Apr 032012

It’s so damn hot.  Get to the coast, I tell you, and stay under water. Listen to these albums on the way out there and keep cool with the coolest of music: surf rock! Surf-drowned garage rock, whatever!

The band Nude Beach from Brooklyn has just released their sophomore album Nude Beach II on their Bandcamp for a pay-what-you-want purchase. They ride killer Elvis Costello vibes and just kick all-around ass and all asses around.

Nude Beach – Keep It Cool
Nude Beach – Some Kinda Love

Also new and for free is the new album by the Austin-based band Literature, Arab Spring. They’re more jangly, like a coastal Kinks or Libertines. More fun than imagining Morrissey in a baggy swimsuit.

Literature – Grifted
Literature – Lily

Download Nude Beach II for whatever you please HERE. Download Arab Spring by Literature for free HERE. Drive fast! Rock hard!

Mike Ostrov

relays the history of north american popular song on message boards and under rocks

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