Mar 212010

Well. SxSW is over and I have to admit. It’s not a day to early for me. This was a blast but it’s just not proper to be drunk while the sun is up too many times in a row. It starts to mess with a man’s mind. Anyhow, SxSW Saturday started out wet and chilly and got colder as the day wore on. I headed out to the Suburban Home Records / Front Porch Musings showcase to catch a stellar lineup of Michah Schnabel, The Only Sons, Look Mexico, Austin Lucas, American Aquarium, Glossary and the best rock and roll band in America since Isbell left the Truckers, Two Cow Garage. Really, Saturday was more about seeing old friends, making new friends and celebrating our little family through music. As a result, I don’t have a lot to say so I’ll just let these videos speak for me:

This is Kent Goolsby from The Only Sons performing a new song called, “Standing Water”:

While were outside filming this track a group of girls came up requesting “Wagon Wheel”. At the end of the video I call “Wagon Wheel” the new Stairway to Heaven but later Kent nailed it even better calling it the new “Freebird”. Anyhow, it turned into a whole street sing along thing which was pretty cool:

I even managed to corner Shane Sweeny of Two Cow Garage and have him perform a song for me. I fucked the audio up on this one but I still think it’s worthy of posting. Watch how much emotion he puts into performing on a street corner for a blogger with an iPhone then imagine what it’s like on stage. Like I said, best rock and roll band in America:

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention how utterly fantastic the fellas that run Front Porch Musings are. If we lived in the same town, they’d be some choice drinking partners.

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  5 Responses to “SXSW SATURDAY:”

  1. “the best rock and roll band in America since Isbell left the Truckers, Two Cow Garage”

    That pretty much sums up how I feel about rock and roll….

  2. I love moments like that with Wagon Wheel, its moments like that that really make music as fun and exciting for me as it was when I was a child. Love it.

  3. Who’s the guy In the sunglasses filming? Soooooo hot!

  4. I love what Jason brought to the DBT but they were the best rock and roll band before he ever joined.

  5. I forgot how good of a song Wagon Wheel is.

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