Anyone who comes around here with any form of consistency knows about The Deep Blues Festival. If you don’t know what it is, I suggest you use the little search box on the top right of this page. Deep Blues ’09 is currently in the planning stages and part of that includes daily myspace bulletins. These bulletins contain lists of potential bands and a link to their myspace profiles. The hope is that we, the fans, will check out the bands and tell Chris (festival organizer) who we’re liking and who we’re not. One such bulletin contained the name Swamp Candy and I wasn’t one minute into the first song before I was looking for a place to buy the album.

Swamp Candy is Ruben Dobbs and Kevin Lebling playing everything from guitars and harmonicas to washboards and spoons. Personally, I was downright giddy after my first pass through this album. There is this sonic richness to the cd that, when coupled with it’s gospel-meets-Delta-blues juke-jointing swagger, I can’t help but get excited about. Another reviewer described the cd as “a stomping blues album that sounds like it comes from the front porches of the deep South.” Really, I can’t sum it up any better than that so I’ll just call it Essential Listening and offer you some samples. Really, though, if you’re liking what you hear there really is no excuse for you not to buy it; the whole album is available as mp3 on Amie Street for less than three dollars.

Swamp Candy – South County
Swamp Candy – Insomnia
Swamp Candy – Been So Long

Swamp Candy on myspace, Buy The Dirty Suite


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