Another week and there’s more Suburban Home posting on Look, in 3 days I’ll be boarding a big silver bird and heading out to Denver for the Suburban Home 14th Anniversary Party and anytime there is free music in the offering I feel obligated to tell y’all about it. So, I feel justified and like I said on the August podcast, they aren’t paying us or anything, we just like what they’re doing.

With that said, let’s talk free shit.

From Suburban Home Records:

With Suburban Home’s 14th Anniversary, we have made the decision that we would like to give everyone in the world one free album. We are a bit biased, but we think that Suburban Home is one of greatest record labels in the world while also being one of the smallest, least known record labels around. We hope that our offer to give you a free album will entice you to pick a release from one of our artists and hope that it will encourage you to tell others to grab an album, too.

No strings are attached to this. Trust me. You pretty much have to be a Grade A asshole not to take advantage of this offer. Grab the new Taker’s album, fall in love with Two Cow Garage, get personal with Tim Barry or drunk with Drag The River. Doesn’t matter, just take advantage of the offer.

The Takers – Curse of a Drunk
Two Cow Garage – Your Humble Narrator
Tim Barry – Tacoma
Drag The River – Embrace The Sound

8 thoughts on “SUBURBAN HOME RECORDS TURNS 14 & GIVES YOU THE GIFT (of free music):”

  1. Another reason why SH is one of my favourite labels. Great offer.

    I went with Two Cow’s “III,” but The Takers was pretty tempting.

  2. I went with the Takers – “Taker Easy”. Thanks Virgil! You can’t go wrong with any of these choices.

  3. Suburban Home is badass! As is 9b for giving ’em props all the time. If you dig whatever album you choose to D/L from these guys I strongly strongly suggest you buy some other stuff from ’em. I keep waiting for them to put out a crap record but it hasn’t happened yet. Long live SubHome!

  4. thanks everyone for selecting a free album and for all the support. Nine Bullets, we love you. Everyone be patient, we have received over 2,000 requests and emailing those one at a time is murder.

  5. @Virgil – Next time maybe we can hook up a little soft machinery to do all that work for you. I’d be happy to help if possible.

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