Sometimes You’re Humbled


I got a message today from Chris Prunckle thanking us for the work we do here at 9B. Chris is the author of Wannabe, one of my favorite webcomics and one I’ve been meaning to add to the sidebar, over there, on the right, that’s the one “Sites We Read”. So much to do around this place some days…

Now, what I want to say is that when we are thanked it’s humbling experience. All of us here hope that our words find sympathetic ears, that you trust our reviews, and that we are making a difference. If not then we’re just shouting down a well. Aside from being humbling it also reminded me that we have responsibility to the community and some days that’s downright frightening, in a good way. Let’s be honest, we wouldn’t still be here, after all this time, if weren’t for you folks out there, the community that reads our opinions, responds, and supports the artists. So thank you all, each and every one of you, for being there. While this may be a blog and not a pirate radio show, some days you guys make us feel like Happy Harry Hard On (yeah, we’re not that cool, but we’re that old)!


I hope Chris doesn’t kill me for using a clipping from his awesome comic as a pic for this post!

6 thoughts on “Sometimes You’re Humbled”

    1. Thanks man. I’m figuring out my voice a little more every week with this new comic music blog format. I really need to come up with a shorter way to explain what the hell it is. Right now it’s a mouthful.

        1. Wannabe: A 6 panel music blog

          There’s something to that. It rolls off the tongue a hell of a lot easier and gets the point across. I like it.

          1. It popped in to my head. It’s funny that some days I struggle to describe anything at all and others they just come to me. Double that for trying to write music reviews.

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