Stephen Chopek – Things Moving (2015)


Stephen Chopek, a strikingly handsome young man with a long resume of music experience behind him that includes touring with the likes of Charlie Hunter and John Mayer, has a new EP titled Things Moving.

“Systematic Collapse” is the first track off of the new EP, which is available on his bandcamp page. This song has an upbeat tempo that puts you in a very positive mood. The lyrics are more thought-provoking than the music would elude to. Right and wrong, good versus evil, and the overall effects that our actions have not just on ourselves.

I may be off base, but, to me Chopek takes Southern Blues and meshes it with that raw New Jersey/ Springsteen sound and delicately balances it with lyrics that are deeper in an almost Emo way, and it makes me want more! I strongly recommend checking out Chopek’s previously released album, See Through as well.

Find Stephen Chopek on social media here and here and buy Things Moving here.

View Stephen’s video for Systematic Collapse here.



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