Only Two and a Half Days Until Monday


I figured I’d share a little with you today. I don’t have any great words of wisdom, hell I’m barely treading water at this point, but I’ve been mulling over a playlist for a while and I put it together when I was supposed to be working this morning. So here’s a little something to help get you through today, or maybe not…

American Aquarium – Two Nights in Texas

AA House of Rock

Corpus Christi on a Monday night ain’t easy. American Aquarium were rolling in after a nearly sold out Friday night, raucous, Houston show, a damn respectable Father’s Day show in San Antonio and Corpus Christi would certainly be a bust…Or would it?

American Aquarium tour parts of Texas that Willie hasn’t heard of. And this isn’t a Texas geography lesson but trust me when I say they drive the state in circles when they come here. Their commitment to Texas is deep and Texas has responded. I don’t know BJ better than I know my child, but I’m pretty sure I see him more than I do her.

Friday Night at the Firehouse Saloon in Houston was packed. It’s the kind of bar people think of when they think of a Texas country bar. Patrick Swayze works the door, Lone Star flows, and people two step to authentic Honky Tonk tunes. It’s THE goddamn country bar in Houston, Texas.

Corpus Christi is a city where the political elite plot to keep the status quo and the locals talk about where they’d rather be. House of Rock is downtown and the kind of authentic Rock club with edgy attitude and excellent pizza that every city needs. House of Rock is, hands down, my favorite place in Corpus Christi.

“Nights Like These That the Drugs Don’t Work!”…We decided to go front row in Houston. They played “Burn.Flicker.Die.” And bunch of other great shit. I’m sure it was epic as we were up front. I don’t remember it because I was a bit messed up. I bought a bunch of Merch so I’m pretty sure I was there. They tell me it was great. Let’s move on and talk about Corpus…

I texted my wife before the show at House of Rock, “If this dude behind me keeps talking like he has through the first two acts, BJ is going to destroy him from the stage. BJ won’t put up with that shit.”. He was the loudest person I’ve ever heard in an intimate venue. Like annoying “I hate this guy” kind of loud. American Aquarium take the stage.

AA SetlistEver heard someone whistle so loud in your ear you want to stab them with a kitchen utensil? Ever heard that in a small room made of stone with excellent echo and acoustics? Imagine that, but louder, and that was this guy. I have no idea how BJ didn’t tell him to shut up but he didn’t. The band started to find it pretty humorous. When they did “Betting Man” loud guy kept singing at the top of his lungs, “SteamBOOOAT!”. BJ said something to the guy to the effect, “One of our saddest songs and you are singing along like it’s Freebird or something”. The band just laughed about it. All in all, a pretty successful Monday night in Corpus Christi.

After that Corpus Christi show I am sure I’ve seen American Aquarium more times than I’ve seen any other band. They truly are the hardest working band out there and are one of my very favorite bands. Of course, they are well known around 9B and to 9B readers but if you haven’t had an opportunity to see them live you may want to remedy that. They are on tour now and will most likely be in your city soon. Our tickets are already purchased for when they return to Houston in October. They will always be a must see band for my wife and I.

(Writers note: I apologize not posting this a couple months back. Life and stuff. I will get back to writing for 9B on a more regular basis. Thanks to the 9B team for letting me take a hiatus these last couple months.)

Ajax Diner Book Club – 4/13/15 KRFC Ft. Collins CO

Kierston White “big star” from Don’t Write Love Songs

Micah Schnabel “Not The Boy You Used To Be” from Not The Boy You Used To Be

John Moreland “You Don’t Care for Me Enough to Cry” from High On Tulsa Heat

Ty Segall “The singer” from Manipulator

Blue Blood “The Kids Are The City” from This Is The Life

The Glands “Straight down” from The Glands

REM “Turn You Inside Out” from Green 

Blue Blood “Birth Right” from This Is The Life

Cafeteria “Drunk” from Knee Deep

Austin Lucas “Alone In Memphis” from Stay Reckless

JD McPherson “head over heels” from Let the Good Times Roll

Tom Petty “The Apartment Song” from Full Moon Fever

Adam Faucett “Benton” from Blind Water Finds Blind Water

Aimee Mann “Driving Sideways” from Bachelor No 2

Sam & Dave “Can’t You Find Another Way” from The Best Of Sam & Dave

Possessed By Paul James “Songs We Used to Sing” from There Will Be Nights When I’m Lonely

Hayes Carll “Down the Road Tonight” from Little Rock

4H Royalty “Rubber City Girl” from Colossalalia

Sam Cooke “You send me” from The Best of Sam Cooke

American Aquarium “Katherine Belle” from Dances For The Lonely

McDougall “On the Mend” from McDougall

Ike and Tina Turner “Get You When I Want You” from Workin’ Together

Todd Snider “Lookin’ for a Job” from The Devil You Know

Glossary “Save Your Money for the Weekend” from Feral Fire

Booker T. Jones “The Bronx” from Road From Memphis

Otis Gibbs “Damn Me” from Grandpa Walked a Picketline

Lucero “The Last Song” from Tennessee

Charlie Parr “Empty Out Your Pockets” from Stumpjumper


I’m going to try to be fair and balanced in this review of American Aquarium’s album Wolves but that’s not going to be easy. Here are the basics: I really like the album. As a whole it’s a little more subdued than some of their other albums. Feel-wise it has a lot in common with Small Town Hymns. Musically the band has created more complex and interesting arrangements. Lyrically BJ expresses less bitterness and anger. These are differences but it’s still the same five guys (plus a new one) playing American Aquarium music. It is Essential Listening because you have to hear it, long time fan or newbie, you have to hear this record.

But let’s go back a few years and talk about why it’s hard for me to be unbiased. Shortly after The Bible and The Bottle was released my bartender friend told me I had to come see the band that was playing that night. I couldn’t make it that night but I checked out their songs on MySpace and liked what I heard. Two or three months later they were back. American Aquarium showed up in a tiny bar in Oxford MS to play for a room full of people who weren’t really paying attention. I was drinking High Life and paying attention more than most. Then I bought a copy of The Bible and The Bottle, went home and listened to it a lot.

For the next three or four years American Aquarium showed up in Oxford every couple of months. I saw them in six different bars, all within a quarter of a mile of each other, and once outside in the daytime. I became friendly with a couple of the members and I like to think I was their first fan in that town. Most of their shows were for 10 to 30 people while the rest of the people in the bar didn’t give a shit. They’ve always done things the hard way and I watched them struggle for years.

But the songs were good and slowly more people started to catch on. Eventually American Aquarium came to Oxford for a month or so and recorded Small Town Hymns, they were spending so much time there we almost considered them a local band. I remember the night or nights that I first heard such staples as “Hurricane”, “Katherine Belle”, and “I Hope He Breaks Your Heart” before Dances For The Lonely came out. Bill and BJ told me people in other towns were catching on a little bit too. They said they had some good shows, some good towns and sometimes got to play with bigger drawing bands. Still, this was all happening very, very slowly.

All of this was happening before I was writing for Nine Bullets, in fact, I wasn’t following music on the internet much at all around this time. When I became a regular reader of Nine Bullets it was great to see that American Aquarium had fans all over the place, people like me who had spent too much time in the same bars for too many years. Fans that knew all the songs that had watched the band grow from album to album.

I moved to Colorado and they came to Ft. Collins to play to twelve people, it was like it was years before and I could see the miles of disappointment on their faces and in the way they played. Later Burn.Flicker.Die. came out and the word was spreading. I saw them play in Denver and 75 people were listening but BJ talked to me about how he didn’t know if they would keep at it. I didn’t realize at the time how serious he was. It felt like the corner was starting to turn but they were too road-worn to see it or really appreciate it. In hindsight we all know that it was starting to happen for them but the toll had taken so much out of them already. Thankfully the band survived and now things like appearances on CMT and write-ups in the Wall Street Journal are happening. And shows in many states are attended by the hundreds.

Because I have seen things with American Aquarium from the beginning there’s no way my personal feeling can’t be entirely separated from my thoughts on Wolves. Because they always did it the hard way and stuck in there when many people would have quit, there’s no band that we write about here that I am more proud of than American Aquarium.

And that all leads us to Wolves, a departure of sorts but more a growth in confidence and perspective. The album starts with “Family Problems” and lyrically BJ is exploring themes he’s mined before but the difference comes from the way he is contemplating his life instead of reacting to it. On past records the songs lived within the moment and that often led to bitterness and raw emotion, which is a lot of fun to listen to but doesn’t last forever. Musically the end of “Family Problems” makes it clear that this isn’t your older brother’s American Aquarium album.

The contemplative nature continues into “Man I’m Supposed To Be”, a late night winner, but it’s with the trio of “Wichita Falls”, “Old North State” and “Ramblin’ Ways” that Wolves really takes off and comes alive. These three songs are the heart of the album and show where the band has been and where it’s going the best. A line in “Wichita Falls” makes me laugh every time I hear it. “Remember nothing good happens after 3AM,” is a line the narrator of the song says to his girl back home but years ago I could easy see BJ saying or writing that nothing good happens before 3AM. The new perspective acts as a warning for a loved one to watch out for the kind of man the narrator once was.

Wolves isn’t without its faults, there aren’t many anthem/sing-a-long moments or drunken dance moments. Lyrically some familiar American Aquarium themes are dealt with in similar ways to songs on previous albums. But none of those issues overshadow the high points. Wolves is a truly great record but more importantly it is a record of survival.

Who knows how many more albums American Aquarium will make, who knows how many more years they’ll play 200+ dates. But what we do know is that they’ve gotten to where they are the hard way and have earned every new fan that Wolves is sure to bring them. My hat’s off to these six guys.

Official Site, On Facebook, Buy Wolves



Two Cow Hangout

This year’s celebration of Last Chance Records head honcho Travis Hill’s birthday, like every year, was also a celebration of life in general. The pins given out in the VIP package summed up the 2014 that so many of us had: ‘Hard Work And Plenty Of It’. I’m sure by now most of you who read this site have been inundated with Holiday Hangout 2014 tweets, photographs, or drunken text messages, and now that the event is over may be breathing a sigh of relief. But not so fast; I still have a few things to say.

The Holiday Hangout is much more than a simple concert, or mere festival: it’s a rock and roll family reunion. This year four 9bullets writers (Charles, RSV, Scott, and myself) gathered with dozens of our closest friends and sang our hearts out to our favorite bands. Those are the things you may have picked of from the never-ending Instagram updates from Little Rock that got less frequent and blurrier as the night, and weekend, went on. I want to tell you about a few things you may not have been able to perceive from over the internet. There may be some friends I made or artists who played that I don’t mention, and for that I apologize. I think every Holiday Hangout might require a novella (and spare liver) to cover adequately, but I have the time and space I have. What follows are the key moments, observations, and musings from my White Water Tavern nights this December:

  • Austin Lucas – Just as this year has been hard for some of us, it sounds like it’s been a hard year for the smooth-voiced Lucas as well. For his set (backed by his band The Bold Party), Austin pulled out all the stops to deliver a powerful rock and roll performance. He also played songs from his new record, which I’m already unbelievably excited for. Those songs have a distinctly more country feel than Stay Reckless, but their true defining quality is the incredible songwriting. Austin has always been a storyteller, but what was on display here was an attitude and clear-eyed determination pouring through his lyrics that I haven’t seen from him before. He also joined in with Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires for their barn-burner “Dirt Track”, and watching the passion with which he sang “Keep on working, keep it on the dirt track” was inspiring. Now is the time to pay attention to Austin Lucas.
  • John Moreland – Yes, yes, you know. John was amazing, and his new songs hit you in all the places you thought In The Throes had already thoroughly covered. It’s like Robin Hood hitting the bullseye with another arrow. The general consensus is that John’s mainsteam success is a matter of when, not if, and I for one am glad of it. John Moreland’s music comes straight, no chaser, and the rest of the world could use plenty of it.
  • Magic Mike – Some of you may be wondering who the magician hanging out with bands all the time is, and why he’s there. Go see his show and you’ll see. Mike loves these bands as much as any of us (he got Red Collar their first gig at the White Water years ago), and he knows how to show a crowd a good time. He also threw a knife at me. It was a good weekend.
  • Jkutchma and Red Collar – I was ill-prepared for seeing Red Collar. Last year JKutchma had to play two solo sets, an ice storm preventing the rest of the band from making the Hangout. I’d listened to Red Collar’s albums and liked their music, but wasn’t a new convert. This performance may have changed that. Red Collar is a powerful band, full of explosive energy and straight-to-the-point lyrics. Their fans, unconditionally devoted, were unbelievably excited to see the band and it showed in the messy, sweaty, almost conversational relationship between those on the stage and those in front of it. I spent the entirety of their set wanting to get to know the band’s music better so that I could take part in that relationship. JKutchma also played solo, and I can tell you this about his new songs: you want to hear them.
  • Two Cow Garage – This is the band that will not quit. Micah Schnabel and Shane Sweeney keep turning out new songs that are as catchy as they are visceral, lyrically potent, emotionally charged. When you see them on stage you cannot doubt that they mean every word they say. The musicianship and energy of their drummer, David Murphy, have propelled them to a new sonic plane (which I think is a D&D thing, actually). You would hardly recognize some of their older songs the way they play them now, and all the change is for the better. Micah and Shane both played new songs during their solo sets, and demonstrated the range of their songwriting. Two Cow Garage is not a peanut butter/chocolate situation, folks: these are two men who have been writing songs for years, managing to grow both on their own and together as a band. It’s a wonder to behold. And speaking of peanut butter, for their full band set they were joined on guitar by 9bullets reader favorite Todd Farrell, and speaking of Todd Farrell…
  • Todd FarrellIt’s hard when your friends make music. First off, what if it isn’t good? Second off, what if you think it’s good but that’s just because you’re friends and the rest of the world hates it and your friend has to become an insurance salesman? Well after the Holiday Hangout I can safely say neither of those cases are true for our friend Todd Farrell. In addition to playing guitar for Two Cow, Todd also played solo at the Arkansas Record Exchange In-Store show (trading his guitar off with Austin Lucas), and one song on Sunday at the demand of Micah Schnabel. The response that Todd received, not just from the crowd but from his fellow musicians, was incredibly heartening. You could see the bonds forming, the songwriters nodding to each other over a clever turn of phrase, laughter and applause mid-song from a crowd on the edges of their proverbial seats because they were seeing something new. The first night of the Hangout, Todd was walking up the stairs at the White Water as Otis Gibbs, grey-bearded bastion of folk, was walking down them. They stopped at the landing and spoke with each other for a few minutes, I have no idea about what. But then they shook hands and they headed their separate ways. That moment felt important to witness.

So there you have it, my take on this year’s Holiday Hangout. Thanks to everyone at the White Water who made it happen, everyone who played, everyone who went and sang and shouted and danced and swore and shook. All we have to do to get to the next one is make it through another year.

Here’s a video of Micah Schnabel, Brent Best, David Murphy, Todd Farrell, Joey Kneiser, Ben Nichols, John Moreland, Travis Hill, and Shane Sweeney playing “Like A Rolling Stone”. If you have to skip past the first three minutes of laughter and terrible jokes because Shane forgot to plug his guitar in, that’s what you have to do. But I don’t recommend it.

If you like the picture above be sure to check out Melissa Brawner Photography, who took some AMAZING photographs that you may just want to buy a print of, as did Carra Martin!

Did you have any favorite moments this Holiday Hangout, or questions about the shows? Leave a comment and let’s talk! Or hit us up on Twitter, @Real9Bullets!

Podcast – Ajax Diner Book Club 9/29/14 – Podcast Only

This week on the radio show I participated in KRFC’s pledge drive. It was way too much of me asking for money and trying to create witty banter with someone else. I prefer to do my radio alone. So instead of subjecting you to that I put together a totally different patch of songs with less talking. I was in my living room with a beer, a dog and a shitty microphone. But the songs are good.

John R. Miller – Parking Lots, Service Engine
Slobberbone – Some New Town, Everything You Thought Was Right Was Wrong Today
The White Buffalo – When I’m Gone, Shadows, Greys & Evil Ways
Steve Earle – City of Immigrants, Washington Street Serenade
Drive-By Truckers – Goddamn Lonely Love, The Dirty South
The Old 97’s – Most Messed Up, Most Messed Up
Levon Helm – Poor Old Dirt Farmer, Dirt Farmer
Drag The River – Mr. Crews, It’s Crazy
Arlis Nancy – Nothing To Show, Wild American Runners
Shane Sweeney – When I Am Empty, The Finding Time
American Aquarium – Abe Lincoln, Burn.Flicker.Die.
Arlo McKinley & The Lonesome Sound – I Don’t Need To Know, Self Titled

[Playlist] Ninebullets Radio – 09.20.2014 – 88.5FM WMNF Tampa

We did the damn thing. If you wanna hear it, put your ears on the archive of the show.

Below is the playlist for September 20, 2014 [Artist – Song (Album)]

01. Drive-By Truckers – Zip City (Southern Rock Opera)
02. Jason Isbell – Cover Me Up (Southeastern)
03. Parker Millsap – Old Time Religion (Parker Millsap)
04. Otis Gibbs – The Darker Side Of Me (Souvenirs Of A Misspent Youth)
05. Two Cow Garage – Swingset Assassin (Speaking In Cursive)
06. Have Gun Will Travel – Take Me Home, Alice (Fiction, Fact or Folktale!)
07. The Takers – Friends in Bottles (Taker Easy)
08. Matt Woods – Deadman’s Blues (With Love From Brushy Mountain)
09. Big Shoals – 12 Steps (Still Go On)
10. American Aquarium – Burn. Flicker. Die. (Burn. Flicker. Die.)
11. Will Quinlan and The Diviners – Acrimony Blues (Navasota)
12. Sturgill Simpson – The Promise (Metamodern Sounds In Country Music)
13. Arlo McKinely & The Lonesome Sound – Sad Country Song (Arlo McKinely & The Lonesome Sound)
14. Kierston White – Love Songs (Don’t Write Love Songs)
15. Chuck Ragan – Vagabond (Till Midnight)
16. Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil – She Has Her Moments (Catch The Presidents)
17. McDougall – Ready, Begin (A Few Towns More)
18. John Mellencamp – The Brass Ring (Plain Spoken)
19. Willie Nelson – The Songwriters (Band Of Brothers)
20. John Moreland – Gospel (In The Throes)
21. Nikki Lane – Right Time (All Or Nothin’)
22. The Wind + The Wave – From The Wreckage Build A Home (From The Wreckage)
23. Hiss Golden Messenger – Southern Grammar (Lateness of Dancers)
24. Ben Stalets – Don’t Call Me Lonely (Dear Golden)
25. David Mayfield – Rain On My Parade (Strangers)
26. Becky Warren – Off My Back (The Iraq EP)
27. Adult Boys Thunderband – Mothers Love Me (Abducted Again)

Bold = Request

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Episode 193: aired 09.20.2014

[Playlist] Ninebullets Radio – 08.23.2014 – 88.5FM WMNF Tampa

We did the damn thing. If you wanna hear it, put your ears on the archive of the show.

Below is the playlist for August 23, 2014 [Artist – Song (Album)]

01. Drive-By Truckers – Where The Devil Don’t Stay (The Dirty South)
02. Otis Gibbs – With A Gun In My Hand (Souvenirs Of A Misspent Youth)
03. John R Miller – M.O.T.E. (Service Engine)
04. Becky Warren – Off My Back (The Iraq EP)
05. Tompall Glaser – T for Texas (Wanted! The Outlaws)
06. Waylon Jennings/Willie Nelson – Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To be Cowboys (Waylon & Willie)
07. Hank Williams, Jr. – A Country Boy Can Survive (Greatest Hits)
08. The Charlie Daniels Band – Long Haired Country Boy (Fire On The Mountain)
09. The Marshall Tucker Band – Fire On The Mountain (Searchin’ For A Rainbow)
10. Have Gun Will Travel – High Road (Fiction, Fact or Folktale?)
11. Willie Nelson – Hard to Be an Outlaw (Band Of Brothers)
12. Sturgill Simpson – Living The Dream (Metamodern Sounds In Country Music)
13. The Whiskey Gentry – Dixie (Holly Grove)
14. Joe Sundell – Mr. Z (The Hat Thief)
15. The Northerners – Don’t Play (The Northerners EP)
16. The Wind + The Wave – Raising Hands Raising Hell Raise ‘Em High (From The Wreckage)
17. Lucero – Women & Work (Live From Atlanta)
18. Matt Woods – Lucero Song (With Love From Brushy Mountain)
19. American Aquarium – Cape Fear River (Burn.Flicker.Die)
20. Parker Millsap – Truck Stop Gospel (Parker Millsap)
21. Old Crow Medicine Show – Tennessee Bound (Remedy)
22. NQ Arbuckle – Hospitals (The Future Happens Anyway)
23. Cory Branan – The Only You (The No-Hit Wonder)
24. Jason Isbell – Try (Sirens of The Ditch)
25. Benjamin Booker – Wicked Waters (Benjamin Booker)
26. First Aid Kit – My Silver Lining (Stay Gold)
27. Ben Knight and The Welldiggers – Iceman’s Lament (Divining Rod)
28. The Holy Ghost Electric Show – Surprise (The Great American Holy Ghost Electric Show)
29. Andrew Combs – Month Of Bad Habits
30. Roadkill Ghost Choir – Down & Out

Bold = Request

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Episode 188: aired 08.23.2014

[Playlist] Ninebullets Radio – 08.16.2014 – 88.5FM WMNF Tampa

Local talent and female fronted bands are heavily featured on this show. Some other bad ass shit too so put your ears on the archive of the show.

Below is the playlist for August 0916, 2014 [Artist – Song (Album)]

01. Drag The River – Old Sad Songs
02. Valerie June – Workin’ Woman Blues (Pushin’ Against A Stone)
03. Becky Warren – Off My Back (The Iraq EP)
04. Kierston White – Alcohol (Don’t Write Love Songs)
05. Lucero – Drink Till We’re Gone (Live From Atlanta)
06. Big Shoals – Skipping Stones (Still Go On)
07. Joseph Huber – Two Tongued Swear (The Hanging Road)
08. Willie Nelson – Hard to Be an Outlaw (Band Of Brothers)
09. Jason Isbell – Elephant (Southeastern)
10. Andrew Combs – Month Of Bad Habits
11. John R Miller – M.O.T.E. (Service Engine)
12. Matt Woods – Sunshine (Broken Strings & Beer Specials)
13. American Aquarium – Casualties (Burn.Flicker.Die)
14. The Wind + The Wave – Raising Hands Raising Hell Raise ‘Em High (From The Wreckage)
15. St. Paul and the Broken Bones – Half the City (Half The City)
16. Nikki Lane – Right Time (All Or Nothin’)
17. NQ Arbuckle – Hospitals (Future Happens Anyway)
18. The Gaslight Anthem – Rollin’ & Tumblin’ (Get Hurt)
19. The Holy Ghost Electric Show – Surprise (The Great American Holy Ghost Electric Show)
20. Glossary – save your money for the weekend (Feral Fire)
21. Those Crosstown Rivals – Six Strings (Hell and Back)
22. Arliss Nancy – Troubadour (Wild American Runners)
23. Benjamin Booker – Wicked Waters (Benjamin Booker)
24. The Woolly Bushmen – Screamin’ ana’ Shoutin’ (Sky Bosses)
25. Dos Ringos – Long Time (Dos Ringos)
26. John Moreland – Gospel (In The Throes)
27. Micah Schnabel – American Static (When The Stage Lights Dim)
28. Roadkill Ghost Choir – Down & Out
29. Sturgill Simpson – Living The Dream (Metamodern Sounds In Country Music)
30. Parker Millsap – Truck Stop Gospel (Parker Millsap)

Bold = Request

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Episode 188: aired 08.16.2014