Well. It took them a while but the Suburban Home crew officially announced the 15th Anniversary Party last night. If, like me, you were holding off buying those airline tickets for the official announcement then it’s time to start buying. If you’re wondering if flying to Denver for a weekend to see a concert is the best decision in these troubled economic times I say, “No, but you should do it anyway.” Look, having gone last year I can honestly say that the weekend last year was one of the most enjoyable and fun events I partook in and I’ve been counting the days until this years. So, I hope to see some of y’all out there….I am arriving on Thursday. Now, for the particulars:

Suburban Home 15th Anniversary Party: September 10th & 11th

Did you read that? Drag The River. Full. Fucking. Band. Two Cow Garage. Tim Barry. I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House. All in the same weekend. If you’re doubting the trip and the economy and all that after what you just read I should punch you in the goddamned mouth.

Anyhow. In conjuction with the shows at night Saturday Virgil has set up a brewery tour of some of Colorado’s breweries which will include trips to Great Divide, Wynkoop, Oskar Blues, Avery, and maybe Upslope. While Sunday will feature a BBQ in the park complete with games and acoustic sets with the bands.

So, roll call. Who else will I be seeing there?

21 thoughts on “SUBURBAN HOME 15th ANNIVERSARY PARTY (finally) ANNOUNCED:”

  1. I am there brother. I might be able to wrangle needing no vacation days even. We will tear it up 9B style! The wife might even be coming along and let me tell you she can tear it up for sure.

  2. Got a few things that might put a kink in our plans, but barring that, we should be there Thurs-Mon. That weekend is our one year wedding anniversary so it only makes sense that we would spend it drinking beer and watching out favorite bands!

  3. Virgil always throws a great party. I look forward to this each and every year.

  4. What I am looking forward to the most, not to say I am not excited about the artists, is meeting the folks from ’round 9B! I want to actually shake hands with all you reprobates, raise a glass, and say something completely inappropriate. If you meet me late enough in the day the handshake could be replaced a hug! I am not normally a touchy person but get a little booze in me and get me excited and I’ll hug just about anyone so don’t be offended. I also almost always say the wrong thing at the wrong time but it usually ends up being funny. Although there was that homeless guy outside of the hotel in Austin. AIV might have saved his, or my, life by being the adult for 3 minutes. His wife should be proud of him! He totally saved me after me saying the wrong thing…

  5. I hope to be there! Just moved to Colorado Springs from Austin, so this is right in my neck of the woods.

  6. Looking pretty good for me at this point. Unless we run into some unexpected baby expenses in the next few weeks I should be able to buy my plane ticket before August. Any chance AIV can pack the Takers in his luggage to sneak them out there?

  7. @romeosidvicious Yeah I’d love to do it, just like I’d love to be on a plane a week from today heading to Florida for Nerdapalooza.

    We’ll see what money’s like in a few weeks. I don’t think I can do both the SH and 9b Anniversary parties, so…

  8. Speaking of the 9B anniversary party..Whats the lastest news on everything? (Lowdown on the bands etc..)

  9. Plans are made. It fits into my schedule like a glove. The thought of seeing I CAN LICK ANY SONOFABITCH IN THE HOUSE is blowing my mind since I never figured that was going to happen.

    Count two long-time ninebullets readers from Arkansas as showing up.

  10. I will be there. I mean – I am there now, but will be here then too. Brewery tours are always more fun with people from sea level.

  11. “Brewery tours are always more fun with people from sea level.”

    This is what terrifies me about the brewery tour part. All I’ll have to do is breathe in deeply and I’ll be drunk!

  12. thanks everyone. I am really excited to have a beer with each and every one of you. More confirmations will be announced soon, but know that Micah will also be playing. Working on the Takers right now

  13. work permitting i’ll be there. Can’t wait for this. any hotel deals or should I just look around?

  14. My boyfriend and I will by flying in from Little Rock. It will be epic. I can’t wait to see who else they announce(The Takers or Ninja Gun would be pretty sweet). See y’all there!

  15. Fuck yeah…just saw Drag the River (w/ the band) a couple weeks ago in Colorado Springs. I had not seen those guys live since early 2000s…they fucking ruled! I’ll try to get up to Denver for this show!

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