Summerbirds in the Cellar – Druids

I have been floundering for a way to describe Summerbirds’ overall sound on their newest effort, Druids, for a few days now. Polished, tight, haunting, dark and controlled all serve the purpose but fail in some manner or another. Then, I saw the perfect word in another review; deliberate. As soon as I saw it I knew that was the word I had been looking for. I guess that’s why some people get paid to write and others, like me, have to provide their own forum in which to write. There it is though. The signature sound of the Athens/Orlando based trio is a sexy (cheesy term, i know, but it works) mix of thickly layered indie rock with just enough hooks and pop overtures thrown in to keep it from sounding pretentious.

Currently, Druids is only available at SITC shows or by contacting them directly via their website or myspace profile.

Summerbirds in the Cellar – Wicked World (Move Softly)
Summerbirds in the Cellar – The Night Thief
Summerbirds in the Cellar – Now We Are Ugly Inside

5 thoughts on “Summerbirds in the Cellar – Druids”

  1. I love this band. I saw them most recently at The Fest in gainesville and they didn’t disappoint. Good stuff coming out of Orlando!

  2. I love this records, but the band sounds even better live. “Deliberate” is a good word here… I am always amazed how they create so many layers and complex depth with such precision. This is a band of real musicians with fine-tuned ears and a real sense of direction and purpose.

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