EDIT: SUNDAY VALLEY HAS NOW CHANGED THEIR NAME TO: “Sturgill Simpson & The High Top Mountain Boys”

Until Saving Country Music mentioned them yesterday, I’d never heard of Nashville’s Sunday Valley.

Since then?
Utterly. Obsessed.
I mean, like, I’ve listened to To The Wind And On To Heaven six times since then obsessed.

Apparently, To The Wind was released in January of last year and the band is currently back in the studio recording a new album but that doesn’t mean you should sleep on this one. To summarize my man Mike Ostrov, To The Wind is a “totally bullshitless record”.

I couldn’t have said it better myself and a totally bullshitless record deserves a totally bullshitless review.

Essential Listen. No bullshit.

Sunday Valley – All The Pretty Colors
Sunday Valley – I Don’t Mind
Sunday Valley – Jesus Boogie

Sunday Valley’s Official Site, Sunday Valley on Facebook, Buy To The Wind And On To Heaven


  1. One of the very first Lucero Forums mixtapes featured Sunday Valley’s “I Wonder” way back in 2007. It took them a long time and a breakup before they put out a record.

  2. I was about to chide you for ignoring the Lucero forum since Maggie has been talking about these guys forever.

    1. I know I’m about 4 days late on this one so nobody will probably even see it but Maggie was how I found this album (which I said was the album of the year out loud, to no one in particular) last January. The only thing they’ve ever done wrong is cancel a concert in Richmond last year that I had tickets to, it was my one and only chance to see their tour. I’m still a little confused by the whole renaming thing they are going through but this is easily one of the best bands around right now, whatever they’re called.

      Side note; I’m sure they’re probably based out of Nashville or something now which is what that line is in reference to but I think they (and Maggie) might bristle at not being listed as “Kentucky’s Sunday Valley”.

  3. Man we had so much fun recording these guys, we have some great vids of them if you guys want to check them out. This isn’t spam I just genuinely love these guys and I think y’all would enjoy our sessions with them.

  4. If you guys wanna see some live sessions we recorded with these guys check out Live & Breathing, we have some awesome videos of them.

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