Daytrotter has dropped a few sessions that are right up ninebullets alley and I was sitting here in my computer room drinking coffee, setting fantasy lineups as they played in the background so I decided I should tell y’all about them.

Last Thursday Jon and Chad from Drag the River made their debut (i think) on Daytrotter playing some tracks from their latest album Demons. It could be argued that these recordings are better than the versions on the album. You can check out the session (and download it for free) here.

Drag The River – The Other Side Of OK

Here at the ninebullets compound we’re really big fans of the kids from American Aquarium and was really surprised to see them posted on Daytrotter today. As Sean said on the session, American Aquarium are similar to the Drive-By Truckers in the sense that they paint a picture of the struggle of growing up in the small town south. Check it out here.

American Aquarium – Reidsville