Over the past year, Murfreesboro, TN’s The Only Sons have become one of the fixture bands here on ninebullets. It all started when I met them out in Austin during SxSW and since then they’ve played the ninebullets anniversary party and are about to be down for my birthday party, as well as Tropical Heatwave (a big festival 88.5 WMNF does every May). I guess you could say that over the past year, if ninebullets were a bar, The Only Sons would be one of its house bands.

Last week saw the release of The Only Sons’ second album, American Stranger, on the website/label. It was recorded in the church in which bassist Jonathan Merrit’s mother is the pastor and whose parsonage the band calls home, with Glossary front man Joey Kneiser at the helm in the producer role.

Replacing riffs with twang and Thin Lizzy influences with Springsteen, one could musically describe The Only Sons (and American Stranger) as Glossary’s brooding cousin from the country. From the swooping pedal steel and defiant lyrics of “Put Up A Fight”, to the reserved lament of “Standing Water”, or the crunchy march of “Gone Down Swinging”, American Stranger is about as pure of a Southern rock record as you’re gonna find these days and an anchor album on the 9B Essential Listening list.

Check out the mp3’s below then head over to the band’s Bandcamp page to stream the entire album (and buy it).

The Only Sons – Standing Water
The Only Sons – Gone Down Swinging
The Only Sons – Temptation

The Only Sons Official Site, The Only Sons on Bandcamp, Buy American Stranger


If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook (and if you’re not I wanna know why) then you’ve seen me raving about American Stranger, the new album from The Only Sons. Well, now you no longer just have to take my word for it. The band has posted the entire album up for streaming on their bandcamp page. Give it a listen:


As the weeks tick down until the The Only Sons new album, American Stranger, comes out Kent decided to wet our appetite with a little solo album. A little solo album that can be downloaded for free no less.

The album is entitled Wild Eyed Son and was recorded by Kent and Joey Kneiser (Glossary) over the course of seven days. The album features Joey on all the instrumentation except for acoustic guitar. So, go grab it and while you’re at it why don’t you grab Joey’s solo album (also free along with a Glossary album and Kelly Kneiser’s solo album) over on Glossary’s web site.

Kent Eugene Goolsby – Wide Eyed Son
Kent Eugene Goolsby – Don’t Tempt Me

Joey Kneiser – Adelina

And be on the lookout for that new The Only Sons album coming out January 29th. Here is a video for a track of American Stranger called “Temptation” which happens to have been shot by……you guessed it….Joey Kneiser.

Kent Eugene Goolsby – Temptation from theonlysons on Vimeo.