Nov 142012

So you might not know this but I am a huge nerd, not just a music nerd either, and write for another website where I inflict my opinion about comic books and graphic novels upon the world. I wrote about this really cool graphic novel (I also read the monthly comic as well) The Li’l Depressed Boy – Lonely Heart Blues way back in April. Whilst opining on it I had the spark of an idea that would eventually grow in to this little post. Honestly The Li’l Depressed Boy is sort of cheating, as evidenced by this panel:

No matter how much I feel like it’s cheating I am damn proud of the soundtrack I came up for this book! Now since I could go on and on about mix tapes, which is what this really is, (I once wrote a diatribe on how digital music has killed the real art in making mix tapes) I’ll just give you the music and let you run with it. You should have a copy of the book (it’s only 6.99 for the digital version) handy and just let this play as you read though…



  1. Woo, LDB. Double-woo for Discount!!

  2. nice recommendation rsv, definitely gonna buy that book, mix is stellar… NUFAN was one of my favorite bands through high school and college, RIP Tony Sly

  3. LDB is one of the best reading tracks for the sounds I listen to ever. I don’t get why this comic isn’t more popular, seems like it’d be flying off the racks at Hot Topic (I know that doesn’t sound like a compliment but it is). Thanks for shining some light on it RSV

  4. Holy shit! You put discount on here! Way to go!

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