Man. I wish I had time to type out some stories but I’ve barely got time to shit, shower and shave before heading back to work. I really went into this month’s show with no plan and came out with, what I think, is a really rad show. There is a good mix between new and old, loud and louder and a cool cover of Faster Pussycat’s “House Of Pain.” So Imma shut up and you should press play:

Track Listing:

01. The Eagles – Outlaw Man (Desparado)
02. Set Break
03. Fistful of Beard – 5th Ave. (Until We Know Better)
04. Clutch – Earth Rocker (Earth Rocker)
05. Two Cow Garage – My Great Gatsby (Sweet Saint Me)
06. Arliss Nancy – Failure (Simple Machines)
07. Set Break
08. Lincoln Durham – Prodigal Son (upcoming album)
09. JKutchma & The Five Fifths – I’ll Survive (Pastorals)
10. The Heavy Horses – The Pale Rider (Murder Ballads & Other Love Stories)
11. Set Break
12. The White Buffalo – House Of Pain (West of Memphis – Voices For Justice OST)
13. Scott H. Biram – Long Fingernail (Graveyard Shift)
14. The Builders and The Butchers – All Away (Dead Reckoning)
15. Set Break
16. The Black Diamond Heavies – Poor Brown Sugar (Every Damn Time)
17. American Relay – Bonedry (Corn & Oil)
18. Left Lane Cruiser – Amy’s In The Kitchen (Bring Yo’ Ass To The Table)
19. The Owsley Brothers – Hot Mess (Cobalt)
20. Set Break
21. The Murder City Devils – Rum To Whiskey (In Name and Blood)

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So begins the segment where I start talking about bands I saw and fell in love with @ the Deep Blues Festival. We’ll start with American Relay. These two hit the stage Sunday evening and I was totally captivated by them.

American Relay comes out of Denver, Colorado with a monstrous guitar driven punk blues sound that brings to mind Soundgarden as much as it does Burnside. Really, I could go on and on trying to fill screen space telling you about the sound these guys create but I think I pretty much just summed it up. American Relay is R.L. Burnside meets Soundgarden. Sometimes it’s that easy. Let the audio convince you. It’s awesome. It’s Essential Listening.
Get some.

American Relay – Bonedry
American Relay – Homeland Blues
American Relay – Weekend

American Relay’s Official Site, American Relay on Myspace, Buy Corn and Oil