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Saturday night, the wife and I braved the torrential downpour and ventured out to the State Theatre to see Hank III and his traveling band. Due to some issues with openers in the past few months, Hank is currently (and for the unforeseeable future) touring without any opening acts, which would normally make me pretty happy but III has a history of bringing some pretty good bands out on the road with him. Anyhow, due to the aforementioned rains, we arrived frighteningly late and worried about having missed the beginning of the show only to find ourselves standing around for a good hour, making the lack of an opener even more painful.

Some of you might be wondering, given my stance on III’s recent albums, why I would even bother going to a III show at all. Well, truth is, the fact that the wife and I would get in for free certainly aided in the decision, but there’s also the fact that I’ve never said the dude puts on a bad show. No. Redundant topics and tired material aside, Hank III live is still a show worth going to see and this especially rainy Saturday night was no different.

Once the band took the stage, the format was pretty standard: country, Hellbilly, country and Assjack. Hank took the stage and immediately took command of what had to be a capacity crowd. The opening country set came in pretty short, with the band only playing three or four numbers before being joined on stage by Assjack frontman Gary Lindsey [pictured after the jump] for the Hellbilly set.

Now, I gotta say, I’ve seen Hank III a lot of times, and this was probably the best Hellbilly set I’ve ever seen from him. The band was tight, the sound was great and Lindsey’s growls, screams and backing vocals were spot on and perfect. By the time the Hellbilly set was winding down the excessively drunk masses from the pits were starting to stumble their way towards the back, stepping on feet, spilling beers and being the nuisance I typically am, so the wife and I drifted towards the back / lobby area for the remainder of the country set. (I’ve seen III live enough to know what he looks like, I just need to hear him these days.)

Hank made up for the short duration of the initial country set with the second that stretched on for over an hour. They did a really good job of interspersing the newer (not as good/bad) material in with his older (awesome) stuff so that I, an avowed nonfan of his recent material, never started looking at my watch, wanting the set to be over. That said, as is typical for me, I left before the Assjack began. I love the fact that he plays the Assjack set, but I’m only lukewarm to it on CD and do not like it live at all.

In the end, the show really reinforced my overall opinion of III these days. You can see the talent in him, but the last two albums have just felt, in a word, lazy. The songs don’t even come off well in a live environment. As I said when reviewing The Rebel Within, hopefully the last two albums were put out to get off Curb Records and now that he’s free we’ll see a return to Straight To Hell form.


Hank III – Country Heroes
Hank III – Pills I Took


First, I’d just like to say that I am a Hank III fan. I’ve been a fan since before ninebullets started, and I’ll be a fan of most of his back catalog long after ninebullets goes dark. With that said, despite having defended Damn Right, Rebel Proud, and this album essentially being the same thing, I find The Rebel Within to be redundant, uninspired at times and down right juvenile at others. I dunno, maybe I’m just moving on or maybe now, two albums removed from Straight To Hell, I am not willing to overlook the cliche anymore. The real fuck of it, the rub if you will, is that you know it’s in there, it flashes once on Rebel Within in the form of “Karmageddon”. I know some are gonna say that this was just something he pushed out to get out from under Curb Records, and if that’s the case I say fine, but no one should buy it. If he was so eager to get away from Curb that he was willing to cobble together a set of songs that should have been on a garage band’s cutting room floor, then he shouldn’t expect people to buy it (viva la torrent!).

Honestly, I hope that’s the case, but my fear is that Straight To Hell was III’s country high water mark and that his real passion lies in Assjack and whatnot cause at this point his “country” thing is turing into little more than a silly caricature.

The good: Hank III – Karmageddon
The bad: Hank III – Gettin’ Drunk and Fallin’ Down
The ugly: Hank III – The Rebel Within

Hank III’s Official Site, Hank III on myspace, Buy The Rebel Within


Holy Fuck.

There. Review done.

What? Five words is too short for you? You need more? Okay, but be warned, I feel as though everything from here to the end is, in my opinion, unnecessary.

Assjack is the metal alter-ego of Shelton Hank Williams, or perhaps Hank III is the country alter-ego of Shelton. Really, as any Hank Williams III concert vet can attest, Hank does both with such fluidity it’s hard to tell where his heart really lies. To quote the Drive-By Truckers, “such is the duality of the Southern man.”

Regardless of who is the alter of whom, we’re here to talk about Assjack today, so let’s get to it.

As I said before, Assjack is the metal side of Shelton, and Curb Records has finally seen fit to let him release Assjack upon the unsuspecting masses. I’d downloaded and heard all of the Assjack bootlegs over the years but I really was not expecting what I heard the first time I played this album. I guess seeing “Tennessee Driver” as the first track I was expecting to hear something slightly heavier than the hellbilly material on the bootlegs.


Sonically, it feels like the metal/thrash of my youth, which makes sense since Hank and I are the same age. Vocally, it’s all snarls, screams and expletives. Perfect for a case of road rage or coke-fueled acid trips. My only real complaint about the cd is that by the end of its 10 tracks I am thoroughly burned out on the vocal effects employed.

While the cd will not be in heavy rotation around the 18th Ave. Compound it definitely has a place in my cd collection. Check it out:

Assjack – Tennessee Driver
Assjack – Gravel Pit

Hank III’s Official Site, Assjack on myspace, Buy Assjack



Assjack, the metal/hellbilly side of Hank III‘s persona is not only getting a proper release. The fucking thing is coming out on Curb Records.

To say this is surprising is a massive understatement. It’s currently slated for an August 4 release date (pre-order here) so that gives Mike Curb and Co. plenty of time to push it back or otherwise fuck with something we, the record buying public, want to hear.

And if past actions are a proper indicator of the future…they will.

Hank III & Assjack – Tennessee Driver
Hank III & Assjack – Hellbilly Joker
Hank III & Assjack – Runnin’ & Gunnin’