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By now, you know exactly what a Spoon record – any Spoon record, every Spoon record – sounds like. One part jittery drum pattern, one part slithery bassline, one part Mercybeat, one part late 70’s Stones tight acoustic guitar, two parts undeniably infections guitar and/or piano melody, two parts Motown, one hundred thousand parts hipster vocal detachment. If you’re looking for the curveball, I’ve got news for you: it’s not coming. Spoon has a formula down, the formula works for Spoon, Spoon is sticking to that formula. End of story.

Thing is, the formula does work. There is not a bad Spoon record. Some (Gimme Fiction, Kill the Moonlight) are better than others but there’s not a clunker among them. With that in mind, Transference fits nicely in the Spoon catalog, neither an awe-striking effort or an abysmal disappointment. In short, it’s a Spoon record.

Perhaps somebody believes that Transference deserves a sprawling, eloquent analysis. Perhaps that review is out there. Elsewhere. For the purposes of this review, here is Transference, distilled: If you dig Spoon, you’ll dig Transference. If you don’t, this album will not change your mind. Being as Spoon is one of the most consistent bands on the planet, I remain firmly entrenched among those who dig.

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  1. January 25, 2010    

    I too remain in the group of those who dig. when a band can pull-off the trick of sounding the same as they have in the past without seeming like their on auto-pilot or just plain sucking, it says a lot i think…

  2. January 25, 2010    

    They don’t make any radical departures from what they’ve done before, but that’s not to say there aren’t surprises on the new album. Great band, great album.

  3. Shwa25 Shwa25
    January 25, 2010    

    “Who Makes Your Money?” Perfect.

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