Because Songs Matter


It’s so damn hot.  Get to the coast, I tell you, and stay under water. Listen to these albums on the way out there and keep cool with the coolest of music: surf rock! Surf-drowned garage rock, whatever!

The band Nude Beach from Brooklyn has just released their sophomore album Nude Beach II on their Bandcamp for a pay-what-you-want purchase. They ride killer Elvis Costello vibes and just kick all-around ass and all asses around.

Nude Beach - Keep It Cool     

Nude Beach - Some Kinda Love     

Also new and for free is the new album by the Austin-based band Literature, Arab Spring. They’re more jangly, like a coastal Kinks or Libertines. More fun than imagining Morrissey in a baggy swimsuit.

Literature - Grifted     

Literature - Lily     

Download Nude Beach II for whatever you please HERE. Download Arab Spring by Literature for free HERE. Drive fast! Rock hard!

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