Lots of regular 9b readers probably haven’t heard Matt and Kim, and many who have probably don’t like them at all.  It’s not our normal fare, it’s sweet indie electro with ridiculous amounts of bounce.  Still, I have to imagine there are at least a couple others out there who enjoy a good guilty pleasure every once in a while, and that’s what Matt and Kim are for me.  Grand is one of those albums that makes me want to dance in my car while driving, so I was hoping they could recreate this energy live.

The openers were each well matched with Matt and Kim’s sound.  First up was the Sarasota boy/girl duo  Tyger Beat.  Both wearing sequined shirts, which appears to be their normal stage garb from what I’ve seen on their myspace page, they put on a pretty impressive show.  While Nick played guitar and screamed into the mic, Erica beat the living shit out of the drum set.  Afterwards I was talking to a friend about how surprisingly good they were and he said that they sounded like if The Vaselines and Minor Threat had a baby.  I can’t do any better than that to describe their sound, so I’m not even gonna try.

Next up was Tampa band Select Start, who were like an electro version of New Kids on the Block for the current high school set.  I hadn’t heard them before but holy crap did the teenage girls go insane when they hit the stage.

This was an all-ages show and the place was fuuull of kids, and when the house lights finally went down, the stage lights started blinking and Matt and Kim took the stage, they all went batshit crazy.  I mean, crowd surfing and mini-moshing batshit crazy.  A song or two in, Matt apologized to the crowd for his having to stay seated for the show due to a back injury (which has since caused the suspension of the tour ).  The crowd didn’t seem to mind at all and his keyboard playing wasn’t any less excited or his singing any less sincere.  Kim, however, did not remain seated.  Not to be tethered by her drum kit, she took every chance she could to get up and stand on her stool/drums and wave her drumsticks in the air.  When she was seated, she banged the drums with a fervor that would give Animal a run for his money, all while charming the hell out of the crowd with her non-stop smile.

The setlist was heavy with songs from Grand, but there were still a couple songs in there from their eponymous first release and most of the crowd knew every word.  This was one of the most fun shows I’d been to in a while, I think the higher ratio of young’uns increased the energy of the room and Matt commented numerous times on how great the crowd was.  Sure, bands say that to every crowd at every show, but this is one of those times when it was well deserved.  And when they finally wrapped up the set, with Kim heading down into the crowd for a “dance party” and Matt being helped off the stage and into the back to lie down, nobody seemed to mind that they were only on stage for 40 minutes or so.

I’m very glad that we were lucky enough that Matt toughed it out as long as he did, and I hope he gets better soon so they can get back to work whipping indie kids into a frenzy.

You can check out more pix from the show here


  1. there’s nothing guilty about this pleasure (ok, maybe a little). i’ve seen them at least five times, and i booked them in louisville in february. they are so crazy. and you’re right, it’s always nice to have some kids hanging around to make us old farts remember how to move.

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