Slim Cessna’s Auto Club comes from the amazingly incestuous Denver country music scene. The only real constant in the band has been Slim Cessna himself, but Jay Munly has served as a pretty key member over time. SCAC writes big songs, I don’t really know how else to describe it. They aren’t heavy, they aren’t loud, and they’re rarely disposable. They are often labeled as “gothic country” due to the intermingling of Old Testament and apocalyptic religion with bad relationships, alcohol, and murder. If nothing else, SCAC is, IMO, one of the best bands in America that hardly any one’s heard of, and they just released what might be the best album of the year in Cipher.

Cipher is woven together by four hymnal refrains entitled “An Introduction to the Power of Braces”, with each focusing on a different part of the person, Arms, Legs, Teeth and Faith respectively. They seem to loosely divide the album into four themed sections, but I have not been able to get a clear grip on that yet. Between that and the hidden messages in the album’s artwork, one can see how appropriate the title is. The album, thematically, is a lot darker than their previous efforts, but still features their signature harmonies, Cessna/Munly vocal push-pulls, as well as an unrivaled level of musicianship.

Do yourself a favor and check out this album, it’s the most essential listening album of the year thus far.

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – An Introduction to the Power of Braces ~ Arms
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – This Land Is Our Land (redux)
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Boom Magalina Hagalina Boom

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club’s Official Site, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club on myspace, Buy Cipher

EDIT: I found a video of the band performing Magalina Hagalina way back in 2006. Enjoy:


  1. Dammit, and here.. just when I thought that 9bullets couldn’t get any cooler, you guys go and do a sweet post about a great Denver band.. Keep up the great work, guys..

  2. Actually, (not even knowing if you fine fellows or fraulines are located in Colorado), have you heard of any other local Denver stuff like Born in the Flood, etc?

  3. I know of SCAC & Drag the River there may be a few I am not thinking of off the top of my head.

    we are located in Saint Petersburg, Florida but I manage to get out to a Colorado mountain for one week each winter.

  4. Well pleasedtameetcha! (I lived in Ft. Lauderdale for about 3 years back in the early 90’s.) Colorado’s beautiful, and believe me, I don’t miss the palmetto bugs that much at all out there. 🙂 You’ve got me beat on Drag the River, never heard of them. Will surely check them out.. thanks!

  5. I’m late in the game, but I watched SEVEN SIGNS again yesterday and inspired by the great performance of Rise and Shine I finally listned to the album (or the band, for that matter) for the first time and like it a lot! I’m not sure how I missed out on them for so long, since I am a fan of 16 HP, but then 16 HP used to be in the hand of a great German record label.
    Anyway, I highly recommend SEVEN SIGNS to anyone, really.

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