-Gaslight but what they lack in polish they make up for in substance. These guys have the songs, have put in the work and if the ever growing crowds have proven anything, they have mass appeal too.

Lucero – What Are You Willing To Lose

Glossary: These guys are almost an amalgam of Lucero and Gaslight. Every time I play their new album for someone, I end up burning a copy for them (sorry Glossies, but it’s the truth). If the country still had any real DJ’s outside of community radio these guys would be getting tons of airplay right now.

Glossary – Save Your Money For The Weekend

Whitey Morgan and The 78’s: If country music radio had any balls or if country music radio listeners actually cared about music these dudes would be huge already. The nashville country music scene and fan is dying for something worthwhile and these guys supply it without asking those pop country ears to try to hard.

Whitey Morgan and the 78’s – Bad News

Old Crow Medicine Show: Watching Mumford & Sons and The Avett Brothers actually perform on the Grammy stage while Bob Dylan tried to sing through some snot goober he had lodged mid-throat makes Old Crow the most obvious in this list.

Old Crow Medicine Show – My Good Gal

So. There you go. What are your 5?
Also, anyone else notice how much the singer of Mumford & Sons looked like Tim Tebow in the Grammy performance?


Sometimes, for whatever the reason, there are cds that I intend on writing about but end up not doing it. Be it timing, writer’s block or who knows what, they just keep getting pushed to the end of the line and eventually the tail end gets cut off. Quick Hitters is an effort to avoid them getting lost in the ether. So, here you go….a Thursday quick hitter session:

DIRTY SWEET – AMERICAN SPIRITUAL: Not all music necessarily needs to save the world, be poetry to music, or the enabler of the brooding depression addict with a carpenter’s knife and a bloody rag. Sometimes music can just be the fun soundtrack to the summer afternoon party. Dirty Sweet provide that kind of music.

Dirty Sweet – Get Up, Get Out

KINGSLEY FLOOD – DUST WINDOWS: I really wanted to do a proper piece on this album but it’s reached a point where I just have to admit that it isn’t gonna happen. Sometimes these guys remind me of a clean-cut version of The Devil Makes Three, but unfortunately there are times where they’re a tad too content to just blend into the background. Front Porch Musings described them as Okkervil River fronted by Jeff Tweedy. I’m not really a fan of either but I am a fan of Kingsley Flood, so take that for what it is.

Kingsley Flood – Stoop Cats

TRAMPLED BY TURTLES – PALOMINO: I really want to like this band but I can’t seem to shake the nagging feeling that there is something “manufactured” about them. I feel the same way when I listen to The Avett Brothers and in reality it’s probably a sign that this blogging thing is slowly turning me into a jaded overly judgemental elitist prick. That said, when I listen to the cd I like the songs. That’s an undeniable fact, and it’s only when I start to write about it that the other stuff starts to creep in.

Trampled By Turtles – Victory

THOSE POOR BASTARDS – GOSPEL HAUNTED: Every time I write about Those Poor Bastards I use the same quote from the very first time I wrote about them here on 9B; “Imagine Death himself plopping his ass down at your campfire with his pal and band mate, Desperation, and they break out in song.what do you think that would sound like? I am gonna say Those Poor Bastards is pretty close“. Well, with Gospel Haunted they’re back with more of the same and it’s great. I’d wanted to write a proper piece the album but just never managed to find the words. Fans of TPB will love the album, non-fans will not get converted by Gospel Haunted.

Those Poor Bastards – Glory Amen


Believe it or not, this was my first ever Chuck Ragan show. I mean. I’ve seen him a few times on the Revival Tours but I’d never simply seen a Chuck Ragan show. When I saw he was pulling a two night stand in Gainesville last weekend I immediately noticed the Saturday night line up and I knew I needed to be there. So the wife and I made the snap decision to make the 2 1/2 road trip up to the land the Tebow built.

We arrived about two hours before the venue’s doors opened so we checked into our hotel before strolling out to find some food and liquor. This was my first time in downtown Gainesville that I can recall and I have to admit, it was kind of cute. I miss the brick streets of my hometown and downtown Gatorville was flush with those. After a quick meal complete with a couple of Hurricanes we headed down to The Atlantic to make sure we didn’t miss anyone.

My initial impression of The Atlantic was that it should be in Austin. It so reminds me of a Mexican restaurant that closes the kitchen during SxSW, takes out all the tables and becomes a music venue for the week.

Greenland Is Melting took the stage first and commenced to just kill it. I like these guys more and more each time I see them. This time around the band had a fella sitting in on electric guitar which really added a nice element to their sound. Jon Gaunt, as would be the case throughout the night, sat in on a few songs with the guys as well. I said it when I first wrote about these guys and I’ll reiterate it now, Greenland Is Melting is, to me, what The Avette Brothers should sound like. Check them out if you get a chance.

Greenland Is Melting – The Kitchen Song
Greenland Is Melting – No More Sorry Songs

I know this might be blasphemous for some to read but it was The Takers playing more so than a Chuck Ragan show that really made me decide this was a show worth driving for and they were up next. In preparation I did the only proper thing one can do before a Takers show, I ordered up a double whiskey ginger and took a spot up front center stage. What followed next was vintage Takers which is to say it was tipsy, loud and awesome. The band opened with a couple of new songs before launching into familiar territory from the album, Taker Easy. This was my second time hearing a few of the new tracks and I gotta say, they’re great. Hopefully the band will manage to get the money together to get them recorded one day. They closed their set with the bar room anthem and crowd favorite, Friends In Bottles.

The Takers – St. John’s Son
The Takers – Friends In Bottles

Hometown hero, Chuck Ragan closed the night out with style. Joined on stage by Gaunt and the rest of his band Chuck ran through songs from all of his solo-releases, Bristle Ridge and even pulled out a Hot Water Music (maybe more, I’m not overly familiar with HWM) all of which were performed in full accompaniment of the Gainesville crowd.

All in all, it was a great night and it felt awesome to get out on the road and put sime effort into attending a show again. Perhaps I’ll start doing it more often.

Chuck Ragan – Rotterdam
Chuck Ragan – Get ‘Em All Home


Jesus. If I have to sit around and listen to my friends rave about how good Uncle Tupelo or any of i’s offshoots are one more time I am gonna have to find a new bar to drink at.

Do I like a few Uncle Tupelo songs? Sure. Do I like an Uncle Tupelo album? Not even the greatest hits comps.

So ther you go. That’s your theme for this Top 5. Top 5 that everyone loves but you just can’t get on board with…..

Here are mine:

  1. The Avette Brothers (too polished)
  2. The National (everytime I hear them I think, Crash Test Dummies)
  3. Uncle Tupelo (yawn yawn yawn)
  4. Jay-Z (really? If this is the best modern hiphop has to offer I’ll live in the past)
  5. The Beatles (IMO, just a boy band and yet another thing that generation has blown up to be bigger than it deserves…)

Uncle Tupelo – No Depression

a guest writer & The Avett Brothers:

I was gonna write a piece on The Avett Brothers. It has been on my “to write” document for months I just never got around to it. I like The Avett Brothers just fine and have spent a good amount of time listening to their music but for some reason I have not been able to summon up any passion for writing a piece on them. Enter my former neighbor and friend Libby. Now, she has a passion for The Avett Brothers. Well, I bumped into her a little while ago at the Two Gallants show and it was decided that if she wrote it then I would post it. So, here you go. The Avett Brother’s experience per my friend Libby:

I first saw The Avett Brothers play at Skippers Smokehouse in 2003. I wasn’t even supposed to be at the show, but a friend at our local radio station was short of raffle ticket sellers, so I dragged my friend Jeremy out. I had no interest in the headliner, some old dude playing music that sounded like a lame mix of classic rock and blues. It wasn’t music that made you sit up and pay attention.

When the Avetts took the stage, it was hard not to pay attention. The band consists of three guys, and they were all dressed like 18th century western gentlemen: pinstriped slacks, collared button-up shirts, vests, and thin ties. I had recently begun to appreciate bluegrass music, so the fast banjo playing of Scott Avett caught my attention first, and the steady beat provided by Bob Crawford on the stand-up bass was a perfect accompaniment. The clincher, though, that caused me to drop my raffle tickets, kick off my shoes, and run out on the dance floor, was the harmonizing of Scott and Seth Avett and the screams that Seth Avett worked into many of the songs. I danced hard for the whole set, swirling and stomping on the eroding wood of Skipper’s dance floor. I ran to the table in back to buy a CD, and Jeremy and I bought one of each CD they had for sale. I walked home that night with A Carolina Jubilee, which remains my favorite Avett Brothers CD to date. Jeremy was observant enough to notice Scott Avett at the bar, and prodded me to ask him to sign my CD. He seemed a bit surprised by the request, but was nice enough to do so and even invited me backstage so the rest of the band could sign it too. After they were finished signing, Seth Avett called me darlin’, which made my knees weak and I floated out of there and for the rest of the week. I had to wait three long years to see the band play again.

In that time, I listened to both A Carolina Jubilee and Mignonette, the CD Jeremy had bought, and about wore the CDs out in the process. In 2006, I was finally able to see the Avetts play again. This time, they were headlining at Skippers, and the crowds were out! No chance of seeing any band members at the bar that night, but the band was so, so on. The energy they throw into their shows astounds me. Everybody in the crowd was feeding off that energy, digesting it, and projecting it right back at the band. The floor was crowded with dancers stomping to the beat of the kick drum Scott Avett played while his fingers went to town on the banjo. Meanwhile, Seth played guitar, the high hat, and sang his heart out. Many times that night, I saw people in the audience laugh out loud to lyrics such as “When I drink, I hear things that aren’t really there, have fist fights with the air,� and �I killed Sally�s lover, now listen close to me, a bleedin� heart is better than the pentitentiary!� And just like I did at home listening to the CD, I choked up when the brothers sang �I�ve known others, and I�ve loved others too, but I loved them �cause they were stepping stones on a staircase to you.�

The Avett Brothers have quickly become my favorite band, and I mean �favorite� on a level I haven�t felt towards a band since my angsty years in high school. A song by them will bring you laughter, heartache, love, and rage. They�ve named their latest CD Emotionalism, and I can�t think of a better name to sum up the poetry they pour into their lyrics. Their music is very difficult to classify into a genre. There�s definitely a bluegrass sound in there, although the brothers used to sing in a punk band before Scott began playing around with a banjo, and the punk edge lives on through Seth�s screams. I was tickled when Paste Magazine put out a list of Rock�s 15 best screams and Seth Avett got picked for number 15.

The Avett Brothers have been touring practically non-stop for years now, and the energy they bring to their shows has infected almost all who hear them. A group of die hard fans has thus been built up nationwide, and it seems that the mainstream music industry is beginning to take notice. Their release of Emotionalism was accompanied by sold out shows around the country, an article in The New Yorker, and an appearance on The Conan O�Brian Show!

If you haven�t yet had the pleasure to hear these boys, Check out their Myspace page, by all means, but for the best experience, be sure to catch them live when they roll through your town.

The Avett Brothers – Colorshow
The Avett Brothers – Pretty Girl From Raleigh
The Avett Brothers – Sanguine
The Avett Brothers – Swept Away

Buy Avett Brothers cds here