By now, you know exactly what a Spoon record – any Spoon record, every Spoon record – sounds like. One part jittery drum pattern, one part slithery bassline, one part Mercybeat, one part late 70’s Stones tight acoustic guitar, two parts undeniably infections guitar and/or piano melody, two parts Motown, one hundred thousand parts hipster vocal detachment. If you’re looking for the curveball, I’ve got news for you: it’s not coming. Spoon has a formula down, the formula works for Spoon, Spoon is sticking to that formula. End of story.

Thing is, the formula does work. There is not a bad Spoon record. Some (Gimme Fiction, Kill the Moonlight) are better than others but there’s not a clunker among them. With that in mind, Transference fits nicely in the Spoon catalog, neither an awe-striking effort or an abysmal disappointment. In short, it’s a Spoon record.

Perhaps somebody believes that Transference deserves a sprawling, eloquent analysis. Perhaps that review is out there. Elsewhere. For the purposes of this review, here is Transference, distilled: If you dig Spoon, you’ll dig Transference. If you don’t, this album will not change your mind. Being as Spoon is one of the most consistent bands on the planet, I remain firmly entrenched among those who dig.

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3 thoughts on “SPOON: TRANSFERENCE”

  1. I too remain in the group of those who dig. when a band can pull-off the trick of sounding the same as they have in the past without seeming like their on auto-pilot or just plain sucking, it says a lot i think…

  2. They don’t make any radical departures from what they’ve done before, but that’s not to say there aren’t surprises on the new album. Great band, great album.

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