Tab Benoit – Power of the Pontchartrain

A post last week on songs:illinois about Eric Lindell got me to thinking about this album. I spend a lot of time talking about various bastardized versions of the blues, but do not spend much time just talking about plain ol’ Blues.

Thanks to my Dad’s repeated recommendations, I picked up Power of the Pontchartrain a few months back and it has pretty much been a staple for my morning work commute ever since. To describe the sound of this cd, I’m just gonna quote others: “grooves where Benoit’s distinctive, grainy voice and tough Telecaster leads bring soul, grit, and intensity to a sound already infused with an earthy sensibility. There’s more of the same on this disc, but that’s no criticism…He touches on a variety of Americana styles, yet always keeps part of himself planted firmly in the wetlands of his roots.

Tab Benoit – I’ve Been Good To You Baby
Tab Benoit – Sac-au-lait Fishing
Tab Benoit – Midnight and Lonesome

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