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Sodajerk – Sodajerk 2

Recently, after relocating from Pittsburgh to Atlanta, Bucky Goldstein and “Poppa” John Tucker rounded out their lineup with Blake Parris and Ben Drankin and took it to the studio to finish recording Sodajerk 2. The Sodajerk 2 recording process started in Pittsburgh with Bucky and John inviting their friends and local musicians into the studio to lay down pieces here and there, and was completed in Atlanta with the new lineup. You would think that such flux would have created a disjointed cd with songs but no cohesiveness, but in reality it gives the cd a loose-at-the-joints, free-wheeling rock and roll feel. If you don’t believe me, just give Fuck N Fight a listen, but this album ain’t all rock with teenager lyrics. The Longer You Wait shows their more mature side, so call it rock and roll with a twangy spice made by kids who can name more than one Waylon Jennings song.

I do find myself wondering why these guys have not come down to Florida for some shows yet. It ain’t that far a drive. I know, I’ve made it the other way for a few shows.

Sodajerk - The Longer you Wait     

Sodajerk - Carbomb (to your heart)     

Sodajerk - Fuck N Fight     

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