Strawfoot is “an angry preacher and a bunch of foul-mouthed heathens” from somewhere in St. Louis. The moment I heard the track “Damnation Way” from the Rodentia compilation I was excited almost to the point of being giddy to hear more music from them.¬† Within 5 minutes of hearing them for the first time I was downloading their complete album from Amazon MP3. Often in times like these you find that your hopes are met by inconsistent track listings that never quite measure up to the track that got you there. By the time I had gotten to the third track, “Chasing Locusts”, I knew that the track that had introduced me to Strawfoot wasn’t even their best.

I’ve described the goth-country band Those Poor Bastards with the following, “Imagine yourself camping out in some remote Appalachian holler when out of the woods walks Death himself. Now imagine him plopping his ass down at your campfire with his pal and band mate, Desperation, and they break out in song. What do you think that would sound like? What’s that? You’re not sure but you’re kind of creeped out? Welcome to the gothic-country stylings of Those Poor Bastards.” I think that if that impromptu concert were to require an opening act that there are few more qualified to fill the slot than Strawfoot.

Since I’ve found these guys I’ve been pushing them on anyone within hearing distance like Cialis commercials during a football game. They are the first band of this young year that I’ve truly gotten excited about. It’s like they have a conduit that leads straight to my sonic g-spot. Check ’em out and I’m sure you’ll find them to be Essential Listening as well.

Strawfoot – Wayfarin’ Stranger
Strawfoot – Cursed Neck
Strawfoot – Damnation Way

Strawfoot’s Official Site, Strawfoot on myspace, Buy Chasing Locusts


  1. How’s this for an endorsement? I liked the album art enough to listen, and I actually like it.

    And no, I’m not (April) fooling.

  2. i had a hard time gettin my head around it. the idea is there but i dont feel like they are coming together a band. the different instruments seem jumbled in the mix, people playing out of time and some not even in tune. i dunno i like it but i dont like it.

  3. Just wanted to give ya’ credit for turning me onto these guys. Great stuff. They even made me go back and listen the to TMB “Country Bullshit” EP I downloaded off of Amazon a while back and didn’t care for after the first listen.

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