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Sundowner is alternately a lone, limp-eared horse and a stampede. Marshaling it all is Chis McCaughan, also songwriter/guitarist for darling Chicago punk band The Lawrence ArmsNeon Fiction is his third and most anticipated album as Sundowner–following his surprising debut Four-One-Five-Two (2007) and the understated but deeply satisfying We Chase the Waves (2010)–and it succeeds at showcasing everything McCaughan does well. The somber solo-acoustic songs shaded with his blue roan voice, the full(er)-band palominos that would impress fans of The Jayhawks and The Smoking Popes alike. Neon Fiction also offers a new breed of Sundowner song; on “Concrete Shoes” and “We Drift Eternal” things get a little Schwarzenbach-ier, dancier, spiked with venomy libations. In-and-out in 34 minutes, this a damn good record; a Chicago (though McCaughan now lives in the northwest) songwriter record worth mentioning with Steve Goodman‘s; a cold-weather novella to bookmark with red leaves, to read with brown liquors.

Sundowner - Cemetery West     

Sundowner - Concrete Shoes     

Sundowner - Grey on Grey     

Sundowner - Wildfires     

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