Mar 182010

Day 1 in Austin for me was a crash course. My first attempt to see a show turned into a 3/4 mile walk to find out that my schedule was wrong. My second attempt turned into a 1 mile walk to find out that the guy I wanted to see had been rescheduled for an hour later. I was feeling pretty dejected at that point and decided to sit down at a bar, have a few drinks and collect myself.

Everything settled down after that. I managed to see Those Darlins perform sober, something they failed to do later in the night.

The show was a raging success and I’d have more video of it had my video camera not died. Day two is when shit is gonna get serious. I got a charged camera, a clear head and an empty stomach. I’ll see y’all tomorrow. Here are some videos from last night and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter:

Joe Pug performing at the party:

Kasey Anderson performing at the party:

Autopsy IV

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  1. Joe Pug was really cool to talk to in Detroit. I even namedropped you and the website.

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